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Part 93: Feinne's Notes: Yu'z Clicky

Unkillable: You Can Call Me Al, Part Seven- It's So Easy

Yeah so this is probably the easiest map of the last two days in this path. Ronaldo and Joe are pathetic here, they both rely on physicals it's entirely possible to just have the MC run up on them with full Repel and bitch them into nonexistence. They'd be a moderate threat if you let them engage more fragile parties I guess, but how the fuck did you get here if you let things like that happen? I'm pretty sure this is the only map in the whole game where you can get Pierce+ and Endure+, so do not fail to get those (for one thing Pierce+ means you can actually run two physical people with Pierce if you want). Seriously though this map's not just a joke, it's a joke in kind of bad taste at the expense of the dumbest man in Japan, Ronaldo Kuriki.