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Part 79: A Saturday Toward...

A Saturday Toward...

Before we commit to our decision one way or another, let's make some more demons. For, uh, fun or something? Yeah. That'll do.

We've already had Gui Xian, so naturally we'll use Myrmecolion and Jeanne d'Arc to make Qinglong, the blue dragon of the East. He's a pretty good punchy demon, but for some reason has Maziodyne because sure why not.

Elec Repel'd be nice but we could get that elsewhere by now. At least Dragon Bind has fun niche uses in shutting down enemy extra turns.

Laksmi isn't quite as simple, but only because making one pretty nice requires a good spellcaster demon and most of the things that fuse into her are physical. So, we made another magic Kazfiel like last time and combined him with Mithra. This was mostly for the Anti-Most though; she only has a weakness to Fire by default but her only natural resistance is Curse which... not good this late.

Even so, with only one space for command skills making one that murders dudes is easier said than done. No matter though; mostly interested in Mediarahan anyway.

Third is taking Kresnik and Yama out of retirement to make Taown who, uh, we're not using. Sorry. I just don't like him very much.

His purpose was as fodder to combine with Seiryuu to make Yaksa. Yaksa is very highly physically oriented but at least he knows it. Diarahan is nice for healing but its not strictly necessary. Dude's purpose is to punch things very hard and very fast, and he's good at it. Agitate makes him even better.

...And, yes, lastly we'll have the next dragon. Python (Bifrons and Hariti in this case) is just a skull and a trail of steam but... he's a really, really good skull and steam. Like, you see that 40 magic? That is REALLY easy to get him to have. Better still, you can play into it however you like because he has no skills at all by default. If I ever remembered to use add-ons, I could do goofy shit with this.

I never remember to do that unless I explicitly plan around it though.

All that done, let's go speak with... Ronaldo? Yeah that seems right.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

...Hey, Hibiki. Thanks for coming.
I came to hear you out.
Ha... Thanks. I wanted to talk with you if I could.

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

...I'll be straight with you. I want you on my side.

Oh, I see. It would be nice to have Hibiki with us. Is Ronaldo inviting you in?
Hey guys, I snagged some food, and-- huh? What're you doing here, Hibiki?
Ah, Airi! Looks like Clicky is recruiting Hibiki, haha.
Ha... The gang's all here.

Them too?
Yes, that's right. They believe in the cause and have already agreed to fight for it.
I've said it before, but I want to bring world peace through true equality.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Man has abandoned kindness in pursuit of his own gains. It's not normal...
And Hotsuin's merit system will be one where those lacking in ability are tossed aside.
I... That's not just. It isn't right. That world can't be allowed to be made real.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if people were more considerate? If they helped each other out?

But... That doesn't matter.
I want a world with no poverty or war, where there's a smile on everyone's face!
With Polaris' power, as long as we don't stray from our path, it's within our grasp...!

Can I think about it?

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Yes, of course. It's too important a decision to rush. I won't force you into this.

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving...

So, yeah, we're not quite making our decision straight away. Let's hear everyone out one last time, just to see how they try to appeal to us.

...So you've come, Hibiki. You're late.
Sorry to make you wait.
Hahaha... What cheek. Though it's true, you're the only one I'd be willing to wait for.

Oh... I see... You wish to have Kuze join us?
Heh, naturally. It's obvious from all Hibiki has achieved that he can be of use to us.

Away, fools. I'm speaking with Hibiki now. Can't you wait your turns?
Haha, I forgot about that. All right, we'll leave this to you, Chief.
Now then... to business. I won't take up much of your time.

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Hibiki, you know that man has never known equality from the moment of his birth.
It's as plain as day. There are countless people in the world, each one of them unique.

Individuality must be preserved by a truly skillful man leading the foolish masses!
Until now, that was not possible. Preposterous logic and bizarre mores prevented it.
Those were merely foolish ideals of the powerless who fear their own downfall...!
As long as such fools remain in power, do you think these wrongs will ever be righted?

Hibiki! You are strong... You are one of the few who might surpass me!
Join hands with me and let us lead mankind to true victory!
Can I think about it?

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Of course... I have nothing to gain by forcing your hand.

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving...

Next up's Daichi's attempt to persuade us. And I do mean "attempt" since it's not really going to matter at this point.

Oh... Hibiki. Sorry, um...
What's up?
A-Actually, I wanted to ask you, um...

...I know. You want Hibiki to join, Daichi? I'm for it.
Huh...? Seriously!?
That'd rule! With Hibiki on our side, we can't lose!

