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Part 89: ...Sounding The Seventh Trumpet

...Sounding The Seventh Trumpet

We already made Titania for level 58, but we've got a couple more to make first. One of which is especially useful.

Rangda (Yaksa & Kartikeya), our next Femme, looks a bit eccentric but is very good at punching thigs for a Femme.

Oh and she has Phys Repel by default, but unlocking it as a skill on her takes a long while to get because its level dependant.

And since I'm remembering to use Add-Ons lately, I opted to give Rangda Deathbound via fusion. Since I did that, I also threw on the Vitality +3 because I'd never use it otherwise. Gives her more HP, defense and makes Deathbound hit a bit harder.

Second and last is Cerberus (Rangda & Rakshasa). He's pretty decent. Not much else to say; he hits stuff hard in obvious ways and lets you run around easier. Yamato had one of 'em way back on Day 2. That's about it.

So, what, if he's last then what about Culebre?

Yeah, not happening, sorry. They're just not that good, especially for what we want one for at this point. Release Command makes 'em a bit more viable but sod grinding that out at this stage.

Alright, let's go free Trumpeter.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Hmm... Tough call. I mean, it's all or nothing...
Well, yes. But we don't have much time, do we? It'll be up to Hibiki in the end.
Someone say my name?
Oh, Hibiki... We were just talking about Trumpeter and--
Holy crap! He's here!
Ah, Hibiki. We were waiting for you to show up.
Sorry about that.

Saiduq filled us in briefly.
Oh... We heard about Trumpeter's melody, too. The jamming one...?
It'll stop Benetnasch's power, but we won't be able to summon any more demons either...
That's right.
We'll simply have to summon our demons before the melody's effect takes hold.

And our attacks will still have no effect, so the demons will have to do all the work.
It's a pretty big risk. What do you say, Hibiki?
We have to do this.
Haha, indeed. I knew you'd say that.
Whoa... Y-You're serious, Hibiki...!?

Mmm-hmm. I know we can do this!
If we've decided, let's hurry and head over there. It's time we got this over with.
All right.

Mm... All right. Well then, Hibiki. Be my guest and send the release code.
Leave it to me.
Yeah... Go for it. We finally found a countermeasure, so I sure hope it works...

[Music: Dark Clouds]

Wings... An angel? Then... Oh! H-He has a trumpet...!

Oh, um... Trumpeter? Well, we've got this teensy favor to ask. Will you help?
...I refuse. Why should I help you?

...Ever since the world was created, I have never had any reason to help you.
N-No, this isn't about the creation of the world. We're in real trouble here!
I mean, c'mon. We took the time to find you, get the code, and resurrect you...
You can at least repay the favor by helping us out a little bit, you know?
P-Please...! We really are in trouble...

[Music: Silence]

Repent, or face the consequences...

[Music: Countdown]

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Someone do something about this guy! He's seriously inflexible!

Hey, uh, Fumi. What'cha doing up there?

Yeah, yeah. Allow me to butt in here for a second.

[Music: Silence]

...? Who are you?
Me? I wasn't expecting such a stupid question. Do you really need to know that?
No... Not at all. But, you're...

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

Don't "no, but" me, idiot. I hate having to answer pointless questions.

Meh. As long as you understand. Now, back to whether you'll help us...

...Seriously!? Now we can fight Benetnasch...! Aw, you're a nice guy after all!
Um, well...

Huh? That was nothing. Nothing at all.

[Music: Exploration]

Uh... Haha... Nah. She's something of an exception. I've gotta feel sorry for you.
Yeah, no kidding.
R-Right... Fumi is... special in her own ways.
B-But, I don't think you should let it bother you, Trumpeter.

Ah... W-Wait a sec! Could you try playing it once and--

I'm really curious how you would rehearse "shutting down Benetnasch's waves so you could kill it" without, uh, shutting down Benetnasch's waves so you could kill it.

You leave the area, but the atmosphere is tense...

