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Part 6: First Encounter

Strike Team: "What was that...? It hit me like a ton of bricks... Is everyone okay? "

Supply Crew: "York! Can you move?"

Engineer: "The electricity is shot. It's... Well, it's bad."

"The ship has suffered a system crash of unknown causes while entering the Schwarzwelt. As a result, we lost control of the ship and made a crash landing. All the ship's engines have stopped, and Arthur, our command unit, is also out of commission. We have yet to regain proper control of the ship. Starting now, I want the strike team mobilized! The threat level is at maximum! All strike team members who hear this message must report to the command room immediately! "

So the Demonica ALSO functions as an instant messaging system/email client. Makes sense why Gore's face suddenly appeared for the message.

"You may be exposed to the outside atmosphere at a moment's notice. Do NOT remove your Demonica suit! I say again: Strike team members must report to the command room! That is all."

Engineer: "But without electricity, we can't even check to see what it's like out there! "

Strike Team: "Alright, York, let's move it and groove it to the command room!"

Going to the Command Room is indeed what needs to be done, since further instructions are to be received there.

"We were sucked into a gravitational field, and now we're shipwrecked inside the Schwarzwelt. Ship 2, the Blue Jet; Ship 3, the Elve; and Ship 4, the Gigantic... All three are unresponsive. We're on our own, ladies and gentlemen. But we are not sitting here and waiting for help to come. We have to get ourselves out of this jam. Right now, we're trapped inside a powerless ship. But if everyone works together, we can get out of here and on to the next step! Do your duty with care and diligence, and we'll solve each problem as it comes!"

Yeah, I guess that is a way to not despair as much in a situation as messed up as they are in, I mean, it does look extremely daunting, but maybe subdividing the problems at hand may show that things are not quite as bad. I mean, it's not like being shipwrecked in an unkown location with also unknown properties that's been proven to be extremely hostile to manmade materials and POSSIBLY filled with aggressive intelligent life, as well as mysterious white rooms is probably NOT the worst situation they could possibly be stuck in.

"But the emergency sub-reactor should be bootable. Once we get some energy flowing, consult Arthur for your next set of orders. Engineering, do you read? Report!"

Terry: "Reading you loud and clear, Sir. Over!"
"Copy that, Terry. Glad you're all right. I want you to start up the sub-reactor ASAP. Can you do it? We need to get the ship's power up and running for Arthur. And while we're at it, I'd also like to restart the plasma armor."

"Then get started. We need it. We don't want to end up like the drones that got wrecked by "artificial causes", now do we?"

"There's no telling WHAT'S out there at the present, but we should prepare ourselves while we can. If we can keep the outside world at bay with our plasma armor, then whatever's waiting..."

Oh boy, he had to talk, didn't he?

Yeah. He jinxed it. As if the situation wasn't bad enough already.

Kato: "I... I can't! There's no power to work the mechanisms! "

Or someTHING.

Terry: "... Gyaaaah! M-Man down! We're under attack! One officer down... Unknown assailant!"

Things went from bad to worse.

Terry: "W-What do we do? Commander, your orders, please! Another man down! Wha--!"

Well, shit.

That can't be good.

"Strike team, you are authorized to use force. Whatever it takes to drive off that enemy! Get to the deck, on the double! Secure Terry's safety and the rest of the deck crew's at once! We can't die here! Am I understood?"

But, Arthur's down! Who could be sending the mission update?

Well, I guess it is good to be counted upon.

Well unless the ship had a xemonorph stowaway, it can only be an external threat.

"But you mustn't forget, everyone here is the elite of the elite. There's nothing a force like that can't accomplish. Now get to repelling those infiltrators! Go to the deck, soldier!"

Williams: "You head to the deck and help them fend off the enemy there."

Oh, Gore just mass mailed it.

First battle
Also on Viddler.

Well that is certainly not a good sign.

And that is an even worse omen and/or portent!

The dude just got struck by an invisible threat. It is worse thanI thought, it is not Xenomorphs. The threat is PREDATORS.

That's the plan.

How can he tell that that's York? Does he have a special patch? A nameplate?

Good plan, that.

Well there is nothing else that can be done, I guess.

Great! Backup!

Strike Team A:"What ARE those guys, anyway? Terry? How you doin'? Got that reactor restarted yet?"

Strike Team A: "Everything okay, York? C'mon... We're almost there... Stay away just a little longer, you bastards..."

Excellent! Terry pulls it through!

Let there be light!

Well maybe the subreactor needs more tinkering with to ensure its continuous functioning? Eh, I dunno.

Strike Team B: "Now the hatch can--"

What the hell did just happen?


Well, shit.

No one knows. No one can detect it.

And panicking is not exactly the most efficient way to deal with such a situation.

Well, shit.

Curl up to fetal position and hope for the best?

Well, shit.

Oh, literal deus ex machina?

Oh my. New functionality!

I suppose this version was not made by Stephen.

but it proves to be efficient!

Only, not quite as efficient. I mean, Stephen's thing made them instantly recognizable. This is..
Not as recognizable.

And after about an hour of things happening, COMBAT, at last. Let's see how York does.

This is also a first, the silent protagonist HAS uses for his magic points. About damn time. Let's hit it.





And by beating them, we now can recognize them. Not completely analyzed, but we now know it was a gross slime.

It was not invisible, though.

Terry: ""Demon Summoning Program"!? What the hell is this!?"

"But we mustn't let them go any further into the ship! Close that hatch at once!"

Terry: "Leave the hatch controls to me, York!"

And that's that.

In the case of some, it would be "deal with the corpses" I guess.

Well, the crisis was averted. And now the team's got a powerful weapon against the inhabitants of the Schwarzwelt.

Yesss, that is pretty mysterious.

But now York is capable of self defense.

Which is a good thing.