Oh... I'm sorry. I was just, um, too happy...
Fine, then hurry up and ask! You're so delicate! Hibiki's gonna get bored and leave.
Oh, whoops... Y-You're right. Um... Seriously, man, I could use your help.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

But ordinary or not, I gave this some thought! We've done so much together...
And we've come too far to fight each other like this.
With the whole world in ruins, this is what we're spending our time doing!?
Now's not the time, man! It's just too... sad!

Y'know something Daichi? You got a point here...

That's why I want to find a different path, instead of fighting over our beliefs...
There's not much time, but there is some! And I can't give up now...!

Can I think about it?

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

O-Of course! It's no good having you with us if I force you into it, after all!

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving...

Daichi's argument about how we should totally not listen to Polaris has its merits. Enough, in fact, that I wonder if someone else can sympathise with them...

[Music: The Anguished One]

Hello there, Shining One... I'm glad we meet again.
What're you doing here?
Should I not be here? It is strange that you continue to be so hostile.
...I'm sorry for what I've done to you. I didn't mean to corner you and cause this suffering.

Okay, so here's the thing. Your answers from this point on matter. The Anguished One doesn't convince you to join him. No, despite being the character this route is associated with, it's really more the opposite.

Don't apologize.

But it can't be denied that my feelings hastened Polaris' purge.
I was fascinated by your kind's possibilities... I made you stray from your path.
Is that a bad thing?
...I don't know.

It's not evil.
Hm...? You say such mysterious things...
Are you claiming that the order set by Polaris is wrong?
That's right.
It's true that man's potential will not grow if faced with Polaris' established order.

Why not overthrow him?
Overthrow...Polaris? Such a move never occurred to me.
Think about it.

Control it for us.
...Me? I could control it, I think... but that would be challenging order itself.
What would happen?

All the warped portions of the current world would be returned to a clean slate.
It would no longer be in the administrator's hands. History would be wholly up to mankind.

But are you certain...? It has never been given to man whether or not to create a new world.

...Does that still not sway you? Have you reached your decision?
I have.

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

...All right. If that is your choice, I will lend you my strength.

So, yeah, in case its not already clear: Hibiki is the leader of the faction here. Hibiki is the one doing all the convincing in this scene (if you say the wrong thing to AO, he just ups and leaves). Hibiki is the one with the idea for what to do with Polaris and to create the new world.

Hibiki is the real person who masterminds the Chaos route. Anguished One's just along for the ride.

It's getting late. You should rest for now.
I recommend you sleep away from the friends you have forsaken. We will begin tomorrow...
...I need time to strengthen my own resolve a little, after all.

The man disappears...

It seems you should get some rest somewhere that you can be alone...

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I have compiled a simple summary of your actiosn on this day...
Well? Would you like to hear it?
Let's hear it.
Understood. Well then...
After you awakened this morning, your friends had news for you...

It seems even your friends were divided as regards to Hotsuin's scheme...
Each of them has reached their own conclusions by this point.
Master Ronaldo also led you to the magic circle under the government building.
It later developed that Hotsuin intended to turn it into a real dragon as part of his plan.
Hotsuin had no intention of informing you himself.

It was a troublesome foe that spawned new parts whenever struck, thus swarming you.
If the plan to remove the Stakes and unleash the dragon hadn't gone forward...

My heartiest congratulations on her survival.
You then finished off Mizar, which was fighting the dragon atop the government building.

But it was an inevitability if you were to defeat Mizar.
Master Daichi also did some thinking about the scar left by Polaris' attacks...

In response to this, Master Fumi told him that the world is naught but information.

As various sides formed, those whose fates were closely tied with yours sought your aid...

Will what awaits at the end of that journey be ideal, or...?
Ah, excuse me. I forgot to mention one important thing.

Although... I doubt that you will need further guidance, now that you have chosen a path.

...This concludes my overview of the day's events.
My your tomorrow bE a nICE daY As wEll...

[Music: Exploration]

...Shining One, are you awake?
I'm sleeping.

Now, Shining One. Last night, you took my hand and said you would create a new world...
I did indeed.
There is one problem. While this world exists... I cannot rise up against Polaris.

I'll do it.

Your former friends have split into three factions in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya...
Each of them has their own beliefs. They will not switch willingly to our own.
Fortunately, last night you all vowed that those who lost in battle would concede.

I see.
Indeed. Let us begin with the Tokyo faction, since they have a close relationship with you.

This Septentrione will have to be defeated in order to open the path to Polaris.
You and I must do this.
We can try.
Indeed. If we let the others defeat us, all of this will be for nothing.
The Void is spreading ever closer. We must hurry.
How close is it?

