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Part 40: What if

"I'd say I found someone you want to meet, but it's more accurate to say they found me, and that they want to meet you. Funny how these things go, right? It's a little scary to think that I'm easier to find than some high-school student. Anyway, I'm sticking my neck out there for you, kid, so be sure to thank me later!"

The message is signed "H". It's probably not Hikawa, so...


I should have stayed home, but I suppose that's hardly proper for the Guardian of Tokyo.

Why meet in Kichijoji of all places, though? And this address... A fortune-telling shop?

: Um, hi? I'm sorry if this sounds strange, but I got an invi-
: Welcome, Demi-fiend. I have been expecting you.
: Ooookay, what's this about? And how do you-
: Holy crap I can't believe this worked. Man, you have no idea how many favors I had to cash in to pull this stunt off.
: It's actually kind of impressive how far he went to make this happen.
: Who the hell-
: Gentlemen, please! Time is of the essence!
: Sorry ma'am, I'm just super excited is all. Do go on.
: Have a seat, young man, and rest for a moment. I have been hired to-
: We're gonna show you what would have happened if you had taken that elevator at the bottom of the Fifth Kalpa!
: ...
: He's like a little puppy, isn't he?
: Sorry, sorry, shutting up now.
: Look, I get that you went through a lot of trouble to set this up, even if I don't really understand what's going on, but I'm honestly not sure I want to know what would have happened.
: Hmm. Can't blame you.
: Really now? Not even a little bit?
: ...
: Well, that's alright. I mean, I spent a lot of nights wide awake, wondering what would have happened if I hadn't made the alliances I made, but I guess that's just me. No one bothered to break a bunch of metaphysical rules from multiple universes to put these questions to rest, and I suppose that was for the best.
: ...when you put it that way... I guess maybe I am a little curious.
: Ha! I bet you are.
: Is this even slightly dangerous?
: Don't worry, this isn't quantum physics, we can observe all we want.
: I cannot promise that no one will look back as we gaze into the abyss, but we shall not be harmed by what has not come to pass.
: Alright, that's good enough for me. How does this work?
: Be at peace. Remember your thoughts at that moment, and look into my eyes.
: ...
: And you two as well, look into my eyes, and behold the reflection of memories that were never made.
: Her EYES, buddy.
: Uh, right! Of course!

Cutscene: Baptism

*: Symbolism much, eh? Though I suppose there's a world of difference between a pool of Magatsuhi at the bottom of Hell, and the waters of the Jordan river.
: Oh, great, he's here too.
*: Anyway, we are reborn in darkness again, so we wake up in the Shinjuku Hospital's morgue. That about settles the question of who put us here the first time around. For all the power we've received, we didn't change much. In fact, there's exactly one thing that changed. Remember when I mentioned Marogareh had an unknown last skill?

Now that we've aligned ourselves with Lucifer, that last skill is unlocked. Pierce is a passive skill that allows physical attacks to ignore resistances, immunities and absorption (but not reflection). Freikugel counts as a physical attack in every way but damage type, so it also bypasses Almighty resistance, though that only matters for Noah and... someone else, as we'll see.

: And now, you have been born a second time...

*: We use the Terminal to warp to the final area, and reach the top of the Obelisk again.

: Show me your heart...
: I have nothing to hide.
: ...All I see is darkness inside you... No light remains in your heart, and your purpose is in defiance of my will... If you dare, then come before me with the three stones of treasure...

*: That's pretty much all that changes for a long time. So at this point, I want to rush up the Tower and defeat Ahriman quickly, then skip Noah so we can get Kailash and start working on our endgame build as soon as possible.

However, I have three additional goals right now that we didn't have the first time through, because I'm not quarter-assing this "bonus content" business. Number one, I want to show off all remaining evolutions. Number two, I want to show off all remaining special conversations. And number three, I want to craft a squad of badass mofos to take on the final challenge. I've mentioned in the thread that I'd make early attempts at relatively low levels, but, given that I decided I'd go for goals one and two and that they'll require some serious leveling up, I might as well go whole hog, bring in the heavy artillery, and demonstrate what it truly means to be Hell's General.

