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Part 7: Another slight detour

Yeah, this really isn't Ginza. Of course I don't absolutely know that, but seeing as Shibuya still pretty much looked like Shibuya, I'm confident this is some other place entirely. It... feels like that weird tunnel I was taken to instead of the elevator, right after the Conception.

Maybe Hijiri doesn't have anything to do with this nonsense after all. But he's not off the hook until I figure out what else is going on here.

There's one of those strange doors behind where I fell in. Hmm.

*: Note the "Terminal" label. Weird place for a save point.

And there's another passage behind that tree thing.

So, no exits then. Great!

Is this even a tree? Whatever it is, it looks like it might have been alive once.

Is there something in here?

: Hello? Anybody?

Cutscene: Curtains

: Yeah. Loud and clear.
: I guess you made it to Ginza alright.

So that wasn't his fault in the end.

: You had me worried there... I lost track of you for a while, and I thought you may have gotten lost in the Amala Network...
: It... was just a small detour. For real, this time.
: ...Anyways, I'm glad to see that you're okay. So, can you look around Ginza and gather some info about Hikawa?
: That's the whole reason I'm here, isn't it? Don't sweat it, if there's something to dig up, I'll sniff it out. It's not like I have anything better to do.
: You might run into tougher demons, but I'm sure you can handle them.
: I appreciate the vote of confidence, especially given how that last fight went.
: I'm not cut out for fighting, so I'll track down Hikawa some other way. I'm sure we'll meet again, since we're both after the same thing.
: So you say.
: Alright then, see ya.
> The voice could no longer be heard.

Hmm. I shouldn't keep critical information from him, but I still think it was best not to mention I've just met the devil.

I mean, I'm not on the up and up with my Judeo-Christian religious studies, but if that wasn't Lucifer, I'm tongue-kissing Choronzon.

*: And we're left in the larger type of Terminal room. There is a new option available, however: Amala Link. As you may have guessed, it will teleport us to any other big Terminal we've visited, which would mean to the Shinjuku Medical Center and Shibuya. This time however, we can come and go as we please without being intercepted and thrown into a dungeon.

Amusingly, if we return to the hospital basement's Healing Room...

*: Yeah, that would be just a little too convenient. On the other hand, if we return to Shibuya, we can see that Hijiri is no longer there. He must have sent himself somewhere else. Apparently he has a knack for going to places he's never been to before!

That's enough stalling, though. Ginza!

Music: Ginza

*: Well, doesn't that sound familiar?

I didn't expect a reception committee. And this guy looks serious. Better go introduce myself, I suppose.

: Make sure you don't make any trouble here.
: Trouble? Me? Nah. I'm the very picture of serenity.
: hE... MUcH GeNERoUs!!
: SUcH mERcIfUL!!
: wOW...
: See? Lotsa friends! No trouble on the horizon whatsoever. Keeping the peace, that's what I do best!
: ...
: I think he bought it.
: bLARg...
: fNorD!?
: *snort*
: I'm still right here.
: Well! Don't let me take up more of your time! I'll be right along, thank you for your valuable service.

Let's pretend this went acceptably well and move on with our lives.

: They have different exits, too.

*: Geographical information, always welcome. Let's hope it doesn't come in one ear and come out the other this time.

This plaza also boasts a Fountain of Life and a neat skylight that I can't help but wonder if it has a real life equivalent. I'm not sure if I prefer going north or west first, but I gotta pick one, so I go north. Hopefully we're going to find a Cathedral of Shadows soon, Choronzon took up our last free slot.

: Oh my word.
: Hey there, big boy. I have a question for you. I've been thinking about something lately. From your point of view...

: That is never not a trick question.
*: There are four Lilim in this battle group, so I'm not particularly interested in offending them and taking a surprise round to the face.
: Err, looks pretty soft from here.

: It totally shows, well done!
: Let me tell you something good. When negotiating with a demon, are you just letting any member deal with it?
: I try to give everyone a shot every once in a while, yeah.
: I figure you know, but a guy seducing another guy will only turn out... crappy.
: Hey, I wouldn't be so sure about that, you never really know!
: You don't hafta worry about it all the time, but you should use common sense.
: Aight, that's a good recommendation for sure.
: I hafta get going now.
> Lilim left.

Well, that's one taken care of.

*: The other three acted before we did, and they all used Rakunda to reduce our defense. We actually have to pay for healing again, so I have to play this cool. And I can't really attempt to recruit them, since we're at capacity.

In the end they keep trying to use Mazio, which bounces off Shikigami and ends their turn. Glorious!


Lv8 Night Lilim
According to Hebrew folklore, Adam had a wife before Eve, named Lilith. One day, Adam asked her to make one too many sandwiches, so she left Eden in a huff and later had sex with Samael, the angel of death. The children born of that union are known as the Lilim. As punishment for this transgression, it is said that God kills one hundred Lilim every day. Not a woman to take that sitting down, Lilith and her daughters take their vengeance by killing human newborns. In later Medieval folklore, Lilim grew to be associated with succubi. They're a mite fragile, but come with a variety of useful skills.

