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Part 94: Last Decision

Last Decision

As per usual, we'll begin with a fair bit of fusion. A little more than the norm this time but there's a reason for that.

Level 60 only has one thing, and it's not that great so we'll skip it. So, instead, we're looking solely at level 61 here.

First things first, we'll make a new Tyrant. Loki's the final Tyrant we'll be concerned with and he came from a mixture of Remiel, Orobas and the MP Up+ Add-On.

He's pretty good, and gets Megidolaon at Level 62. Which is basically the sole reason for MP Up+ here.

Loki and another Remiel come together to make Alilat. Much like Loki, she gets Megidolaon at Level 62. But I have wacky plans in mind with her Enlightenment more than anything else.

We'll get a small preview of that soon enough, don't worry.

...But there's something else at level 61. Something very, very special.

Not this, obviously. My immediately viable options were taking a Titania and Mithra and fusing them to make an otherwise worthless Gucumatz or grinding out add-ons for ages.

I picked this guy because it was more convenient. I then ran a few free battles before combining it with our now outdated Tzitzimitl to make...

ugh, this thing. I could've used Balor to make a Python instead but it doesn't really matter much. He has 38 magic, he has the passive I need. That's all that matters.

Before continuing past here, I made a second Rangda with Cerberus and Bifrons. A magic-oriented Rangda was surprisingly easy to make that way, and now I can combine that with Culebre.

...Wait, no I can't. I still need a Release Command add-on to make this thing worth a damn.

I did this between recordings but add-on grinding is a chore at this point. Benetnasch fight 1 is the last convenient place to grind add-ons because of how they're obtained. They're at set points based on macca bonus. Plot battles get them at every 500% bonus earned. Free battles? 2500%.

Fights with infinitely respawning enemies are ideal for obvious reasons, but those are few and far between.

Thankfully, the Release Command was the second add-on I got but that still took upto 5000% bonus to earn and that takes foreveeeeeer.

So, yeah, got that and threw it in a fusion with Rangda and Culebre. This made...

Say hello to the highest Ghost demon, and one of my favourites period. Purple Mirror is like the Titania we made before, but even more insane. Rather than nullify most everything, he just reflects everything.

Also Hero Soul, which I don't think we've used before. If this guys resistance to an element is higher than the party leaders, he takes the hit for them.

Again, he reflects everything.

Doesn't help with multi-target stuff but the only ones of those that really matter at this stage are physical or almighty.

Or the simplified, roughly-drawn thing as per usual when I do silly, relatively long, stuff like this.

That's enough of that, though. Let's go re-recruit Joe.

[Music: Exploration]

Yooo, Hibiki. Some fight, huh?
How are your wounds?
Haha, they're fine. You went easy on us, huh? Like a real gentleman.
Man, I thought if everyone was equal, things would settle down... but it was no use.
You guys are like, way too strong! Well... I lost, and that's that, huh? Hahahah!
So how do you really feel?

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I wanted to protect Nagoya. I know I can be flaky... But I really want to save this place.
I've got so many memories of this city... Stupid, I know.
It's not stupid.
Hahaha! You think so? Hmmm... Maybe you're right. Thanks.
Then again, you must be mad, huh? I mean, we did have a real scrap against you guys...
I'm not mad.

Hey, Hibiki... I want to ask you something. And I'm gonna be serious about it for once.
If this world was equal... Would everything be peaceful?
It would.
It would, huh... Then I guess I didn't have it wrong?
Fighting my friends to bring about peace, though... That was the part that didn't work.

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

I've been self-centered until now, but you guys knocked some sense into me. Please...
Of course.

Ooh, thanks. Good-looking guys always have such great hearts.
I'm gonna take off for a bit. I'm starving... Catch you guys later.

You say your farewells to Joe before leaving...

With Joe back in the party, we are done with side-trips and distractions entirely. Next thing to do is figure out how we're going to get to Polaris.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

That'll be difficult. It wasn't built overnight, after all.
I see... then what are we going to do? I can't really think of anything...
Hmm... Well, I got nothing. I guess we should try asking Hibiki about this.
About what?

Holy crap! When did you get here!? D-Don't surprise me like that!
...What a strange human. Why are you so surprised, Daichi Shijima?
Tell me, Shining One. What are your thoughts on this issue?
What issue?

But I don't think the Terminal you are using now can withstand such tremendous power.
That is why we must strengthen the Terminal...
Yeah. The question is, what do we do specifically to strengthen the Terminal?
Add some parts to it?
No, no! Where'd you get that idea!? I don't think that's what's called for here...

It would be a ten-year project, I estimate, with chances of success no greater than 1%.
Alright, we get that already! So we thought it would have to be some supernatural power.
No ideas, Saiduq?

Wasn't there something...? Something we can use, like a super power?
The Dragon Stream?
Hm...? You mean what the Chief used at the government center?
Heheheh... I get it... Good thinking. There shouldn't be any incompatibility...

[Music: The Operation Starts]

It may be possible to use it to strenghthen the Terminal.
Wait, no, that won't work! We used up the Dragon Stream when we fought Mizar!
There's still some left.

...Let us lose no time in searching for it. Come, Shining One!

You all leave the area...

[Music: Exploration]

So, we need to find the giant dragon head remaining from Friday and use it somehow. Let's track this thing down!

Here we are. The last piece of the dragon should be up ahead.
Yeah, the last we saw it from the rooftop, it was lying on the ground.

