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Part 78: Feinne's Notes: Makoto Sako ~ Clash of Ideals

Unkillable: Ronaldo The Asshole Returns

So, the fight with Mizar was the last map where the game gives a fuck pretty much. The rest of this game hates you to varying levels, and we can see it here in the skill set Ronaldo comes with. That Multi-Strike Dual Shadow combination has a small but real chance of just straight wrecking someone's day with very little you can do about it. The only way to avoid dealing with it would be to side with Ronaldo, which will 100% kill Makoto. The saving grace is that the rest of the map is pretty unimpressive, including as noted Makoto herself. Dragonatrix made the right call here for a first run to fight both sides, because Dem Skill Cracks are juicy and more experience as well.

I really like Magic Yang, because it lets Holy Dance be a thing you can reasonably use. It's pretty great, honestly.

Next time is potentially where I begin discussing real game-breaking bullshit to pull, because chances are we'll be up against one of the hardest maps to Unkillable in the game. I won't weigh in heavily on the choice here except to note Daichi has multiple possible paths and we don't qualify for the best one.

Seyser Koze posted:

This being SMT, whichever one allows us to punch the largest number of smug assholes in the face is correct.

I will say that the AO's path has the most violencing of peoples.