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Part 74: Feinne's Notes: Lugh-sen Up

Unkillable: Errybody Get Lugh Edition

This isn't an incredibly tough map, but it does have some powerful demons later on. Really, you probably just want to keep a party with a Megami around Io, a party up on the steps above her, and then some mobile parties with Genma or Winged demons to let them pop around and put out fires. You shouldn't actually have to worry about any of your real parties going down, nothing here has any skills that are a real existential threat to a competent party. Still, they are all at a pretty good level, and if you've been lagging behind you'll probably get bodied by the later waves. Don't be that guy who is lagging behind in levels and gets bodied.

Tyrant Hecate is one of the absolute best demons for the rest of this day and really into the next, because she'll get the upgraded version of Tyranny, Blood Treaty. This is activated before a Skirmish and greatly improves the effect of Tyranny, and it's goddamn amazing because it pretty much means your party has infinite MP. It also goes really well with Evil Flow, because you can pop both and then after the Skirmish you'll have recovered all the MP you had to spend for the Flow (which is not cheap, to be quite honest). She's also super easy to get to 40 Magic and Anti-Most makes a lot of demons infinitely more viable, so basically what I'm saying is fusing Hecate as soon as you're high enough level is a top priority.

Mizar's fight is next, and is the most AMAZING THING as I'm sure you can already tell. Maybe my favorite set piece in the game.