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Part 99: Feinne's Notes: Pole Dancer

Unkillable: You Can Call Me Al, Part Ten- Fist of the North Star

So yeah Polaris. Phase 1 is, as noted, just about not wasting resources while getting to the later phases. Phase 2 is a breather, given how weak the demons are and that even if they do get to Alcor he's totally able to fight back against things that aren't Polaris. Phase 3 could in theory suck thanks to Polaris B, but there are workarounds to that. So, I ran this fight with MC/Alcor/Otome/Fumi, because #yolomages. The MC gets Repel Phys, Otome and Alcor each get one of Drain and Null Phys, and Fumi actually gets the Wall Auto-Skill, which gives the party a Tetrakarn shield at the start of combat in exchange for some MP. This gives everyone more or less protection against Polaris B, neutering the main threat of the fight. If you're not high enough level to one-round Polaris, be smart about approaching him when he's planning to cast Supernova because I assume it hurts. Honestly this whole fight is pretty long but nothing on it is a major existential threat if you've insulated yourself against physicals well enough.

The lines at the ending are also a variable part, I seem to recall Hinako joining the MC in that final conversation with Alcor when I did this. I'm pretty sure it can be anyone who actually joined you.

So this ending is sort of weird and ambiguous because you can take it as 'well Alcor's just fucked off and everyone's pretty doomed' or 'Alcor's set things up such that they've actually got the power to rebuild the world on their own without his active help'. I prefer to assume the latter, because I'm just a big goofy softie and it makes this a reasonably happy ending in the long term.

Also this is one of the few times in SMT that we actually just gave God the finger, killed him, and it seems to have basically stuck instead of getting us a 'LOL I AM ETERNAL GET FUCKED MORTALS' after we've won.