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Part 85: ...Respite


As per usual, we'll be fusing some more things now. Only two this time, but hey.

Starting off with Seiryuu + Myrmecolion to make Arioch. Arioch is pretty great. Having Chaos Breath helps that, but so does Vile that's not worthless.

Chaos Breath being the upgraded Vile race skill, of course. It's not quite as good as Evil Flow, though. Rather than having a 3 attack range at the cost of 1 movement, it has a 4 attack range at the cost of 1 movement.

Yes, you can stack Evil Flow onto it. 8 attack range is pretty OP. Very, very, very few things can even deal with that never mind counter it.

Not quite as seemingly nice is Kartikeya (Arioch & Jeanne d'Arc). His big thing is that he has crazy Agility and starts with Multi-Strike. Needless to say, if anything survives long enough to necessitate a Double Extra with him around they're pretty tough.

Speaking of tough bosses, let's go do a map that doesn't have one.

[Music: Countdown]

Hibiki...! B-Bad news!
Sounds like it.
What're you so calm for!? They've invaded the city and they're running wild!
Saiduq's headed this way, too! You gotta come with us!

[Music: Silence]

...No, they are here. I have no idea why they are hiding, however.

[Music: Crumbling Routine]

Huh, so this time we get to fight Makoto and Keita. Didn't expect Yamato to be paired up with Fumi, persona-

Oh. So it's Makoto, Keita AND Fumi. Okay then.

...! Y-You... We're surrounded!?
...We are professional soldiers. We're strategically one step ahead of you.

Shut it. So, what do you say? Are you gonna fight, or surrender right now?
Keita...! Let's stop this. I don't want to fight you.
Hmph... You again. I agreed with Yamato's principles. A man never goes back on his word!
That's not right...! We're friends. Friends shouldn't fight like this...!
That's not an option. There are many people involved. We can't all agree.

There's no time. The Chief's meritocracy is the only way to save this world.
The world has been corrupted. Greedy politicians and corrupt fools control the nations.
Chief... isn't like them. He should be the one to rebuild the world to his vision!
I don't think the world was that great before, either! But Hibiki's plan--

It's no use, Hibiki...They won't listen to us at all. They're all ready to fight...
But if we surrender, we'll have to do whatever the Osaka faction says. What do we do?
About what?
Haha, that's right. The only thing we can do is fight. And we will defeat them.
Oh, my... Well, that's all there is to it, then.
I know how strong you guys are, so we're not gonna hold back at all, either.

Cute, a Yaksa, Anzu and Abaddon. We'll just pretend they don't exist for all the difference they won't make.

[Music: Battle of the Brave]

So, you want to learn a secret? This map is super easy.

Fumi seems like she should be threatening on paper. But her only spell that can benefit from her 39 magic is Megido. She's pretty tanky and if forced to used physicals can regain some HP too.

It does not matter in the slightest.

Makoto seems like she's taken a step down since we fought her in her death clip fight, honestly. Barrier is kind of a mild nuisance, but Desperation made her more of a tangible threat. 999 isn't even a big deal when you remember we just met Benetnasch who had about triple that.

Keita, on paper, is the biggest problem here. Rage Soul combines with Attack All and Phys Amp means he'll oneshot anyone without Phys Null or better. He actively can't use Piercing Hit unless you let him, but that's better in a sense since it doesnt get the damage boost from Rage Soul.

But without that damage boost, he's a lot easier. Null Auto or fighting at a distance takes him from absurd to much easier. Distance is better unless you use like Hinako to fight him though, because of that 20 agility.

There are lots of things we can crack, but not much worth cracking.

Phys Repel is the most important thing by far, and the quicker we get it the better. With it available now, it can be forcibly put on demons via a Phys Set I've held onto.

Rage Soul is something that Jungo can put to absurdly good use. Once we're done here, he'll have 40 strength.

So, from right by the starting point, Hibiki can pop an Evil Flow and target Fumi.

[Music: Decisive Battle With A Sworn Friend]

So, Fumi's actually sort of meant to be tricky. Or at least reaching her is. If you take out the demons on the map, she'll restore them on her turns.

But if you engage her from a distance, you can skip all that and wipe her out immediately.

It's honestly pretty silly how simple you can make this map with some basic planning.

With Fumi down, she takes the Yaksa, Anzu and Abaddon with her as well. So, that's the very first action of the map and we just removed 4 of the 9 enemy teams. Not bad at all.

Jungo's next and thanks to Arioch he can engage Keita already. With the base Vile skill, this would be possible but you'd need less favourable placement.

Keita is totally meant to be the biggest, baddest dude on this map. Problem is his gimmick requires his Auto Skill to function. He also needs to get a chance to hit you.

It was pretty funny seeing people post in the thread about how hard they found Keita.

Meanwhile, I just wiped him on the first turn without a second thought.

And even if I didn't, it's not like I didn't plan for having to fight him toe-to-toe anyway. Jungo has Null Phys just in case this didn't work out. Keita could not do shit.

Getting to Makoto is a bit trickier with my demon loadout. I don't like running duplicates, even when I can, so Saiduq hasn't got Python.

He does have Kangiten, though. True Phantasm to next to Jungo, and then walk over to Makoto.

And, wouldn't you know it, he has Null Auto this time. Debilitate would be nicer, but Barrier is kind of a nuisance with this team. Rather not even have to put up with it.

But even if I didn't, it wouldn't matter. Saiduq could throw a Bufudyne at Makoto to get rid of her Barrier (would reflect but he has Null Ice so it scarcely matters). Kangiten's slow enough to go last out of our team.

Vivian wipes out Baihu and Laksmi with Megido since that ignores the Barrier anyway.

Then Kangiten does the rest with an Agidyne.

Functionally went almost identical to that, but Saiduq got to wipe the Laksmi instead to make thngs go smoother.

[Music: Battle of the Brave]

So, that's all three actual threats wiped out before Hinako got her first turn. Never mind letting the game move.

If I had a Kishin and Beast in her party, that would allow a win before any enemy units even get to move.

Did I mention this map is easy yet? Because it kind of is.

Bizarrely, this random JP's dude put up the biggest fight purely because his Vivian has Makarakarn.

...Which scarcely matters, because I can drop a Megido on him anyway.

He manages to scarcely survive her Extra Turn follow up, which gives him the longest lifespan out of everything in quite some time.

The immediately attack on our part finishes him off, though.

So, yeah. Very easy map. Even if I didn't bother making Kartikeya and Arioch, I could've walked over these guys in no time at all at this stage.

Sorry if I disappointed anyone who was expecting it to give me some trouble. I guess, anyway.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

There was no sign of Yamato Hotsuin. He must think of those people as expendable peons.
Of course he wasn't here.
Yeah, duh! He's totally the last boss!

[Music: Exploration]

Last boss... I'm sorry, but I've never played games. The analogy is lost on me.
Oh, um...sorry. Is that a game thing?
Am I a total loser!? You get what I mean, right, Hibiki!?
What're you talking about?
Wh-What about you, Jungo!? C'mon, you're a guy... Back me up here!

...He's even more hopeless...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Enough. We'll lose our prime opportunity soon.
To persuade them?

According to your agreed-upon rules, those defeated must withdraw from the contest.
Mm. Everyone trusts Hibiki. I think you could do it.
I'd like it it you talked to them. We're still friends...

You leave, still chatting with everyone...

Now that we've pretty handily beaten three more people, we'll take this opportunity to add them back to our ranks.

Starting with Fumi, of course.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Hm...? Ah, Hibiki. Hello.
Hello to you too.
Hahaha. I'm exhausted. I was never cut out for physical labor.
Well then, what brings you here? Were you suddenly seized with the urge to visit me?

You're such a nice guy. And strong, too, which is completely unfair.
I'm so dumb, though!

*sigh* Despite my intelligence, I'm completely unskilled when it comes to those things.
Research was my life, after all. I lost interest in anything else.

JP's resources are practically limitless...
They provide me with all the things I need for projects I could normally never pursue.
As a result, my research has progressed quite nicely. They've been good to me.
Do you know everything?

We're only human, you know. There's only so much we can accomplish.
Things like Polaris and the far reaches of the universe are beyond our grasp.
The odds of understanding it are slim.
Don't you want to know?