In any case, I need to make some room in our party so we can start working on goal three. We have plenty of allies right now who won't be part of the final battle in any way, and now that Zed's a complete demon and we're going on a parallel story track, I don't feel too bad about making craters in the more sentimental areas of our roster. First off, Futomimi has got to go so we can start training a Throne as soon as possible in his place. I'd get rid of Sakahagi too, but I do want to keep his Dekaja around until I can sacrifice him to pass it down, so he stays a bit longer. I'd also fire Dante if I could because he can't be part of the final battle for mechanical reasons I'll mention in time... but I literally can't.

Welp! Better get to it then. Man I'm glad I got an audiobook backlog.


Alright, Kailash acquired. Now we can get started. First order of business is turning Titania, Albion and Black Rider into Scathach again, then heading for Yoyogi Park.

: It has been awhile, Setanta. Have you kept up your training?
: Of course! I have never skipped a day of training in order to be accepted as a hero!
: You have potential! Keep practicing, and one day you'll make me proud.
: What gracious words! I, Setanta, will train even harder to fulfill your expectations!
: I look forward to that day.
: Master, take this as proof of my promise!
> You obtained Luck Incense x 1. Setanta left.
: Well, that was surprisingly chaste.
*: I'm preeeeeetty sure this is Setanta still as a little boy.
: I know, I know! Just sayin'.

*: Interestingly, Scathach does not naturally learn a conversation skill and can't initiate this special conversation at all if you don't give her one. Fortunately, passing down Titania's Pester did the job.

At any rate, that's all we needed Scathach for, but we do run around some more and recruit Setanta himself, which is painless because Throne's level is far enough above Setanta's that Brainwash works instantly. We then return to the Cathedral, fire Scathach, summon a Valkyrie and a Koppa from the Compendium, then head to the Amala Temple's black pyramid.

: Hey, it's you, Valkyrie. Why're you hanging around here? You've got a weird humanlike demon leading you... This some kinda joke?
: Silence. I am following my duty and I side with the strong. There's no need to accuse or insult me.
: Is that so? Well, good for you. For a minute there, I thought you were in love with that human wannabe.
: ...What!?
: There was one like that a while back... A valkyrie that became too affectionate with a human and caused a great tragedy.
: ............
: The man she loves also had powers that humans shouldn't have. ...Sound familiar?
: I... I will not follow in the same footsteps!
: Interesting. Your voice seems to be faltering.
: Get thee hence, insolent scoundrel!
: Haha! You're just like your father, it's so easy to tease you! Don't be so edgy, now. Take this as an apology.
> You obtained Vitality Incense x 1. Loki left.

*: I suspect Loki's talking about the love between the valkyrie Brünnhilde and the human hero Siegfried in Wagner's Der Ring Des Nibelungun opera. At any rate, we kick Valkyrie out of the party immediately to make some room. However, we stick around the black pyramid a bit longer.

: Hmmm... This is a coincidence. I never thought I'd see you here.
: Brother... Now is the time of ordeal. Lendeth me thy power.
: ...Brother? Ahh, come to think of it, we did swear an oath to each other. I forgot about that.
: ...Dost thou say our merry trap was but a farce!?
: Man! You're so uptight. You've always been like that. You always lose sight of the big picture, like that time when you sacrificed one of your eyes to gain wisdom.
: ............
: You need to kick back and relax. Enjoy being a god! ...Okay?
: Loki. I shall swallow thy sins. Heed my words! O sinful brother, lend my thy power.
: ............ I figured it wouldn't go my way... I just can't beat you! Alright then, I'll give you a parting gift. Make do with that.
> You obtained Great Chakra x 1. Loki left.

*: Next up! In the red pyramid, Throne brainwashes a Dakini. We hit the Cathedral again, and fuse this Dakini with Odin to make Kali, making sure to pass down Wooing, then we fuse a Nigi Mitama to Koppa, making to sure to pass down Persuade, and go right back to the red pyramid. Along the way, Koppa learns its final skill!

*: Karasu will evolve again, so he stays employed for a bit longer.

: I haven't seen any of you around lately. Where've you been?
: (Oh shit!!) ...Huh? Oh, uh... Well, you see...
: ...Seeing a man?
: O-Of course not! I would never leave you out, b-boss.
: ...I see. Then show me proof.
: Well, um, er, yikes... I can attend you... like I did before!
: You're not getting out of this one that easily! I know... hand over a jewel. You've gotten plenty offered to you, right?
: Huh!?
: What? You got a problem with me!?
: 'Course not!
: Then hurry it up!
: ...Yes, mistress. (I'll get her...!)
> You obtained Agility Incense x 1. Dakini left.

*: Aight, that's all we needed Kali for, so away she goes. Whew, what's next? We warp to Ikebukuro, summon up an Orthrus at the Cathedral there, then run around until we can hire an Inugami. Once that's done, it takes just a bit of grinding, so we pop back to the Tower of Kagutsuchi, summon an all-star game-winning party of Setanta, Orthrus and Inugami, and punch the likes of Mada, Mot and Aciel for a while. Good thing we got Pixie to take care of the occasional 1-shot casualty!

At last, Orthrus learns Scout.

: ...? ASK ME THEN.
: ............
> You obtained Chakra Pot x 1. Cerberus left.

*: At the end of the same battle, Inugami learns its last skill.


Lv22 Avatar Makami
Makami are wolf spirits from Japanese folklore. Unlike the tormented and murderous Inugami, Makami are proud, benevolent protectors of the areas which they inhabit, warding off evil and rewarding good deeds.

*: Makami is one of the first evolutions you can perform, and it's not a bad one either, since it learns Void Mind, Diarama and Recarm relatively early. At any rate, that's all we needed Orthrus for, but we give Makami Persuade via Mitama and fuse it with Parvati, creating another version of Dionysus that I will not register in the Compendium. Aaaaand it's back to grinding for a bit., wait, there is something else that we can get to right now. We summon Garuda from the Compendium, then... Oh, hmm, it needs a couple levels to learn Persuade and it doesn't have any free slots to learn it through a Mitama. Welp, back to grinding, then.

At some point it occurs to me that the Rangda around here are a huge pain in the butt to run across (since they reflect physical and therefore are protected even from Pierce until we get Freikugel), and we're gonna want to hire one at some point anyway, so we get one on board and drop Sakahagi to make room for a Cerberus that we'll also employ before long, hopefully.


Whew, alright, Throne Brainwashes a Cerberus. Now, to hire a Rangda after all... or... uh, dang, not yet, there's something I didn't think of. And before we get to that, one more thing needs to happen.

Ooooh, here we go., wait, what the... Oh crap, I forgot Persuade is a passive conversation skill, it can't be used to start a special conversation. Oh boy! Alright then, I'll have to make this happen some other way. As a consolation though, at the end of that fight, Karasu learns its final skill.


Lv38 Genma Kurama
The Kurama are the most powerful and most famous of the Tengu subspecies, being especially wise and benevolent dwellers of Mount Kurama, where the king of the Tengu also resides. It is said that during the Heian period, one among them taught tactics, swordsmanship and magic to the (otherwise non-fictional) general Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

*: Aw crap, Kurama also has special conversations and I was passing down Persuade to make them happen. So they won't happen for a while yet. Welp, it's not like Zed can't use the experience, right?

At any rate, Dionysus has a free skill slot and is therefore salvageable, but that version of Kurama doesn't and is useless to us now, so I get rid of it. We'll have to start over from a summoned Koppa, but at least it has Watchful so it's almost painless. hell, I was counting on Garuda to learn Persuade too, but its slots are full too. I gotta kick it out; man, what an expensive mistake he turned out to be.

