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Part 87: ...Obvious Decoys

...Obvious Decoys

Yada, yada, requisite fusion time. You're getting the idea by now I'm sure.

We'll start off with the oddly weak-to-Electricity Sleipnir (Kartikeya & Baihu), first off. Odin's horse being weak to Odin makes sense in some ways but not very many others.

Ah well, he's fast and hits dudes pretty hardish. Plus he has Devil Flash so he makes a good mount for dashing around the map in a hurry.

Hey, it's Lugh (Arioch + Seiryuu). Hi Lugh! Not much to say about this guy; he could be made either punchy or spellcaster by default since they start at 22 each. Punchy is easier to make and works better with his innate Phys Amp too.

And lastly, we have Yoshitsune. Not quite as impressive as his Persona 4 counterpart, Yoshi here can only be made from Osiris & Take-Mikazuchi which makes getting a good one quite problematic. Could've given more defences but that takes more effort than I would have cared for. At least his Agility and Strength are pretty nice, so Multi-Strike was a no brainer for his only free skill slot.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes. Convincing people to join our party. Let's see what Ronaldo's guys over at Nagoya are up to.

[Music: Countdown]

Ah, Hibiki! Perfect timing... we were about to call you?
Did something happen?

...Man this couldn't be more obvious if it tried. Really would only work on Daichi. Welp, since we'll be dragged into it anyway let's just jump straight in.

I don't sense Benetnasch, but Daichi Shijima seems unable to calm himself.
We have to find her.
Uh, yeah! Okay, let's split up and look for her...
Hm-hmm! That girl gets in so much trouble... That's why I told her to stay with me!
...Ah! H-Hey, wait a sec! Look!

[Music: Dark Clouds]

Whoa... there she is! That's Airi, right!? Ummm...
Let's go after her!

Over here!

Oh no, it was a trap all along.

I did not see this coming.

Airi... and Otome! Wait... what's going on!?

[Music: Crumbling Routine]

Um, it's part of our plan. We lure you out here and beat you.
Wh-What!? You led us intro a trap!? But we were worried about you...!

In any case... Let's have a fair fight so none of us have any regrets, okay?
No...! Wait a moment, are you really... um... thinking about fighting us...?

Ngh... and when you say "dream", you mean...?
They believe in equality.

[Music: Elegy]

That's right!
I mean, you must understand already! We joined Ronaldo to create a world of equality!
That's no good...! That makes you no different from Yamato! Calm down and think about it!
We're completely different! His system preys on the the weak so the strong prosper!

There will be no more selfishness!
If everyone is working to help everyone else, it can only lead to happiness!
Their intent is beside the point. They oppose Yamato, but they still follow Polaris.

We don't want to fight with our former comrades, either. But you won't help us, right?
And... seeing that you've gained more assets, it means you're planning to fight, too.
What... No, we're not here to fight! We only came here after a lot of thinking!
Will you at least listen to us!? We can't rely on Polaris to make peace for us!
Stop making excuses! If you're planning to fight anyway, you're like Yamato!

[Music: Countdown]

It's no use, Hibiki. This is nothing more than childish stubbornness!
They're not going to listen... This my sound harsh, but it's time for some punishment...!
Hinako Kujou is absolutely correct. It would be faster to shatter their ideals. Come.

[Music: Confrontation]

So, this map is I guess technically harder than the previous one. If only because it has enough dudes in it to make it impossible to run around the entire map and wipe them all out before they can move.

Functionally, it's easier on the whole. There's actual curve balls in enemy team compositions here that make it a little tricker, at least compared to the average enemy team, but Airi is not one of them. She presents no threat at all.

At first glance, Otome is much the same, if not less of a threat (Airi at least has Megido). Sure, she repels Physicals and can't be Debilitated but beyond that and her Endure/Mediarahan stuff she's more of a chore than anything else.

