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Part 69: Feinne's Notes: Mizar Presents Splitting Image

Mizar Little Trione Episode One: Splitting is Fractal

Here's our first introduction to good old Mizar. The map's not that hard as long as you don't let more than that one Mizar grow larger, what you really don't want is lots of level 50 Mizars with Multi-Strike around because that attack can really hurt. As Dragonatrix noted in principle you can grind here for as long as you can kill Mizars, which is pretty much forever if you do it right. You don't really need to do this, though, and honestly if you're strong enough to really do it sustainably you're strong enough not to need to. The demon packs here are pretty feeble, just deal with them as they make nuisances of themselves while not letting them distract you from gettin' dem Mizars.

Aniels are really good, they get lot of defenses and can restock MP while staying very solid. Definitely a pro-use.

So Dragonatrix, I do hope you're just going to do this upcoming part today the correct way instead of leaving it up to the thread to accidentally fuck it up. That person is one of the few unambiguously pretty cool characters and it's a really shitty death they get if you screw things up, especially since we let Keita live for god's sake.

As promised here is a thing, this one being the terrible thing I had to draw when the stupid pun in the title came into my mind lo many a month ago.

May it haunt your nightmares as it did mine. And yes the hair is made out of a cascade of really tiny Mizars.

EDIT: Here, have a fresh one too: