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Part 2: Meeting the Demonica

I blame my mentioning of Dale Cooper for this particular turn of events.

"You will sere on this ship, the Red Sprite, under my command. You've been assigned to be part of the strike team. Strike team members have military experience, just like yours. You'll be the ones going out in the field. I'll expect you and your teammates to act according to the code of conduct."

I do not know if this particular York is an asshole or not, so let's just shake it. We'll see in a moment what happens if the handshake is not done.

Well that is pretty uneventful. Let's see the other alternative.

"Were you warned not to get too friendly with me, York? Hahaha.... Well, as long as you're part of our team here on the Red Sprite, you're an invaluable asset. I'm counting on you."

Yes, there is no getting out of the handshakes. No matter what one choices, his hand will be crushed by his commanding officer. This time, let's go with "shook the hand".

"Strike team members, your briefind isn't quite through yet. Meet me at the deck. Those assigned to other duties, take your places aboard your respective ships."

And now we also see the point of the lower screen. It is an automap, showing the layout of the ship.
Let's chat with the crew members in the command room.

Strike Team: "An American, eh? This team really is international. We have all kinds here, but every one of them is the best of the best from the world's soldiers. There won't be any trouble here, that's for sure, eh? Honestly, though... I was just assigned here myself. I'm still kinda learning the ropes. Well, I'm sure if we stick together, we'll get through this just fine, eh?"

I am gonna assume that the Strike Team member was supposed to be Canadian.
Let's see what Zelenin has got to say now.

"In my office's view, there is no doubt the Schwarzwelt poses a serious threat to mankind. But what is man if not resourceful? Through cooperation, there are no problems we cannot overcome. I am eager to do my part here for the future of mankind."

And now yet another pivotal character-building choice, to offer or not to offer one's hand for shaking. Gore crushed York's hand, so it is just fair and square that he crushes Zelenin's, isn't it?

In any case, both choices will be shown, but only one will be kept, and that is "extending the hand".

" I very much look forward to working with you, York."

"You have the grip of a soldier... I feel quite safe with you around. It's nice to meet a military man with such manners. You and I will make a good team, York. With soldiers like you supporting us, how can we fail?"

"Should there come a time when we find ourselves working together, I'll be counting on you. I'm sorry, but I have to go and greet the others. There isn't much time before it all starts."

So yeah, a pretty different first impression, but the thing is that she is expecting York to do his job properly in any case.

Engineer: "Huh? You don't know what the Demonica is? Oh, you joined later... Guess you wouldn't have heard yet, huh? Well, no matter. Commander Gore will explain it all soon enough. For now, better go on over to the deck. A soldier always moves double-time!"

And that is exactly what will be done. The other areas other than the deck are open, but useless since there is no one there.

As seen here. Everything is open, but empty.

Yeah, nowhere to go but the Deck.

And nothing to do but to listen to Gore.

"This is a scientific mission to investigate the Schwarzelt. Despite that, we must make allowances for the unpredictable. That is your role. The strike team will patrol outside the ships to keep the area secure. I know it sounds dangerous, but you've been given special equipment to help you in your task. "

"Developed as next-generation weaponry, the Demonica suit lets you functionin harsh conditions. Our early tests show that they're viable here in the Scharzwelt. "

Oh my, another important character!

"He's already been specially trained in its use in order to pass it along to the rest of you. Why don't you come up and show us, Crewman Jimenez?"

That's him.

"I'm Jimenez. I'm posted to SHip 2, the Blue Jet. Back in my outfit, I was a warrant officer, but I guess here I'm just one of the crew. We're all part of the Schwarzwelt Investigation Team, so obviously, we're here to investigate. Could be the science types might not even need us around. But in case we do get called into action, we can't fumble around not knowing how to use what we got. So pay attention to what I'm about to tell you, even if it's just to dig your own grave."

"So here it is. They were right when they said the Demonica's some cutting-edge stuff... But they weren't just talking about its ability to resist harsh conditions. It's loaded with high-tech features. To start with, you've got the fundamental AI system that supports your movements... It boosts your existing Strength and protects from harm according to your style in battle."

Notice: This is important. The main character DOES NOT level up. The suit does.

"Then there's your visor feed. It's extensible, so you can add features to your HUD by installing applications. Enhanced vision, map markers, even battle data... You can adjust it to show you all kinds of things. So that's point two. The Demonica is smart, it evolves along with your battle performance. "

"But I'm under orders not to waste supplies. This op's expensive, y'see. If you're smart, like the Demonica is, you should have no problems out in the field. Just cross your fingers the brass doesn't value the inhuman resources more than the human ones."

Jimenez doesn't seem to care much about respect.

And clearly he is quite mercenary about the whole deal.

"If you put in the work, I'm sure you'll get everything you want. You may even get the crew's gratitude as a bonus... But perhaps you don't much care for that."


Oh my! New toys!

Oh, silly backronyms. Those are always funny.

Demonica OS:"Before proceeding, there will be a personality test to best match this Demnica to your needs. Please respond to the following scenarios naturally, honestly, and without deliberation."


Demonica OS: "You are the sole survivor on a battlefield. You are hidden, with no ammunition in your pistol. You detect a single enemy approaching."


Demonica OS: "While infiltrating enemy territory, you spot the man who killed your comrade and closest friend. You can kill him easily, but the gunshot will expose you and your infiltration will be compromised. "


Demonica OS: "You have been in a remote area on a mission and your relief has not arrived on schedule. You can abort the mission and go home now, but you have enough supplies to stay here longer."


Demonica OS: "You are piloting a helicopter to refuel. En route, an ally under attack requests help. You can help him, but it will take your remaining fuel, and it will be difficult to leave afterward. Other pilots have also received the distress signal, but you are closest to his position."


Demonica OS: "On a mission in occupie territory, you are asked whethr to capture a religious leader who may be a spy. Catching a spy would be a great achievement, but the people may riot if this leader is captured."


Demonica OS: "You have been sent to the Schwarzwelt, where conditions are expected to be harsh. Yet you have advanced equipment, a strong ship, the latest tech, and dependable comrades."

And this last one.

What should be chosen?