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Part 82: Feinne's Notes: Feinne's Pun Is Better Than Mine

Unkillable: You Can Call Me Al Part 2- What A Lugh-ser

Okay, so before we get to the map, I don't think Dragonatrix actually said what controls whether or not someone will join back up with us again. So, for most characters you'll either see 'Persuade X' or 'Farewell, X' after you win the map they're part of, depending on their FATE level. Specifically, they need to be FATE level 4 to get the Persuade event and rejoin you, otherwise they won't. I said for most characters, because Fumi definitely joins you regardless of your FATE level and I'm thinking the same applies to Daichi given we're definitely not at 4 with him. Meanwhile, Yamato and Ronaldo will only join after a fight on one path, which isn't this one. So yeah, if you didn't get Hinako and Jungo's FATEs up, you'd still be stuck with just the MC and Al Saiduq here (though why wouldn't you hang out with Hinako and Jungo you monster).

As Dragonatrix sort of noted, the map is a joke and nothing on it is hard, not even Lugh. If you got through the one before it Unkillable, you'll smoke it easily. I think it's designed assuming you maybe didn't get Hinako and Jungo, honestly. Take it as a nice breather before the COLOSSAL BULLSHIT coming up soon.

We're also now at the point of picking who we'll max out our FATE with when, which matters because we get another demon at FATE 5 and Io's is objectively for me the best demon in the main game because it's laughably easy to make her immune to everything but Almighty.