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Part 102: Ouroboros

Okay let's go back a little bit. Got to prepare for this.

Let's do some fusion! Fusion is fun after all.

Well this is gonna be useful.

Look at it, now airavata is not weak against anything, and it nulls Hama. That is a good thing.

Old dude personality.

Mount Kailash?

Hey, Clotho can become either Hariti or Scathach. Useful.

What? WHAT. Can't get this neutral with fire? Goddamn. Time to go back!

Yeah yeah yeah shut up.

That sounds like a useful thing. For like 5 updates ago

Can't afford this new gun. Not yet. So let's sell a shitload of forma.

That's more like it.

I still say this dude looks like a choaniki dude.

So let's go and do this.

Ouroboros: "There is a price for disturbing my heart... You must pay it. There is no need for humans to make the pilgrimage to the holy shrine of I, Ouroboros Maia... Prisoners of matter cannot reach it! After all, the empty infinity cannot be undone... Humans, of limited life and limited power... Do you believe you can rule over we, demons?"

Well, considering York is about to smash your snakey face in, yeah, I'd say that York's power is as endless as Ouroboros's.

Ouroboros: "Awaken from that dream and behold your frail, children's bodies. Humans... A lamentable mistake birthed by the waters of life. I shall return you to the particles that flow through empty space."

That's a good pre-fight taunt, all things considered.

Hey, this should not be too hard, I mean, levle 43? Could be worse.

By the way, Ouroboros is weak against Fire.

Kukunochi is there only because it has both Acid Breath and Tarukaja.

Hell yeah, team attacks.


But this is Ouroboros's gimmick.
It heals for over 100 HP per turn.
If you ain't hitting it hard with fire and team attacks, well you ain't denting that shit. At all.

And since it loves to use Expel, just being strong against it is not enough.

Even if York does not have fire spells, there is this. Hell yeah, spell stones.

Having shit up to 3 is better than nothing, but with 4 it is likely for the bosses to dekaja or dekunda it. Not ideal.

Another thing it does is an attack that puts random ailments. It is annoying but as long as one has enough dis-things, that's not too bad.

Screw you, Ouroboros.

Agilao Stones are nice I'd say.

Hell yeah, one more level and Airavata is fusion fodder.

Hell yeah, level up.

Sure you do.

Oh shut up, finish dying.

That's more like it.

What? There were reinforcements coming in? When?

Uh? It was a she?

Excellent! That is going to be a good thing to do.

Using the ship maybe?

Oh boy, Ouroboros not dead?

Beating something that said it was endless?

Oh boy.