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Part 80: Feinne's Notes: Lord of the Dance

Unkillable: You Can Call Me Al Part 1- Dancing with Nataraja

So, I guess I should just address the chump 'normal' strategy for this fight, which is to use Recarm to keep recycling someone into Shiva. Don't do that, it's so dumb, and of course violates Unkillable.

I'd actually suggest a slightly different strategy for this fight, because of something Dragonatrix mentioned in the post. Because Al Saiduq gets turns faster than everyone else, he's a perfect candidate to be your Evil Flow user. The MC then can run interference for him. I paired his Python (because seriously Python is fucking AMAZING) with Hecate, because A) Blood Treaty basically just straight up refills your MP after every skirmish and Evil Flow can actually be quite spendy if you're using it every turn B) the whole point of this exercise is to turn lock Shiva as much as possible and reducing his turn speed even more than a regular skirmish would is great for that. You never really need to move beyond where you start for most of the map to be quite honest, you can reach Shiva from there and just let the enemies trickle into you. Given how infrequently Shiva will even get to act if you do this right, I'd also suggest just using one of Al Saiduq's turns to Evil Flow down Jungo as well, because he's a bastard who will gladly one shot a whole team. Once Jungo and Shiva are down, the rest of the map is a joke. Just wade through these chumps like the gods of death you are, you've earned it. As far as the MC's party goes, I think I had Jeanne D'Arc and maybe a Lakshmi? Definitely something that could cross heal Al Saiduq's party just in case I couldn't keep some random punk from getting to him and he took some minor bruises.

So here is some Key Advice for the rest of the day, which Jungo nicely highlighted: If you remember a character being good at physical attacks, you should probably PROPER FUCK THEM from as far away as possible as fast as possible in these maps. You know, if you don't like having your whole team die instantly because a CERTAIN DOUCHEBAG has picked up a really lame trick. Not naming names but if you know these maps you know what's coming up.