This is still kind of true when you factor in her demons, but Recarmloss is not just for show even if using it is almost always the wrong move.

There's also a lot of cracks as per usual. Though, here the hardest question is do I want Samarecarm or the Mediarahan/Amrita combo.

Since no humans have died yet, and I don't plan on that changing anytime soon, I opted for Prayer.

Also those demons you might not recognise at first? Remiel (the second best Divine demon) and Parvati (the fourth best Megami demon). They both require level 59.

There is only one Remiel and only one Parvati. They are in Otome's team.

[Music: Decisive Battle With A Sworn Friend]

Sadly this isn't a onehit kill because Parvati has Endure. Of course she does.

If she didn't, Otome would probably be Overwhelmable without any issues.

Instead, Tzitzimitl gets to Holy Dance and the dice loved me here.

Hit Parvati once, Otome once and Remiel twice.

Three cracks down just like that.

Sadly, Hibiki didn't roll a 4-hitter. Only 2; 3 would've left Otome with 1 hit point because of Endure.

Have I mentioned that I don't like Endure recently?

Because I don't. Let's take my annoyance at the failure to beat Otome down in one go out on this guy.

Fun fact: this guy has Ban Elec. This actively hinders him, because Vivians drain Elec by default.

I thought that was a weird choice at least. Oh, and Otome didn't use Recarmloss for whatever reason. Just healed herself.

She even runs back here so outside of my Evil Wave shenanigans, she would've been completely free to do so and heal up afterwards.

Instead, I get to luckily freeze her with Python's Bufudyne. I was aiming to just drain her MP so she couldn't revive Remiel and Parvati just in case.

Instead, I get to wipe out the root instead of the symptom. Endure doesn't do shit if you're frozen.

That's one down, so let's take out Airi next. I am slowly advancing with the others, but Hibiki's taking point since he can meatshield for them.

That Anzu could maybe sort of make Airi credible if she used Culebre effectively.

Culebre's the next Dragon. He's kinda shit, especially for the follow-up act to Python, but hey Evil Flow. Airi doesn't take advantage of it.

So she drops rather unceremoniously. Not much to be said here.

Although, she does push Hibiki up to 40 magic so there's that at least.

With those two out of the way, we can start finishing off their little weird congregation in the middle.

We'll start with this guy, since I can just point Kartikeya at him.

I like pointing Kartikeya at things. He's kind of the current "I win" button. Nothing has survived one Multi-Strike from him yet.

Hey look, this lady has a Dragon and is trying to fight Fumi. I wonder what the result of this will be?

Did I mention that Kartikeya's big thing is his nuts good Agility? Because he moved before any of this ladies team. Even with the initiative penalty.

HP Up+ (and MP Up+ which we don't have yet) is kind of a weird niche Add-On. If we somehow had a thing to 40 Vitality but decided we wanted more HP on it without using a passive slot could slap this on it.

I have never had that happen, because it's just that niche. I guess maybe if you were to do some fusion tricks it might be worthwhile but those are really egregiously stupid and circular right now.

Hey look this guy has a Vile!

...wait shit this guy has a vile

Oh balls, it's Arioch. Anzu's Hassohappa got reflected back in his face and kinda made things easier.

..The same cannot be said for Deathbound. Arioch why do you not have Pierce.

Tzitzimitl would've collapsed here either way. The crit is just rubbing salt in the wound.

Since Hibiki's use as a meat shield has just met its rather cruel and unceremonious end, we'll start throwing other solutions at these problems.

Hinako et al. is nice and effecient but they could be better.

I didn't want to do this, guy. You forced my hand. Time to unleash the Jungo.

Thankfully, Arioch only has Null Physical. Lugh has Pierce. Lugh wins this round.

Ariochs are also cripplingly weak to fire spells.

And Salarymen are cripplingly weak to having Jungo punch them in the face.

So, now we just have this lady. She used a Yaksa's agitate but it doesn't really matter at this point.