[Music: Crumbling Routine]

Chiba, huh...
Yes. That is why we must hurry if we hope to realize your wishes.
All right.
Well then, I will see you later... hm.

The man pauses, as if lost in thought...

Something wrong?

[Music: Exploration]

Isn't it standard to employ some sort of name in these situations?
Ah! So it's true. I call you "Shining One", but you have no name for me.

There is a meaning to this name. We will cover it in due time, don't worry.

I'll always be watching over you, so when you need me, I shall be there. Well then...

A gust of wind blows and Saiduq disappears...

So, Al's our only party member other than Hibiki at present. Being able to field only two parties seems like it might be trouble, and it sort of is and also sort of isn't.

Much like Airi, Saiduq runs relatively balanced but he does it better frankly. Also he has a ton of innate resistances and is level 55. Also, also he's pretty neat in that he gets more turns than anyone else.

Technically. See, there's an extra thing to combat that hasn't come up much yet. Every character has a hidden speed stat. Most have a speed stat of 50. Saiduq has a speed stat of 65. It doesn't sound like much but that makes a big difference.

Let's start of Saturday with a bang. We're coming for ya, Daichi!

[Music: The Anguished One]

...Not much farther, Shining One. Your friends are there.

Apparently Saiduq appeared without you noticing...

Holy crap--!
"Holy"? Oh... my apologies. I didn't mean to startle you.
Let's hurry, Shining One. This is the chance to win your friends over.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I'm joining the game.
Huh!? You're joining...? Don't tell me you're teaming up with that guy!
Why...? What are you going to do, Hibiki? If you're here, that means...

I would like you to lend your strength to his cause.
A world he wishes...!? Are you serious...!?
If you're gonna say that, it means you're willing to fight friends in Osaka and Nagoya!

So, are we going to fight?
Fight...!? So is that how it's going to be? You're going to become our enemy, too...
Hibiki, think this over. There's still time to find a nonviolent solution...

I am a friend of the Shining One. If it will make his wish come true, I will fight you.
All right, that's enough. Well, we've got something that we can't give up on, too.

[Music: Crumbling Routine]

I really don't want to fight you guys... but no matter who wins, no hard feelings!
All right, let's do this.
...The disagreement in man's heart breeds misunderstanding. Settling such entanglements...
It may give birth to further unions. I hope that will be the case in this quarrel...

[Music: Battle of the Brave]

So, y'know how there's sometimes a moment where a game finally takes off the kid gloves and decides it's going to kill you by any means necessary?

This map is that moment.

Not really for Hinako, per se. She could be dangerous in theory, but her biggest problem is that she's more tanky than attacky. I guess she was given mostly spells to make it viable since it'd be a bit too big of a dick move otherwise.

Because of Jungo. Jungo is playing to his strength of punching dudes really hard and is fucking scary and dangerous. Even without Assassinate, if he uses Mighty Hit there is a good chance he just wins on the spot if he attacks the leader anyway. If he had Pierce instead of Ares Aid, he's be an unstoppable monster and that good chance would be a certainty.

Aside from those two, there's... a ton of skills to crack, holy shit. I know the four I'd get if I had four characters (Attack All, Phys Amp, Revive and Rejuvenate) but with only two that becomes a bit more of a tricky decision.

But we can get the autoskills later in the day. We'll want Phys Amp immediately after we're done here, and Attack All is part 2 of a cunning plan I have.

Whoa... Shiva!? All right, we can do this! I hope you guys are ready for us!

...Once the fight begins, Shiva spawns in on the first turn. This is the other reason why Hinako's relatively light on the murder potential.

Shiva is level seventy-fucking-six, has the upgraded Omega skill, resistant to everything in some way, laughs at your attempts to Pierce and has a high chance of countering if you do sneak around that Reflect anyway.

Shiva is, on paper, the biggest threat on this map. He's not really that bad in comparison to Jungo though. He's also not much of an issue since you can ignore him. You do not need to beat Shiva to win the battle.

Sod that, though. I'm taking his punk ass down, and I'm not losing anyone in the process.

If you have Evil Flow, you can attack him from a safe enough distance on the very first turn. Bonus points if you stand in a place where you don't need to move. Even more if you bring a viable Kishin with your Dragon to get 2 attacks back-to-back.

You want Evil Flow at the start. Not using the extra +4 Attack range means that you've got no advantage. Shiva only has an attack range of 1, but come his turn he will move next to you.

If he does, he wins.

Like, okay, you might get lucky and not wipe to his first hit. But then there's his second. And then there's his possible third. Remember, he's an Omega. The only enemy Omega. The only enemy who gets Double Extra. And the upgraded Omega skill gives him a guaranteed Extra.