: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear you say that.
: Wait, what's this bozo doing here? This makes even less sense than usual!
: Well, the lady did mention the abyss looking back.
: I thought she was talking about, like, the devil.
: And that would be better because...?
: Hmm, good point.
*: I'm gonna have to get a Sparna with a conversation skill, then evolve it from scratch. I think I'll save some money and catch one outside the Obelisk.

Okay, so. Keep calm, carry on. Next. I had something else in mind for this Cerberus, but for now I summon Orthrus again and fuse them together into an Aeros with Scout (since they're both Beasts). I then summon an Aquans, and fuse it with the Aeros to make a Kusi Mitama with Scout as well, and register that sucker. Dionysus fuses with that Mitama, learning Scout. I also summon the Koppa, and give it Scout as well. And while we're at it, I leave the Tower, brainwash a Sparna outside, and, you know it, fuse Scout onto it. Whew!

At some point a Hresvelgr joins up, which is notable because it's the strongest Wilder, but I have precious little use for him and he gets the boot right away.


Alright, finally something goes right, lessee...

: My sssh'mell is *hic* the sw-sweet fragrance of wi-wine! 'Reek' is a phrase... that desh'cribes you! *HIC*
: Heheh, don't get all riled up, now! That was supposed to be a compliment.
: Wh-what...? *hic*
: I finally came across someone who knows what alcohol really is! Are you a god of liquor?
: Wh-why?! Are you, too? *hic* ... It's sad knowin' that I'm the *burp* same as a god like you.
: Oh, come on, now. Liquor tests the hearts of the greedy and invites both bliss and misery. Just like the work of a god. There are lots of gods, but being a 'god of liquor' isn't bad at all.
: Desh'pite your looks, you... seem to undersh'tand. ...Is it hot in here???
: Heck yeah. Heheh. I like you. I know... You can have this as a parting gift. Take it.
> You obtained Magic Incense x 1. Mada left.

*: Well hey, witnessing this burgeoning booze bromance makes all the hassle worth it in the end. Anyway, that's pretty much everything we need Dionysus around for, except for one thing. We summon Cerberus again, and fuse him to Dionysus, obtaining Barong (with Scout, of course). And having Barong around...

: As long as you live, I will appear. Over and over, just to defeat you.
: Yes... I know. Likewise, I will rise from the dead as long as you live.
: Rangda, what are we fighting for? Have you ever thought about that?
: Shut your mouth!! Or my claws will slit your throat!! I am the dark, YOU are the light! What else do WE need!?
: I see how it is... You are right. I will no longer hesitate. From now on, my entire body is burning only with the desire to destroy you!
: That's how it should be! *chuckle* Let us continue, then... ...Our 'relationship' that's been going on for thousands of years!

*: Unlike other special conversations, this one doesn't end with a gift, it ends with all your turn icons being taken away!

At the end of the fight, Setanta learns his lask skill and turns into Cu Chulainn, which we had seen briefly in the Labyrinth. Fortunately I don't have any time-consuming plans for him: we go to the Cathedral and fuse him with Lilith to make a Chimera, making sure to pass down Wooing. In terms of combat power that's a colossal loss, since Chimera is a few levels over Cu Chulainn but nearly thirty under Lilith's, but combat power isn't the point here.

At this point we have three free spaces and Throne just turned into Uriel, so we hop to the Amala Temple to get a Dominion, then to the Diet Building to hire up a Purski (for an unrelated reason). While we're in the latter location...

: GRRRR...?
: This definitely isn't my world reborn. This must be some other universe entirely.
: How can you tell?
: Pascal's way smarter than that.
> You obtained Soma Droplet x 1. Cerberus left.

*: We get our Purski moments later (it comes with Watchful and we don't need it for anything urgent, so that's nice), then head for Ginza again. First fight is the charm!

: GRRR...
> You obtained Chakra Pot x 1. Orthrus left.