Alright, so we've now got a bit of a lull in what to do before we go fight Benny for real.

So, we'll call this here and vo- eh, nah. Better plan; since we got Io's Fate 5, might as well get two more out of the way.

These two are ones who were also actually at Fate 5 before now (last ones like that, I promise). Makes most sense to bring their stories to their conclusion while we have the time.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

...Hibiki. Did you come to see Jungo?
Me, too. Just a little bit, from a distance... He was with another cat.

It's because you saved him.
...I did?

Being with Jungo made me happy, even with the world like this.
That's why I'm the one who was saved, by Jungo.

...That's why I need to protect the world, where you and Jungo live.


Jungo appears. It seems he heard you and Jungo...

Let's go, Hibiki. If he follows me, it'll be dangerous for him.
Maybe I'll come see him again when it's all over...
Why don't you adopt him?
Jungo and me, living together...?

Mhm... I'll hold back for now. Let's come again once everything's peaceful.
Bye-bye, Jungo... For now.

Jungo runs off. You follow him...

[Music: Exploration]

This was Jungo's last scene. Everyone has 2 more available on this day (except Saiduq; he gets three), and we got the first of Jungo's done earlier.

I'm not entirely sure if we'll see Oumitsunu or not. He requires level 67 which sounds possible, but we'll see how it goes. He's a pretty great strength demon having a base Strength of 32 before any fusion bonuses. Not quite as big on defense as Titania, but hey. Not everyone can be an invincible monster.

Rather conveniently there's only two free scenes left over and we need to do both of Makoto's anyway.

Thank you so much for what you did last time...
It's nothing to thank me for... I just did what I felt was right.
Besides, I'm not the one you should be thanking.

Makoto leaves the woman, then sees you and comes up to you...

That's embarrassing.
Heh... Hold your head up high. You're the one who convinced me to save people.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

I have to thank you, Kuze. Without you, I'd have abandoned them...
You're welcome.
Haha... I didn't know what to do for a long time. I had no clue how to live my life.

I didn't know who was right, or who to believe in...

Makoto looks at you...

I do, too.
I look back, and I realize that you've always lived like that.

I think that it's best to live life with as few regrets as possible...
So, thank you. You taught me something very important.

Makoto holds out her hand to you...

What's this?
Haha... I just want to shake your hand. It's just a bit embarrassing to do this...

...Let's be honest, there's only one real option here.

Makoto wipes her hands on her handkerchief...

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Heh... You have larger hands than I thought.
The path I must follow is with you, Kuze. ...Let's keep doing our best.

Makoto gently releases you...

...Well then, I'm going. I'll see you later.

Makoto walks away...

[Music: Exploration]

Y'know, it's a real small thing but these scenes feel like they should be the other way around. Barely matters much, but the previous one really feels more like closure.

...Kuze. We're currently using talented members of JP's to wipe out demons.
No matter how many we kill, they still keep coming... We just have to keep doing it.

[Music: Countdown]

...! Dammit, again!?

A wounded man and woman run towards you...

The others didn't make it out in time... They...
How many demons are there? And how many people left behind?
What? You have a summoning app...?

The woman relates the details...

Please... Everyone's going to die!

What? JP's?
They're not gonna help us! We have to find someone else to help!
Hurry! Or they'll all die!

Makoto is silent...

Want me to help?

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

You two, get out of here. Don't worry, I'll save everybody else.
B-But aren't you JP's...?

Th-Thank you!
Now go on... I'll see you later, Kuze.

Makoto runs off...

You lead the two civilians to a safe area...

[Music: Exploration]

Makoto and Jungo were the only outstanding Fate 5's that I had stockpiled. Every one from this point onward is actually legitimately earned when it comes up.

If Oumitsunu's usability on this first go around was questionable, Athena's is pushing it. Which is kind of a shame. She requires level 69, but is a great Megami demon.

For the time being though, let's worry about what's right in front of us: kicking Alkaid's non-existent teeth in.

