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Part 95: Feinne's Notes: Feinne's Pun Is Better Than Mine #2

Unkillable: You Can Call Me Al, Part Eight- Today On Dragon Head Z

Okay, this joker. If he'd use Megidoloan more often he'd be almost threatening since he's got massive range and that spell is actually super dangerous in DS2 but he mostly Swallows demons and the worst outcome of that is needing to have a demon with Samarecarm somewhere on the map or some backups. The demon parties on the map are just not able to be a real threat to you if you've been keeping up with demons, leaving just the Dragon as a possible threat. And you saw exactly how threatening he really is right there.

Next time, though, that's when I'll have some interesting things to discuss, because that's the one that gave me the most trouble of the whole run.