*: Aaaaand that's all we needed Chimera for. Whew! That's a bit of a relief, but now we got some serious grinding to do until we're ready for the next step. I do fuse up Raphael in Ginza before returning to the Tower, but Zed needs to gain a few more levels before Gabriel is available to us. Welp, time to get to it.

...oh wait, we might as well go shank Thor while we're here.

Yup, still a pushover! We finally hire a Rangda as we go back to heal, but at this point it really is all a question of grinding for a while. I'll get to it!


Alright, we got a Kurama again. They can chat up both of their former evolutions, but it's a little tricky; I'm pretty sure you can only meet Koppa in the back passage of the former Nihilo HQ and Karasu at the bottom of the Obelisk near the Chakra Elixir. Well, you can still meet both in the Labyrinth, but you can't have a conversation with them.

: There's no reason to hate another member of your race that much, is there?
: Shut up! Don't talk like you're some kinda sage. To us low-level Tengu, you're just a nuisance.
: ...Hmm. Then you can defeat me.
: Wh-What's that???
: If you have more strength than I do, you can take my place. I have no regrets if I lose.
: Y-You wanna go for it? If I w-win, I can have your p-position!?
: What's wrong? Your voice is shaky. Are you... 'scared'?
: Sh-Sh-Shut up! I'm not feeling g-good today... I-I'll remember this! D-Dammit!
> Karasu Tengu dropped something while panicking. You obtained Lucky Ticket x 1. Karasu left.

*: Moving on, I can't seem to run into any Koppa at all, which ain't so great. There were butt-tons of them in the Nihilo HQ proper, but that's beyond reach now. Hmm. Oh well, I might look around some more at some point later, it's not like I don't have several more levels to gain. In other news, we have a Garuda with social skills again. First stop: Kabukicho.

: This saves me the trouble of looking for you! Prepare to die!
: Wait, Naga! Do you not think that this battle is pointless? This conflict was started by our parents. It will not end until we overcome it!
: You foot-licking, gutless booze-worm! I will kill you right where you stand just for saying that! This will be easy...
: Silence! I have no interest in such a futile battle.
: I do not give a damn about your interests! I am only interested in bathing in your blood! Come on, coward!

*: Welp, this one ends your turn as well. Can't say I'm surprised. Next, we go to Asakusa Tunnel, betweeen Asakusa and Yoyogi Park.

: Are you going to fight me, Raja Naga?
: ............
: Is the king of all Nagas going to prolong the mistakes of our parents?
: I... I myself have no interest in the feuds of our parents. But many Nagas are still cursed with that grudge. And I am the leader of those Nagas...
: ............
: But perhaps... it is a king's duty to lead my people towards change. Then, Garuda... Take this. Today, we did not meet. ...Is that okay?
> You obtained Soma x 1. Raja Naga left.

: So much for being mortal enemies.
: This whole thing about demons being unable to change... I wonder if it's true, after all.
: If you ask me, it's a load of crap.
: Hmm.

*: Alright, we're gonna need a bunch more levels until something else interesting can happen, so we warp back to Tower and pick some more fights.

...Whew, Purski learns its final skill.


Lv58 Wargod Ganesha
Ganesha is the famous elephant-headed Hindu god of arts, sciences and wisdom, among many other things. He's also known as the Lord of Obstacles, who places them before those who deserve them, and removes them from the path of the righteous.

*: So! We've seen almost every evolution in the game. Other than that, Abaddon turns into Aciel, Jinn turns into Efreet (we've seen Aciel and Efreet before so I'll say I won't have to actually evolve them on camera), and... there's a last one, as we'll see later. Much later for me, but pretty soon for you I suppose, heh.

Anyway, I fuse Raphael with a Throne to make Gabriel again, and if we fuse Gabriel with Ganesha...

*: Thor's in our party at last, so it's time for one final trip to the black pyramid of the Amala Temple.