Ah! There he is! You're late!
Sorry for the holdup.

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

No, you are on time. The hour has finally come to finish the fight against Benetnasch.
Ugh, now I'm nervous! Will this work? L-Like with Trumpeter and stuff...?
We'll be fine.
Yes. Second guessing yourself will not change the outcome. We must trust in you humans.

This area won't last much longer... we gotta hurry and get this done!
It's around the corner...
Which means we have no time to waste. Let us go, Shining One.

[Music: Countdown]

There it is. ...Benetnasch.
H-Hey, this is really gonna work, right!? What if he makes our demons return again...?
We should be all right, as long as that demon is present. ...Isn't that right?

You've got to do it!
Very well. I will obey my pledge and grant thy wish here.

[Sound Bite: Trumpeter]

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

Now... Benetnasch's special emanations should be canceled, as we have planned.
R-Right...! But it's about to get really serious. We won't be able to summon demons...!
We're ready for that.
Indeed. After we summon demons now, we will only have those ones to do battle with.

We'll have to be careful.
Wait a sec... if Trumpeter's canceling whatever it is that Benetnasch is doing...
If he stops playing, then won't that mean his jamming effect stops, too?

Of course. That should be obvious. Our initial team setup will be vital.

[Music: Septentrion]

Trumpeter being here is kind of not an issue. We technically have to protect him but there's no trouble doing it.

Benetnasch is unchanged from the first time we fought, only this time he has two buds out already.

They can still Disastrophism, but it doesn't hurt Trumpeter. Neither they nor he will move either, so Dark Thunder isn't even going to happen.

For the first time in a long, long while (Free Battles not included) we can't crack anything here either. Makes sense, since Benny's repertoire is still just Septentrion-unique skills.

We want to take out these two buds before doing anything else. Just saves time and helps prevent Diastrophisms from being a nuisance.

From this distance, we can just have Arioch punch them and not worry about it.

The second one manages to get its Diastrophism off, thanks to the Chaos Breath delay. Not a big deal; it just deals Phys damage after all. Nullification, drain or reflection deals with it quite handily.

But we'll put a stop to this right now. No need to worry about it after this.

Unfortunately, taking down both buds is one of two ways of triggering this little bit in his scripting.

He drops in four more right next to Trumpeter.

The other way of triggering this is to engage Benetnasch in a skirmish. Thankfully it only does it for one or the other; not both.

Once the next 4 buds drop in, Benny throws a hissy fit and changes to his more threatening version.

Thankfully this time his Dragon Eye skill won't matter in the slightest.

The new buds are sort of in a threatening location and all but I did hang back to deal with them.

As a result, not a single one of them is getting a turn.

These four buds are probably the biggest threat to Trumpeter, which is pretty damning.

Benetnasch himself can't move, after all, and his range doesn't extend anywhere near this far.

And just to make things better, he doesn't even try spawning more buds after we drop these four.

So we get a giant lull to slowly advance towards the center of the map. Once here, Hibiki drops an Evil Wave and we get some wacky antics from this.

Alkaid's attack range is 7. Hibiki's attack range is 8.

Poor Benetnasch is about to get trashed, and at first glance there's nothing he can do about it.

Hibiki and Arioch might not be able to help Python out here, but it matters in a lot less ways than it seems.

It takes a couple rounds, purposefully dragged out to get my positioning right, but once Benny drops to yellow HP or less the fight changes a bit and we begin the second half.

Is that Megrez? And an Alioth? I see more of the Septentriones too... Ugh.

So, yeah, Benetnasch's way of being all the Septentriones at once... is that it IS all the Septentriones at once.

And it even throws out a bunch of Alioth's shots, but this time we don't get the chance to drop them before they explode.

Because they do so immediately. Thankfully, the poison is in set locations so we can plan around it.

...And wouldnt you know it, I positioned everyone so they wouldn't start off in it. Am I lucky or what?