For this map Hibiki's using Magic Yang. This is to keep up the Holy Dances and get decent damage out. I could've kept Hecate around, sure, but she wouldn't deal enough damage here to be viable.

Holy Dance isn't particularly great either. But again, he's level 76 and has plenty of Magic to give him extra resistance on top of it.

Needless to say, Shiva isn't dropping in a single round of combat on the first cycle.

This poor bastard is though. Python's 40 magic stat, an Agidyne and Fire Amp meet a Fire Weakness. This could have dealt closer to 1500 against this exact same Taown.

Since we're on Saturday now, some new Add-Ons are available. This one is just an Ice Set and Elec Set at the same time.

Pretty handy at saving on Add-On space and actually more useful than they seem too. Being able to transfer two elements without worrying about having the right materials on-hand is quite useful at times.

Saiduq sets it up with the Bufudyne proccing a freeze, and Yaksa obliterates the poor SDF Member with a single Multi-Strike.

Poor bastard never really stood a chance, let's be honest.

Is it weird how I'm relieved that Jungo opted to pick a fight with Saiduq and not Hibiki? Because Jungo would be a bigger threat if he picked a fight with Hibiki.

[Music: Decisive Battle With A Sworn Friend]

Hibiki's still got an Agility stat of 5. Saiduq's entire team can move before either of Jungo's demons, never mind Jungo himself.

Jungo can't outspeed many people in general, so this really helps us out thanks to not having to worry about being on the wrong side of a Jungoing.

Shiva gets to move now. He comes a little closer. He's not getting to move again.

But while Hibiki's dealing with that, Al's dealing with every other enemy on the map I guess. This dude has 2 Yms that DO have Evil Flow!

Thankfully for us, they don't use it. Enemy units never actually use it. If they did, that would be quite troublesome.

[Music: Shudder]

In the mean time, Hibiki keeps up with the blasts on Shiva from a safe distance. After a while, it becomes viable to actually run around the dude and just use the regular attack range of 2.

At this point, he's pretty low on HP anyway so there's no real threat any more. Chances of botching then are slim at best.

Good thing too, because Shiva is worth a LOT of EXP! Plus now that we've beaten him, we get a nice little bonus when we're done (you can probably guess what it is already though).

With Shiva out of the way, we've just got a few remaining basic stragglers left.

And Hinako too, I guess, but she's basically just a regular unit anyway with how poorly thought out she is.

Even so, things work out quite well for Saiduq and the Mithra in particular. Not only does it manage to pick up Megido (which is Quite Good being a hit-all Almighty spell), but his Race skill upgrades too.

Enlightenment, the better Deity racial skill, isn't really all that much better than Awakening in the usual sense. It doesn't do anything different, nor does it boost Magic to a higher degree. It reduces the cost of all spells and skills and what have you by 25%. It only affects ones that use MP, but it does so as an automatic passive. It even stacks with Magic Yang if you wanted to. Enlightenment is just that damn good.

[Music: Decisive Battle With A Sworn Friend]

Anyway, Hinako? Yeah, not impressive or a big threat. She has Endure but when you're outdancing her, it doesn't really matter. Her lack of real offense is hardly even noticable when using a Dragon or Vile.

With her out of the way, there's absolutely no threats left on the map whatsoever. Arguably there was no real threats left after Jungo was beaten, let's be honest.

If you're even the least bit smart with what you're doing, Shiva's never touching you. Plus, Hinako is in no way a threat to begin with. Even if she gets to attack, it won't really hurt.

Megido makes light work of the last remaining app user, and we're done.

[Music: Exploration]

It wasn't a problem.
Ah... very impressive. You truly do shine brightly, even amongst the humans.
But the leader of the Tokyo faction is your friend, Daichi Shijima. He was not here.
Where is he?
It was all as planned. I went ahead and targeted them when they were acting separately.
Challenging them all at once would have been too risky for just the two of us.
The matter with Daichi Shijima must be settled eventually, but...

If they are true to their word, then those defeated in battle must withdraw, no?
That's pretty shady.

By the rules, those humans are currently unaffiliated. We should go persuade them.
I'll give it a try.
Good. Only you can do this. I shall be silently watching over you.

You say your farewells to Saiduq before leaving...

So, yeah, now that we won that map and kicked Shiva's ass we can fuse him later. Like, level 76 later. Our potential Shiva is, on paper, almost identical to the one we just fought.

We'll worry about that MUCH, MUCH later though. Much like Asura, it'd probably only be used in New Game+. For now, let's focus more on recollecting party members and finishing off Daichi's faction one way or another.