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Part 40

Update 39: Dealing with the rest of the Shinsho, and being in geeneral BORING AS FUCK.

Time to advance.

Some sort of bird?

Boring Video! Just going to get more and more tedious.

Yes. Deal with it.

Some sort of ape/monkey thing?

Weapon is different, too.


Hell yes.

I don't know what the hell this one is.

Goat thing? Beats me. I don't know.


Yawn I said.

Indara/Indra, apparently, a horse furry.


So yawnworthy that I typoed stuffs in the description


A Snake head?

At least it was a change



Falling asleep


Goddamn boring map of boredom and boring bosses. This area is yawnworthy.

Looks to me like a mixture between Usagi Yojimbo and Bucky O'Hare with different proprtions.
Maybe with a bit of Jazz Jackrabbit, I don't know.

Blah blah blah

Blah blah blah

Tiger thing?

[url=]The boredom is strong in this one.

Yes. Die now.

Oh god damn it another more.

Cow/Bull. Okay.

Almost done. Almost.


Aleph does not stop for any deities that are boring to fight.

Mouse? Otter?

Whatever the hell it is, it goes down FAST.

And that's the last one of them.

The whole golden weapons thing reminds me of Saint Seiya's Libra Cloth, and how it housed the weapons of the 12 Gold Saints. Related?

Huh. This guy has all the weapons carried by the Shinsho. Creepy.

And since now Lucifer is pissed off at Aleph, he has a reason to try to stop him.
Well, if Aleph had been allied with Lucifer the reason would be a test, or something, I suppose.


Megaten Wiki posted:

As a Yaksa, Atavaka had a dual personality. He was at first a child-eating demon until he was converted by Buddha becaming a guardian of the Yaksa and one of the eight attendants of Bishamon. He protects the Southwest direction.

He is creepy looking, that is for sure.

He goes down

Not if Aleph has anything to say about it.

Maaap. Don't think there is anything important in that last room. Don't care, anyways.

Fuckdamnit. Would it have been too much to as that there was a direct access to the next sphere after the most boring boss killing session ever?