[Music: Dark Clouds]

Think it's okay to go near the thing...?
Best of luck, Daichi.
What!? Th-That's not how this works! Let's all go over there! Every one of us, okay!?

Did it just... turn to stone? What's going on here?
Hm... By the way, Shining One. Have you considered how we will transport this?
Didn't you think of it?
Yeah, you should've! ...But, I guess you could be asking the same thing of us.

Man... It'd be so much easier if this thing could get up and walk on its own.

[Music: Countdown]

Yaaaaay, I smell power! It's all mine!
It... I see, it's probably after the Dragon Stream's power!
Wh-What the--!? It's shaking...!

That is surprising... It still has enough power to move.

Whooooooooah! I-I-It ate it!? No frickin' way!

Let's strike it down and make it heed our commands!

[Music: Desperate Situation]

So, boss fight #2 on the final day is a giant dragon head.

That's pretty awesome.

Also it has Megidolaon. Swallow is also Almighty elemental.

It's like the game knows you're going to make two demons that can only be hurt by Almighty by this point and decides to spite you or something.

The kicker is the dragon isn't even really that hard either way. Harder than Joe and Ronaldo, sure, but that's really not saying much.

Only three spells we can crack, and Inferno's descriptor is a flatout lie. It's not random.

It hits everyone. This makes it viable to use and plan around but it's still bad and dumb and I don't use it except on the demon it's mostly unique to.

Needless to say, we're getting all three of these.

Although I'm about to do something wacky that makes it almost not happen. Start things off by using Alilat's Enlightenment. As a reminder, actively using it boosts damage to 1.5 times normal damage.

It also happens to stack with Magic Yin. So we just tripled our damage output.

[Music: Shudder]

Swallow is a mild nuisance. It just makes you skip your turns, kind of heals the Dragon depending on how things go and more crucially...

Whenever you hit the dragon, the demon it swallowed gets spat out and takes a little less damage than the dragon did. It is very easy to teamkill yourself into oblivion.

Much easier than getting wiped by the Dragon itself.

This doesn't matter when you deal over 1000 damage with a 2-hit Holy Dance though.

The thing is super-lucky to have not gotten dropped in one round. If Alilat's Holy Dance dealt a third hit, it probably would be dead already.

I mean, I don't know its exact health, but in this one fight it took 3,447 damage so it's probably around 4000.

It's a good thing it survived though, because this fight is the most convenient place to get Inferno. It's not the only place, but it's the easier one by far.

Feng Huang there is a mistranslation. This thing is really Zhu Que (or, Suzaku for the times it uses its non-Chinese name). Feng Huang is a thing and it's very different from the vermillion bird of the south.

Inferno is a skill that is mostly unique to Suzaku though. They're smart enough to use it only whenever paired with demons that don't take damage from it.

When they have things that are neutral, or weak, to fire in their party they use Maragidyne instead.

Despite the fact that they WOULD get extra turns from hurting their own party members with it.

Oh, and the reason I'm not fighting the dragon at range is because it has an attack range of 10. We can't deal with that even if we wanted to.

It likes to use that giant range to pick off demon teams to heal. Normally the single team with Samarecarm gets picked off first, or second, but that's usually due to their own idiocy more than anything else.

See, regular demon teams only fight us if we get in the way. They're more interested in trying to fight the dragon even though they stand no chance at all.

That's fine, and all, but it makes them mild inconveniences rather than real, tangible threats.

Which I guess is what they're meant to be at this point, but still. It's kinda weird and jarring.

Speaking of mild inconveniences, hey look, it's an enemy team that is kinda mildly annoying.

Because of this, and Rangda's everything.

Sure, it doesn't matter when you're dropping Holy Dances but it does matter for Jungo (at the moment).

Loki can deal with it no problem too, though.

We're pretty much done now, but a few things feel like dragging it out by suiciding on Hinako.

...Huh, I just noticed that the giant dragon head is in the background on the skirmish maps here. Little details like that are pretty great.

I can't really fault the dragon for picking a fight with Fumi here. But I'm faulting the dragon for picking a fight with Fumi here.

And it hit Rangda with Deathbound. Only Rangda.

This is your reminder that the Dragon does not have Pierce so he just healed himself. That's cheating, you cheater. I am actually vaguely somewhat mildly annoyed with you now.

So I'm not showing mercy this time around. You can swallow Purple Mirror. I don't care.

Yeah, the mirror's going to die from this. But that's not really my problem any more.

I admit this was kind of a cruel thing to do to my own team mate, but it's worth it just to see more big numbers happen.

Also obliterated the dragon without much incident.

With it beaten, the other demons just up and leave. With the dragon pacified, they're not attracted to it any more.

So, yeah, that's that. If it wasn't for Swallow, and maybe some sense of not wanting to team kill most of the time, this thing could easily be one-roundable.

Which, honestly, is pretty bad for how late this fight is.

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Ugh... What a pain. I didn't expect that to happen.
That was easy.
Ugh... You're some kind of beast! I really hope this lets up soon.

Huh... So what do we do with this thing now that we beat it? Just hope it shrinks?

[Music: Dark Clouds]

Ooh...? This...

How useful.
Ah, I see. It's really only natural, if you consider it.

I see... Talk about a convenient power. No wonder the Hotsuin family thrived.
Let's get to the Terminal.
Indeed. If we're to use this to strengthen a Terminal, we should go see JP's in Osaka.

Now... Let's hurry, Shining One.