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Part 4: Turbulence

Very well, let's just advance.

The next thing to be done is just to visit the other areas here. The Lab and the Med area. After that immediately, we get to the next scripted sequence.

Announcer: "We will soon be entering the Schwarzwelt. Take your assigned posts. Commander Gore, you are needed at the command room."

"First Lieutenant Zelenin, Crewman Jimenez, I thank you for your participation in the briefing. Everyone, return to your ships and prepare for entry."

"Well everyone, it looks as though we must part ways for a while. We scientists in Ship 3 are all looking forward to your support. Let's work together for the sake of humanity!"

"Remember... You're on your own out there in the field. You gotta be strong, or you're toast. If you're not confident in yourself, I suggest you get off now, while you still can."

Typo? Probably should be "in the field" but eh, doesn't matter.

"The future of the world hangs in the balance! Never forget that!"

And now, dramatic FMV.

Entering the Schwarzwelt at last. About damn time.
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There they are, the four vehicles approaching the plasma wall.

Shutters get closed and so on and so forth, in order to protect it, I guess.

And then, plasma thrusters. That's how it they are able to fly.

And then energy shielding.

So far, so good.

So, the wall is supposedly several kilometers high, isn't it? Those are some thrusters.

And they are over it! Nice. That is good.

Of course, it is to be expected that things would not go as smoothly as planned, after all the unmanned probes did get fucked up somehow.

That electrical disturbance does not seem like it is the safest thing.

But of course, considering the shielding, it's nothing to be concerned about.

Or is it?

WELP. Yeah. The shielding was not nearly enough, it seems. This does not bode well for the rest of the mission.

Yeah, no. That is not good.

Ops Crew: "They're changing course, Sir... They're getting separated from the formation!"

Ops Woman: "Our ship's being pulled in by an unknown gravitational force!"

Ops Crew: "... I'm picking up a problem with the shield as well, sir!"
Ops Woman: "The plasma shield's output has dropped! It can't withstand the impacts from outside! We'll be sitting ducks at this rate!"

Well, that is not a good signal. At all.

Organic defense system? So the hexy energy shield is actually made of living tissue? What the hell.

"..."Pursuing"!? Am I to understand the Schwarzwelt is attacking our ship!? This is ludicrous!"

Hopefully not, that would make for an awfully short game with no dungeon crawling at all!

Strike Team: "The drones we sent ahead got in fine, and the Red Sprite will too! This turbulence'll stop soon!"

Well, no shit.

Engineer: "We're fighting men. This sort of danger comes with the territory. "

What is York's reason to be calm in the face o such dangers?