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Part 88: Feinne's Notes: Queen of the Fairies

Unkillable: You Can Call Me Al, Part Five- The Puerile Ruse

It's funny that Dragonatrix came way closer to losing someone on this map than the one vs Osaka, because this map is in theory a lot easier. There's not much on here that's individually threatening, just don't let yourself get overwhelmed by numbers. Also, it never hurts to have someone somewhere with Recarm to get your demons back up when things come to that. Otherwise there's just not much to this map, there's no specific team that's terrible and while there are some strong individual demons nothing should really give you trouble with the sort of shit you can have at this point in the game. And if you've gotten this far Unkillable, it's pretty much a guarantee you've got said crazy shit. Don't worry, the game's got plenty of asshole shit left in store for later.

Oh and are we discussing invulnerable Titania finally?

It's actually really easy to get a good Titania, because you can use Rank Ups on Fairies. I actually used components that had Phys Repel, which let me use a Release Command on her to ditch her starting skills and go full offense. Hero Soul is an absolutely amazing skill for a full invulnerable demon, because it redirects any single target hit which would hit the party leader where the demon is more resistant to that form of attack. So yes, Hero Soul on this Titania means that the MC can only be hit by almighty and multi-target attacks.

I can respect Drain/Holy Dance as a pairing, but I prefer to leave that for the other half of the pairing.