: I finally found you, most foul criminal!
: Why so pissed? Wake up on the wrong side of the cloud this morning?
: A thousand curses upon you! Don't act the fool with me! My wife's hair was praised throughout Asgard... Thou art the one who lopped it off as a prank!!
: For real!? Now... that... you... mention... it, I heard about that! Was that lil' ol' me???
: Arrrrrrgh! You don't even remember thy dark deeds of cuttery!? I'll not forgive it! Die a painful death! The wrath of Mjollnir upon thee!!
: Painful death? Come on, man... You don't know when to CUT it out, do you?
: Enough talk!!
: Whoa there! Let me off the hook in exchange for this...
> You obtained Ruby x 1. Loki left.

*: We get back to the Tower, and since Zed just hit level 90, we can triple fuse the Seraphs again and get Michael back. Aaaaand that's as far as we can go on the to-do list until level 95. Oh boy. At least Michael's a powerhouse, and having him around makes things a lot smoother, especially since we don't have low-level hires to train anymore. In fact, before long we can just use Michael, Dante and Pixie to blow everything away.

Oooh, I didn't notice it exactly as it happened, but apparently we've mastered Magatama differently enough to have reached the tier of Neutral titles equivalent to Lord (which is Dark). With Michael in our party, that makes two John Travolta movie references.

: Dude you've been grinding for too long.
*: Maybe.


Alright, level 95! Hot damn! We hop to the Cathedral, fuse up Loki (from Dionysus and Arahabaki), sacrifice him in a Michael/Dominion fusion (Michael and any Divine or Seraph will do to get Metatron again). He's not going to be in our final party, so the ingredients hardly matter. In fact, he's basically going to be a fancy key that will allow us to get the last piece we needed to put our final party together. And that final piece is in the Labyrinth's Fifth Kalpa.

*: Remember this guy? Metatron is the only one who can open this door.

There's just a big room with a pit on the other side. We gotta go down!

Lots more golden doors here. Stepping into the room...

: We are the law here. We will only permit you to use us three times before you are forced to leave.

*: The south and west doors are accessible from here, though there's one more to the east on the other side of the translucent wall. Let's try west.

: Attention trespassers... You are only permitted to use us two more times!

*: The only other way is south.

: Attention trespassers... You are only permitted to use us one more time!

*: The only way is south again.

: Attention trespassers... You have now passed through us three times. You will not be allowed to advance any further!

*: We find ourselves in a big rectangular room with five golden doors, counting the one we came in from. Two of them are in the south, and we take the western of those two.

: Leave this instant!

*: We can barely catch a glimpse of a Burial Chamber's grey door before we're teleported to a room full of damage floors back on B3.

There's a Chest in the south end of the room with five Smoke Balls inside; other than that there's a one-way door leading to the area of the floor we already explored.

Aaaand the automap for B3 looks like a skull now. Great!

We fight our way back to the three-doors puzzle and try again. Our prize is in there somewhere.

Taking the first south door...

: But, now I'm lost. What to do...?

*: Going east then north take us to a ladder that brings us to a one-way door returning us to the Metatron door room. Another try, lessee... South, south, and south again.

: ...I'll sell you something special. Interested? Here's what I'm selling... the strongest elephant you ever saw, with the power of a demon. In battle, he'll bust out attacks that'll crush any enemy!

: You're damn right I want it.
: Excellent choice!
> You purchased a demon from the Shady Broker.

*: This remarkable Girimehkala comes with skills that normal Girimehkala definitely do not learn naturally, including Attack All, Focus, and all Might skills. On top of that, he is the only demon in the game with Pierce, besides the Demi-fiend of course. We can absolutely register him at the Cathedral and use him for fusion! However, I do want him to gain three levels so it can learn Debilitate; we return to the Tower and fight some more.

...and done.

Now we're in business. We head for the Cathedral and register everyone. First off is a special fusion: putting together a Femme and an Avatar does not usually create a Fury, but Rangda and Barong together...