So, yeah, we just went from one Benetnasch to four. Three of them are combinations of two previous Septentriones. In many cases this works out to our advantage frankly.

None of those three are overly threatening on their own, and feel more like each Septentrione had its skills actually reduced to compensate for being a compound of two.

It tries to get around this in a couple lazy ways, like Mizar/Alioth having Endure and Beast Eye but it doesn't really help it much.

The fourth segment, then, is the real Benetnasch. This one keeps his own gimmick (immune to Humans) but also picks up his own two skills. Alkaid is effectively just a really cost-effective Megido whereas Unheard Prayer inflicts Curse via Curse elemental stuff. Doesn't even deal damage or anything; just hits one team on the map. Even worse than when Possession does it, since this one can be blocked and it doesn't reduce movement/attack range either.

The segments themselves can actually move around a bit, but we still have the advantage. At this point, beyond skills on the map like Dark Thunder, they need to be next to you to fight anyway. Their major range advantage in all previous fights is now gone.

[Music: Break Out]

They also have very, very little HP honestly. Like they only have 1200 each.

In the case of some of them this is an increase, true, but for Benny himself he's dropped to below half what he had before.

Dubhe/Megrez decided it wants to fight Jungo. I can't really complain about this one too much, since it works out in our advantage.

Ruinous Wind is nowhere near as threatening now as it was originally.

Plus, y'know, Pierce. Resistance to fists doesn't matter all that much at this point.

So, that's one down already. In the interest of not having Hibiki do literally everything on this map, everyone gets to take out one fragment. Jungo's dropped his, so he'll run back to Trumpeter just in case things somehow manage to go horribly wrong.

Dark Thunder is not really that big of a deal either, really. More of one than Ruinous Wind was, true, but that means very little now.

Oh well, let's take out Benny's true form before it can do anything.

So, yeah, Python stuck around for this last map because it can ruin Benetnasch's day. Culebre could too, but it requires more effort and hassle and I'm lazy.

Two halves down, now for Hinako to get the easiest one.

It, uh, it's weak to punching. I almost threw Jungo at it anyway just to see how big the numbers would be from him.

Instead, this unreadable mess of lots of numbers will have to do. It's still very pretty, albeit in a different way.

And Fumi's getting the last one. And she gets to be very Fumi about it.

If, um, if it didn't have Endure she would've dropped it in oneshot from full HP with this.

Instead she took it out anyway, because Lugh eviscerated most of its HP in one punch beforehand.

So, that was Benetnasch. The big, bad, final Septentrione. Not really much of a threat in the grand scheme of things. We schooled it twice in a row, but this second one required no real effort whatsoever.

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Remember when I said that the start of this day was the game taking the gloves off? It was starting to, but I can understand if it seems like it still hasn't quite gotten them off entirely yet.

We did it.
Ugh, that was a bitch. That splitting apart thing wasn't fair! Too many surprises...
But you have all done well in defeating Benetnasch. That was the seventh...
Are there more?

But that was only a theory of ours, so I'm still worried...
Don't worry. You have nothing to fear. Trust me.
It's still a secret?

Er, wait a second. Polaris aside, there are a few things we have to take care of.

But someone like Ronaldo probably won't keep a low profile.
I agree. But neither faction has made a move. There's no knowing what they've planned.
What we can do now to prepare for the end is to stay alert for both factions...
And make sure each of us are ready when the time comes.
Preparing... that's not a bad idea.

Mm. Okay. Just a little more fighting 'til it's all done. Good luck, guys.

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving...

[Music: Exploration]

With Benetnasch done for, we can use Trumpeter for ourself later down the line. Naturally, he's a Fiend so he's not as amazing as he usually is. Plus he's level 63 so we can't use him for a short while.

Also with Benny down, we've got a bit of relaxation time. A fair bit, in fact. We can even technically spend some of it with Keita or Airi if we wanted.

Just leaves the question of who DO we spend it with?