We knew the Night race as Yama. They are typically closely associated with humans, even if often as bloodsuckers or life energy parasites.

Hello, what's this?

Music: Jewelry RAG

: If it isn't my favorite little slave trader.
: Mmmm, you smell strongly of gems.
: I have amassed a humble collection of various sparklies, yes.
: You've come to the right place. Heh heh heh...

: Keep the Kagutsuchi in mind when looking for gems. The best time is when it's shining brightly...

*: So there's your advantage to fighting in bright light: better gem drops.

Much like in the last games, Rag will exchange single gems or combinations of gems for rare items that you can't normally buy, for various Elements, and for various Mitama. (We haven't touched on Mitama yet but they're a new kind of fusion-focused creature.) The demons he sells have randomized levels and skills, which usually will differ from the same creatures you'd get from fusion, so it can be worth a look every now and then. Right now we can't afford anything I'd want, so we leave without buying anything.

: Come again.
: Man, dude's still a creepy lil' dirtbag.

Ah, excellent!

Music: Heretic Mansion ~ Shining Heaven

*: This is the Full Kagutsuchi, so we're treated to an awesome new music piece.

: Well that doesn't sound creepy at all.

: The strength of the resulting demon will reflect the level of the demon that was sacrificed. ...Also, in some cases, you may end up with a completely different demon than you expected. I recommend that you experiment with various combinations. However, be forewarned that this type of fusion harnesses the chaotic power of Kagutsuchi. Therefore, it can only be performed when Kagutsuchi shines brightest. Why don't you give it a try next time?

*: His tutorials have a new "Sacrifices" section as well.

: Kagutsuchi is the source of all light present in the middle of the world... Its light has special powers, and makes demons go mad. When it is shining its brightest, you can use the light for fusion. By offering another demon as a sacrifice, you can use 'sacrificial fusion'. Sacrificial fusion will allow you to create demons with higher stats and more skills. There are demons that can only be born from sacrificial fusion. If you use it right, it will be of great benefit to you. Just remember that you can't offer a sacrifice if you're fusing with a Mitama. Also, accidents often occur when Kagutsuchi is at its brightest. The choice is up to you...

*: The Minister's rundown explains it pretty well. Sacrificial Fusion replaces the poorly-explained Triple Fusion mechanic of the previous games. In essence, you pick two demons who determine the race and initial level of the resulting fusion as usual, but you also pick a third demon who will be killed during the ceremony. This third demon usually has no influence on the species of the resulting demon, but any experience that the sacrifice has accumulated in your company will transfer over to the new demon, with a 50% bonus. This means that the new demon can start out with a higher level, better stats and more skills than it would have were it the result of a standard fusion.

This is our current fusion chart. The dot symbol between Will o' Wisp and Mou-Ryo indicate that they cannot be fused together; demons of the same race fused together would usually produce an Element, but not for Foul demons.

Will I use Sacrificial Fusion right now? I know I want to at least get some regular fusion done. Let's see...


: Aight, you three, come here.
: What is it?
: Me? Okay.
: Oooh, this is so mysterious and exciting!
: How do you feel about getting stronger?
: Sounds good! I wanna be stwong!
: It'd be alright I guess.
: I can't even begin to imagine all the stuff I could burn if I was more powerful! Whatever you've got in mind, I'm in!
: Hey, that's the spirit. Why don't you step up to the... ah, yes right there. Is that right?
: Absolutely. Have you done this before?
: Nope. Is just, this seems pretty simple.
: Well it's not... that simple. Behind the scenes, it's very...
: Oh I can imagine, I didn't want to... Err. Can we... just get on with it before I change my mind?
: Ah but of course. It'll be just a moment.
: See you on the other side, guys!
: Buh-bye!
: See you!
: Yeah yeah yeah bye. This occult stuff is SO COOL. I could only dream that places like this existed, back in that dinky old hospital. I can't wait to see what happens!

Cutscene: Sacrificial Fusion


: I... I wish I could unsee that.
: I don't know what you expected!

*: The bonus experience is a real efficient way to increase your party's overall power, but man. I know I'm being a ridiculous softie but I must admit I viscerally prefer regular fusion.

Welp, that's two free slots and a brand new friend, fresh out of the Friend Recycler.


Yoma Apsaras
These spirits of Hindu mythology appear as young, beautiful women, whose duty is to dance for the entertainment of gods and their guests. They're support casters first, but they have decent Magic for this point in the game and are well-suited for offense as well.

Yoma, which we used to know as Youma, are divine and semi-divine creatures, typically companions, servants or messengers for greater deities.