Lv95 Fury Shiva
In Hinduism, where Brahma is the Creator and Vishnu is the Preserver, Shiva is the Destroyer. That said, despite his wild temperament, he's regarded as a benevolent force, generally destroying only so further creation can take place, and going to great lengths to ensure that nothing is destroyed before its time has passed. He's Parvati's husband, Ganesha's father, and Hanuman might well be an avatar of his.

*: We've also sacrificed Girimehkala to give him more skills. However, this version of Shiva doesn't remain with us for long. We summon another Girimehkala, and straight up fuse it again with Shiva.

*: This is not a special fusion, but still, the number of demons who will fuse into Beelzebub is vanishingly small. I think you have more options if you are Cursed, since all fusions result in Dark demons then, but I'm not sure. I would have loved to sacrifice something to give Beelzebub a boost, but a fusion that results in a Tyrant that's performed on Full K will always result in Fiend Trumpeter if you have a Deathstone in your inventory, so that's a no-go. That said, I get an Ara Mitama from Rag's, and use it to give him Tarukaja.

Up next! We summon up Scathach, and fuse her with Metatron, sacrificing Girimehkala again.


Lv92 Deity Vishnu
According to some Hindu traditions, Vishnu is said to be the supreme deity, somewhat their equivalent to YHVH, though he often shares top billing as a trinity with Brahma and Shiva instead, as we've seen. He's married to Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and Garuda is his mount; he has a multitude of avatars, some of the more famous being the hero Rama who traveled with Hanuman, and the lion-man Narasimha who slew the Asura Hiranyakashipu.

*: And we summon up the ingredients for the Shiva fusion again.

So. Shiva, Vishnu, Beelzebub, all of them with Focus and Pierce. We are this close to our final party. All we need now is for Beelzebub to earn a couple levels, and we'll be there. We're not just gonna grind it out, though: this timeline still has a bunch of suckers who earned themselves a punch or two. However, before we resume our righteous crusade, we have a couple last side trips. First off, to Kabukicho again.

: Naga. I have something to ask of thee...
: I am at your bidding, sire.
: Wouldst thou give thy treasure unto me?
: With honor, my lord! Please, take this!
> You obtained Great Chakra x 1. Naga left.

*: Then it's off to Asakusa Tunnel again.

: King of the Nagas... I have something I would ask of thee.
: I am at your service. Order me as you will!
: Wouldst thou give thy treasure unto me?
: As the king of the Nagas it is my greatest honor to be given such an opportunity! Please, take this with you.
> You obtained Diamond x 1. Raja Naga left.

*: Aaaaaand that's all of the special conversations, except the one with Kurama talking to Koppa, because I can't find Koppa after all. Alright then, next stop: Bandou Shrine. It's gonna be like New Londo in there because we got four kings to whup.

I recorded the Bishamonten fight, but honestly, putting it up would be disrespectful of your time. The other Heavenly King battles are equally uneventful, if you count a 7200 damage Freikugel as uneventful. And the encounter with Masakados doesn't go any differently.

: You'd think a true demon following the Path of Destruction and accompanied by the Great Divine Destroyer and the Wicked King of Chaos wouldn't be so easily entrusted with protecting Tokyo.
: What was Masakado supposed to do, though? Say "no" to the Demi-fiend?
: Hey, man.
: Hmm?
: Tell me how handsome I am.
: ...what?
: Come on. Tell me how handsome I am.
: I... uh... I don't... That's not how I...
: Well then, I guess it's not so hard to refuse the Demi-fiend, is it?
: I stand corrected!
: Dude, you're hella handsome. And smart too! And so powerful!
: Okay, what's gotten into you?
: Yeah, I'm getting a little weirded out here.
: When I was done saving the world, I didn't hear one half of one compliment. Nothing. It was all, "Stonka are eating all my cabbages!" this, and "yes you have to pay for that pie" that. And I'm gonna make sure that shit doesn't happen to this rad fellow right here. You're amazing, dude. Keep on rocking.
: Uh, alright then. Thanks! I will!