Three fast peeps that are good at combining it with punching. She didn't really stand a chance, guaranteed crit or not.

So, also not a particularly challenging map. Nothing as seemingly dangerous as Keita on the previous one, but they did more damage overall just by sheer virtue of being able to outrange me at one point.

And having more dudes. That didn't help either.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

That was easy.
How tough ARE you!? I'm all worn out... Well, at least we won.
You got that right... I'm sure they took a few lumps, but it didn't seem that serious.

Where could he be?
There's no knowing as of yet. Odd that he's not in Nagoya, the base of their operations.
Mmm-hmmm. If he's not here, there's no telling where we'll find him...

...A wise course of action. Let us leave those in Nagoya aside for the time being.
What's important now, Shining One, is to enlist the humans we fought a moment ago.

You leave the area, still talking with everyone...

That done, let's go collect these two and try to figure out what to do about Benetnasch.

Whew... Ah, hello there, Hibiki.
Haha... How strange. We were fighting tooth and nail with each other a moment ago.

But I couldn't accomplish it on my own steam...
Is equality the only peace?
...I don't know. Equality certainly seemed like the easiest way.
I don't care what happens to me, but when I think about the children and their future...

At any cost?
...You're right. I wanted to secure their future even if it meant fighting my friends.

It would only happen again.
I...! No... Then what do you suggest?
Start over from scratch.
From scratch...? Don't tell me you mean to create a new world by defeating Polaris?!?
But... will your new world really be better than this one? There's no guarantee...
It all depends on us.

Hahaha, you're amazing. Neither Yamato nor Ronaldo could have come up with such a bold plan.
Lend me your strength.

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

...Yes. I will join you.
I'm sure your path is the right one. You can lead us toward a bright future.
That I will.

Well, I should go prepare myself and tell everyone the news. See you later, then?

You say your farewells to Otome before leaving...

Much like Keita, Airi isn't quite at the minimum needed so her scene plays out somewhat differently.

At least in her case it was a lot closer. She was already at 3, so it could've happened if we had a little more time.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Ah...! Hibiki!?
How are your wounds?
Wounds? Th-They're fine! I'm totally fine!
Anyway, what do you want!? I'm the enemy!
...Or did you come to make fun of the loser!?
You mad?
I'm NOT MAD! I mean...!

So equality is good?
O-Of course it is! There'd be no favortism... Everyone would have a chance!
Well, I dunno... Maybe you're right...
Hey, Hibiki... Is there something I'm overlooking?
You've given up.
I haven't given--! *sigh*

I... really just wanted this to end with everyone getting along and laughing together...
Maybe that seemed too hard, so I ran away from the path I really wanted to take.
...Can you tell me something, Hibiki?
What are you trying to do with that weird guy?
Start over from scratch.
From scratch!? Wait, so you're not changing this world? You're starting a completely new one!?
B-But... Even if you create a new world, how are you gonna run it?
I won't run it.

Ha... Haha, you're something else, man. Like... on a whole other level than us.
What should I do...? Can a scrub like me really help with something that big?
I need your help.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I'm sorry. I don't think I can...

I'll be pulling for you to win! So...
Don't die, okay? I really want to see you again someday.
It's a promise.
...Alrighty. Well, see you, Hibiki.

So, yeah. Airi didn't join back up with us either. Ah well, can't quite win 'em all.

[Music: Exploration]

and uh wait whats this whats going on

This seems rather unsually placed, doesn't it?

...That's because it is. This does not happen here. It actually already happened a short while back; when we got Io back in the party, she hit Fate 5 from her re-recruitment scene. Thing is, I was sitting on this screen for when we finished her Fate scenes just so it would have more meaning.

Unfortunately, we can't do that now. She has one left, but it requires both Airi and Hinako in the party to happen. Kinda was hoping it'd happen regardless, but no dice.