But anyway, what was your plan here, teaming up with that oddball?
To start from scratch.
From scratch...? Hahaha! That sounds like fun.
So essentially, you'll destroy everything, the current world and Polaris included...
And create a new world from the ashes?
Is your interest piqued?

So? Do you intend to include me in this mad plan of yours?

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Haha, it honestly sounds like fun. I'm coming along.

Let's do this.

Well then... I should go collect my data before joining up with you.

You say your farewells to Fumi before leaving...

That's one down. Next up's Makoto, of course.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Oh... Kuze!?
I'm not here to fight.
Hm...!? What?

I'd rather you joined me.
That's nonsense... What are you saying!?
I won't beg for you. Kill me and get it over with!
Are you scared of Yamato?
Scared...? No, I have an obligation to repay the Chief's kindness.

Don't fool yourself.

At times, the Chief's orders seem too cold. But...
His rationale is sound. In the long run, when righting this world, my opinion doesn't...!
Doesn't matter?
What...? Are you... saying he's wrong?
No... I can't! I've poured my heart and soul into JP's.

That's why I'm asking you.
Wh... What? Kuze... What are you trying to do with that man?
Start over from scratch.
From scratch... You mean to say you'd erase everything and create a new world!?
But... what's so attractive about this new world that you'd destroy the current one?
We'll at least be free.

...It doesn't lack for ambition. You may even be capable of doing it...
That's why I need you.

...I'm sorry, Kuze, but will you hear me out?
The answer is "yes."

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

Will you accept me, Makoto Sako, as your soldier?

Thank you, Kuze. Well then... I'm going to go report this to Chief Hotsuin.
Isn't that dangerous?
Hah... I'm a JP's member too. Dangerous or not, I must make my position clear. You go on.

You say your farewells to Makoto before leaving...

And lastly, we've got Keita. His event's a little bit different though...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

...Oh, it's you. Hey.
How're you doing?
Ha... Oh, I'm just fine! What do you think, moron? You won. I lost.

Think you can win alone?
'Course I can. What, you think I should cling tight to my allies like you?
That's how come you guys are...
I see... So that's it. Haha... hahahaha!

...I wish I was stronger.
How, though? What do I have to do...?
I'll teach you.
Huh...!? You? Teach me? That's some mouth you got on you, moron.

No idea.
Ha... You're right. If it was that easy, anyone could do it... Hm?
Nah, that ain't it. I'm way overthinking this.
...Whatever anyone says, Hibiki, I still like the idea of a merit system.

Haha... what was I stressing out over? It's a simple fact.
I don't think that's true.

If you say a man's stronger with allies, then you're right. ...Long as you keep winning.
So, tell me. What's the idea, teaming up with that weirdo?
Remake it all from scratch.
From scratch...!? You plan on making a whole new world?
...That's one hell of a plan. So what's this new world of yours gonna be like?
It depends on us.

Hmph... I'm starting to get it. But how'll you get Polaris to go along with that?
We'll crush Polaris.

Ha... Hahaha! Alright... Looks like I haven't been giving you enough credit.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Don't worry, I won't die. You lose and I'll be sure to laugh from the sidelines.
You'll be crying instead.
Pff, you're no fun. Hey... You better not lose. For my sake, too.

So, yeah. We couldn't get Keita back in this instance. Our answers had nothing to do with it, though. This was pre-determined from the beginning.

So, why? Well... Keita's only Fate 1. We've spent exactly no time with him whatsoever, beyond a few token plot beats where he was in the right team. Aside from a few exceptions, someone must be a minimum of Fate 4 to join your party at this stage.

Daichi's only Fate 2, but he joined anyway. That's because Daichi will always rejoin you at this point. He's the only person who actually will join regardess, mind.

...But, just because someone is Fate 4 doesn't mean they will rejoin you. Some characters aren't available depending on who you sided with at the end of Friday (biggest ones being Yamato won't ever join you on Ronaldo's route and vice versa for obvious reasons). Even then, depending on your answers in their re-recruitment scenes they can refuse to join you. If we said the wrong things to Fumi and Makoto, for example, they would've just left midscene and not rejoined.

So, that's 75% of Yamato's entire faction decimated in one fell swoop. Next up's Nagoya, so that must be...