*: Apsaras usually pop at level 8, and certainly not with a full skill list. I would have liked her to inherit Hua Po's Agi, but we do have Choronzon's Agi and Zed's Fire Breath for fire damage right now so it's not too heavy a blow. As she levels up she will keep learning the usual Apsaras skills she doesn't already know, though we'll have to replace existing skills as they come in.

There's at least one other fusion I'd like to perform right now, but Zed needs to gain two more levels, and I'd like the ingredients to get a little stronger still. So this is it for now. Let's get back to exploring the north portion of Ginza.

: People say that Loki owns a bunch of different things. He's at Nyx's Lounge.

*: We quickly run into two Apsaras. D'oy! At least ours is much stronger.

: If the time arises, we are willing to sacrifice our lives for them!
: The... Maiden?

Holy crap, Hikawa called Ms. Takao "troublesome Maiden". It's gotta be her.

Well look at me, gathering information.

*: More Lilim show up. I let Shikigami have a go this time.
: Are you asking me out? Then instead, how about, like...
> Lilim is thinking about this and that.
: Your powers... Let me drain some of your energy, then I'll think about it.
: Thanks for the meal. I shouldn't, like, judge you by your looks. It's still too little! *sob* Oh! Let me drain your energy again!
: ...Mmm... This taste is to die for! There's a good boy. Tee-hee!
> Lilim is smiling bewitchingly.
: How can I live on that?! Give me 130 Macca!
*: She asks for a couple more hundred after that, which is still small change.
: Tee-hee! Before I join you, let me get your opinion...
: I wonder... Do flowers ever worry about the color of the flower next to it...? Dammit! Everyone is such a nuisance, right!?
*: The Night race are typically social demons, close to humanity. I'd be surprised if this Lilim really thought everyone is a nuisance. (I know the correct answer is more or less random, I just like to have a reason for the one I give, heh.)
> Lilim is content.

: I'm Lilim the Night. We'll have some fun together!
: Hot damn, you're the best wingman in history. Superbly done.

*: This must be one of the exits we've heard about.

We're going back in right away to keep exploring, but while we're here, do note that Ginza is in the "left" section of the Vortex World. We've come a long way.

: It is a world without pain, because it is not controlled by emotion.
: I suppose that's one way to look at it.
: ...It is far different from the state of chaos that Tokyo is in right now.

: Better than a cobra commander, I'll wager.
: He may be human, but he is very intelligent and dependable.

The team could use a bit of R&R, I suppose.

: ...But, thanks to that, the demons here don't cause any real trouble.

: She and the Commander are the ones holding Nihilo together. But, that's not saying much.
: So they're still cooperating. Hmm.

: Hey kid. What're you doing in a place like this?
: Certainly not gathering information from inebriated locals!
: I haven't seen you around before. Did you come to check out the Assembly of Nihilo?
: Yeah. We've heard of 'em all the way in back in Shibuya, so I figured I'd come see what the fuss is about.
: ...I knew it. You probably have something for that Maiden, right?
: Nah. A nobody like me couldn't possibly get close to someone so important.
: ...Nihilo's base of operations is right outside Ginza. I'd tell you not to try it, but boys love risking their necks for girls. If it doesn't work out, come talk to me again.
: Huh, you're a sharp one, ma'am. I will. Thanks.

: Nobody important, broseph.
: Whaddya want in here? Did you come for a drink?
: Sure, like everybody here.
: Sorry kid, but I don't think they serve milk or juice boxes in this place.
: Nice try, but I'm more offended that you resorted to such a cliché.

*: When we try to open the door in the back...

: That's my room. Don't even think of touching it!
: Aight, aight, don't have a cow.

Well this has been mildly productive. On to the west wing!

: ...
: ...Hold on now, don't expect me to become a sacrifice!

The Assembly of Nihilo is using terminals to suck Magatsuhi from the Amala Network. The Commander is a clever one... Ha ha ha!


Lv20 Haunt Chatterskull
According to the folklore of Dominica, a tiny island country in the Caribbean not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, the Chatterskull is a strange living skull whose piercing laughter kills those who hear it. It's a tough customer at the moment, and its Last Resort is no joke; it'll blow itself up once its HP runs low, so if you're going to kill it, try do so in one turn. Hell Thrust is a fairly strong single-target physical move with a moderate critical rate, and Stun Gaze is self-explanatory.

: There's a door leading to the back room of Nyx's Lounge.

: Those guys hanging around in Nyx's Lounge are a bunch of good-for-nothings. "Full of information" my ass!
: You'd be surprised!

: Do you know about Rag's Jewelry, the shop that will trade gems for items?
: Yeah, I peeked in there for a bit, but it's way out of my price range.
: The merchandise changes every time I go in there. It's so hard to choose!

*: And that's the other way out. Looks like we've cleaned out the place.

The Assembly's base of operations should be right outside, eh? I just love having a destination!

*: That round building is clearly sucking up Magatsuhi pellets from its surroundings.
: That's the Assembly of Nihilo.
*: Ominous!