I still would've sat on it and not posted it until we legitimately finished all of her scenes, but... Fate 5's reward in this case is worth cheating my own little prefered system a bit.

Fate 5, much like Fate 3, brings with us a demon. Titania here is special. Very special. She requires level 58 to fuse which we have. I'm taking my Vivian, an Erthys I made off-screen a while back and that Phys Set and combining them to make Titania.

Why, hello there Queen of the Fairies. With your 40 magic, your Holy Dance/Drain combo and, oh what's that you have there? Why of course. It's your functional invincibility.

Nothing but Almighty stuff can hurt Titania. By default she is Weak to Physicals, neutral to curse and nullifies everything else. Null Curse is easy to get on (I slipped it onto Erthys via 2x Orobas since they have it by default) and Phys Repel came from the Set.

Had to be Repel because, y'know, Pierce gets through Null and Drain.

Titania isn't the only demon we can do this to, but she is the first and one of the easiest. I can think of at last 4 others offhand that we can do this to (the SMT wiki claims there are only 3 total but that's complete bollocks). Out of the ones we'll be getting this time around? Probably just one more, though. 2 of them require a lot of grinding. The third requires a lot of grinding and a Fate 5 that, sadly, we won't be getting this time around.

We'll put Titania through her paces later. For now, we have to go figure out how we're going to be allowed to beat Benetnasch.

Ooh, it's Hibiki. I bet you're going to ask me for a favor again.
Haha, I thought as much. It's okay. I'm quite used to it by now.
All right, then... Out with it. Though I'm sure I can guess.

We can't summon anything.

And it sends back our demons, preventing more from being summoned... This is a poser.
How can we stop it?
...You ask that without any concrete data? All I can give you is speculation.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

First... summoning spells can be digitized and kept in devices like cellphones.
Second... they can transmit over long distances for things like phone calls or email.
We take these two data points and ask what the terminal and receiver have in common...

I see.
Indeed. If I were to use an example...
With normal phones, you access websites through radio waves, right?
The way the summoning app works is similar in that it involves the special waves.

It's like it's hacking the summoning app's special waves to hijack our communications.
That way, it can return our summoned demons and cancel our summons at will.
Can we block it?

This won't be that easy. We're up against the unknown. There's no ready-made solution.
Rare waves...
Right... It's a hard one. Rare waves... All I can think to use would be demons.
There are some demons that can use special waves.
Such as?

That's worth trying.
You really want to try this? Well, if we use him...
It could obstruct Benny's signal... or basically jam it. We might have a chance.
Oh, but there's a slight problem.

I'll try to find it.
...Well, let me know if you have any luck. I'll try to do what I can

You say your farewells to Fumi before leaving...

Well, finding the information is easy enough. We just go to Osaka and beat it out of him.

Or, uh, we just go to Osaka and... I don't know what. Kinda expected that to be Yamato there, not Saiduq.

[Music: Exploration]

Ah, Shining One. Are you perhaps here to look into this demon called Trumpeter?
That's right.
I thought so. Don't worry, I've discovered the demon in question's location.

Saiduq hands you a folder of documents...

Take a look at these. The name Trumpeter appears near the end.

"Awesome" indeed. Now then, this seems to be the code. You should take it with you.
...There is a catch, though. Using Trumpeter presents its own problems.

[Music: Dark Clouds]

His sound waves spread out wide and slow, but sure... they will affect the entire area.
We will be no exception.
Our app won't work?
Yes, that is correct. It is unavoidable, I'm afraid.
We will be unable to summon demons through our summoning app.

If this defect can be ignored, Trumpeter may indeed be effective against Benetnasch.
It is something of a double-edged sword for us... We must plan for this, Shining One.

You say your farewells to Saiduq before leaving...

Alright, so our solution to this problem is basically just a countersong. But from one of the seven trumpets that bring forth the Apocalypse.

...He's a bit late to the party, but our plan is perfectly fitting all the same.