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Shin Megami Tensei II

by Luisfe

Part 1

Okay, let's begin this. This is the sequel to Atlus' SNES game Shin Megami Tensei (thread can be read here), released in 1994, and taking place 30 or so years after the first game's ending.

Snes/Super Famicom


I think I prefer the bondage Angels of the PSX cover.

Timeline of the game:

* The Great Destruction of Tokyo
Thorman presses the button to launch nuclear-warhead-tipped ICBMs at Tokyo.
Global nuclear holocaust ensues.

* The Great Tokyo Flood
After the rebuilding of Tokyo, a tectonic plate movement of massive
proportions causes the ocean to rush into Tokyo and decimate the area
around it. Even after the waters receded, the suburbs of Tokyo remained

* Establishment of a Communal Cooperative Society
After the destruction of the Cathedral, a free society and government is
established, where anyone, both Mesian and Gaian alike, are welcomed warmly.

* Rise of the Mesian Church
Through political machinations, the Mesian Church takes over the government
and converts it to a theocracy.

* Gaian Revolt
Angry and opposed to the Mesian rise to power, several groups of Gaians start
riots, but they are quickly quelled by the Temple Knights.

* Completion of the Center
Using a huge amount of funding, a massive structure is built on the former
site of the Cathedral and named the "Center." The plan to create a municipal
government called "Millennium" is announced.

* Demonoids developed
In order to ensure a source of labor, artifical life forms called "Demonoids"
are developed.

* Millennium nearly completed
Facilities designed to accomodate the people like Valhalla and the Factory
(a production/industrial area) are designed and nearly complete.
Entertainment facilities like the Casino are also built.

* Environmental Contamination
Through global warming, radioactive contamination, and the deterioration of
the ozone layer, most of the world outside of Millennium is rendered
uninhabitable. Large numbers of people from around the world flock to
Millennium, as its environment is entirely self-contained.

* Temple Knights become Special Police Forces
After putting an end to several Gaian demonstrations and revolts, the Temple
Knights are evaluated by the Center and are promoted to Elite status. They
are declared the official police force of the city. Their increase in power
tightens the control the Center has on the rest of the city.

And the Messiah is born...

Video: SMTII Intro