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Part 71: Feinne's Notes: Mt. Fuji and Demon Races Continued

ChaosArgate posted:

Hold on a sec, I've never unintentionally had Io die and I've always had her at least at Fate level 3 by now. I coulda sworn the requirement was actually just hit Fate level 3?

Dragonatrix is just saying the minimum FATE points is just shy of Level 3.

So, this Mount Fuji map (and it's always Mt. Fuji that your team is at regardless of which team you take) is not terribly difficult, it's just a huge irritant because you have to pull the stakes in order. So, if you are like me and always keep your team together you get to trudge back and forth across a really painful to navigate map while enemies constantly respawn and snare you with Race Skills. This is one of the few times I will definitely say you should just split the party, because doing it any way other than the way Dragonatrix did is SO PAINFUL. This is also a great time to, as noted, just fucking kill enemy leaders where viable. God knows you'll still get enough enemies to murder.

So, we've got some new Race Skills to talk about!

Possession: The upgraded Ghost skill, this adds the Curse ailment to the effect. As you saw, it negates our ability to heal and recover MP. It's super annoying and is a good reason to keep Megami around as much as possible, since their Race Skill will remove it. It's not really very useful for us except in very edge cases, because enemies shouldn't live long enough to heal a lot.

Goddess Grace: The upgraded Megami skill, this increases the range and I think makes it a bit stronger as well. It's a giant range heal and status cure for a whole team, is there really anything else to say about that? It'd be amazing and worth bringing Megami around even if they weren't generally some of the best demons for their level range. Remember this motto: Always Be Megami-ing.

Evil Flow: Activate this at an MP cost to extend the range of the party by four. As noted, this is normally six but goes up to seven if you have a Vile. So, this is fucking amazing and even more so because the AI seems not coded to use it, leaving it as your advantage 100%. I actually didn't know Ym got Evil Flow, because I don't really care for it compared to the next Dragon. If you can keep a good flow of MP into the party, Evil Flow will allow you to trash through even the strongest enemies without any reprisal.

So if you save ANYONE you should save Io here. There are a few reasons. First is that she's just really cool for an SMT character come on. Second is that she has literally one of the best demons in the game at FATE 5, especially since you can actually fuse it during the level range of the main game. Third is that you miss out on some awesome shit later on in the game if she dies here. So yeah second motto: Always Be Saving Io.