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Part 100: Opening ways.

Well, let's get to Eridanus again. Fuckin' ERIDANUS.

Well I forget if we tried this.


So back here.

???: "So you have joined forces with those of the evil planet, York... But you will not escape from this land by that path. "Mother" has awakened. To serve you justice... I will be watching over the end of the virus known as mankind..."

Well that was quite weird.

Hm. At least something changed.

Ryan: "This place absolutely reeks of danger. You guys are nuts. Me... I just want to strike oil or whatever they got here instead of oil, and get rich. Here. You can use this to find doors you couldn't see before. It's got the seal of approval from the boys in our lab."


"By upgrading the Gate Search... You will be able to find hidden doors that you were previously unable to discover. Be aware of the automap on the bottom screen when in the field."

Ryan: "I dunno if you found your way out or not, but either way, have fun. Oh yeah... they asked me to pick up some materials while I was out here. Oh yeah... they asked me to pick up some materials while I was out here."

At least he is moderately friendly.

He is not an asshole, it seems.

"So, Francis, looks like you can get to the Vanishing Point. I'm on my way there now. Just in case it's dangerous, be careful "

Hahahah. Hahahah.

Instead of advancing, let's explore a bit.

Now that door gets opened. About time.

And here is a weirdass camera. It pans back and forth.

Zouchouten is now a fusion fodder.

Huh. We have been here before.

New member of the menagerie.

But not at the moment.

Aaagh, old art asset!

Yeah why not.

Ares becomes other things. Let's see what.

What the hell.

Doppelganger as well.

Hey, this dude looks like Choaniki's Adam.

And Lorelei can become one of the Morae.

And that is exactly what we will get.

Yeah why not.

Let's resummon this asshole, he'll be useful.

Vivian can become one of the Moirae as well. Hm

More secret doors, but we are not gonna open this one in particular yet. Not yet.


"Her upset grandmother found her, tore her to pieces, and ate her, leaving Quetzalcoatl intact. Later Quetzalcoatl buried Mayahuel's bones, from which the first maguey plant sprouted."

So tequila comes from her bones. Okay.

"It is said to be intelligent, but there are no recorded stories attesting to that."

"She is known for giving Excalibur to Arthyr and raising Lancelot"

Short, eh?

Short as well.

AT LAST creepy damn tree becomes fusion fodder.

Seriously. He is like Adam from choaniki.

Senri can become CuChulainn's teacher!

Wasn't her hat black in the other SMT games?

Well, more and more goddamn doors.

Hey, Dantalian!

Demon: "Hm? You are human, are you not? I am Dantalian. Do not mistake me for these other foolish demons. Knowledge is my joy. It was thanks to my wisdom that humans, of all beings on Earth, evolved thus... You seem to have an understanding of this world, howerver unsure. Ah... you store your knowledges on this device, rather than grimoires. Permit me to take a look..."

Demon: "Most interesting. Why, some of this information, even I had no inkling of. I propose a task for you, sir. I see you divide your knowledge of this world into "sectors"... "

Oh. What. No. No.


Well yeah why not.

Dantalian: "You should know them all well. I'd not request you to explore completely virgin territory. My first request is a complete and accurate map of what you know as sector Bootes. The first floor will do, I think."

Dantalian: "You've already explored that land from stem to stern. Marvelous! Then I shall choose another land to explore by proxy. Next I shall have you explore the land you call Sector Carina. The second floor is all I need. There appears to be a hidden space within its boundaries, but such a place does not interest me."

Dantalian: "You've already explored that land from stem to stern. Marvelous! Then I shall choose another land to explore by proxy. I should like you to go to sector Delphinus. It's the third floor I want this time. When your expedition is complete, return to me. I am very eager to see the map's completion."

Well, damn. We did not finish this mission before starting it. Oh well. Eventually we will see that done, but not at the moment.

So let's go back and see what we can make.

That has better defense, but is it what we will need?

Well let's go back to Antlia. We've got two things to do here.

Is this unlocked?

No. That implies that therei s at least a Gate Search D out there. Damn it.

Yes. Or no. Does it matter?

There it goes.

High Pixie: "This is for you, as thanks. Take it!"


Yeah why not.

Aw. Oh well. Have to wait.

As seen here.

if there is a next time.

Pyro Jack: "Hee-ho! I'm the Pyro Jack who made friends with you. This is a nice village, ho. I've never been to a prettier village than this, ho! Hee-ho! I'll work hee-hard to make this the best village it can be, ho!"

Jack Frost: "Hee-ho! It's Francis, ho! How've you been!? This is a nice hee-home, ho. Thanks for taking me here, ho!"

Hey, there is no boss here anymore!

Demon: "Hmmm... A human. You don't appear to be an enemy. The battle is over; all I must do now is rest. But before that, I wouldn't mind having a few words with you. What have you come here for?"

Demon: "It's as though he'd forgotten just who I am. Schathach, queen of the land o shadows, would never lose to the likes of Aife. He's such a worrywort. Though that's what endears him to me... Ah, but forgive me for muttering to myself. You wished to know where he's gone, yes? You came at a bad moment. Cu Chulainn left only moments before you arrived. He was looking for a human, but I don't think he said where. Though he couldn't have gone far in such a short time."

Well yes. Hopefully that'll work.

Oh hey, he's here. It is a FOE/optional enemy. Yeah.

Demon: "Yes... that seems to be the case. I've found you at last... Ah, but pardon me. You see, I've also been looking for you. I'd heard tell of a human looking for me on my mother's behalf. I was on my way to investigate. I am grateful to you for embarking on your search. "

Cu Chulainn: "Pray tell, do you know why Mother was searching for me? "

Cu Chulainn: "I scarcely thought she'd come all the way here to meet me... I've not a moment to lose! I must see her straight away! I apologize for any trouble I've caused you. Could you be so kind as to tell me where Mother is?"

Well, we should go to report.

back to Eridanus!