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Part 104: Out of Eridanus

Finally! We are done with Ouroboros, and Tuxedo Gore got depressed.

Arthur: "It is "bleeding out" to the Earth through here."

Arthur: "Engineering, stay alert and take care with the engine's control."

Terry: "A once-in-a-lifetime job for Space-Time Navigator Terry... Wait 'til my daughter hears!"

Well I missed the chance to check what the inventory said about that.

"Maybe it'll at least be a good-luck charm for the trip home. Hahaha..."

Irving: "Supplies has a whole closet full of goodies to take back home! New materials, new equipment... The boys on Earth'll be swooning over this stuff!"

"But there were so many casualties, and we never did figure out the truth behind the Schwarzwelt."

I'd say a lot.

"You just don't learn, do you, man? Don't tell me you wanna stay here... I don't need to hear that shit. Guess that's what makes you the team's golden boy."

Joint Project: "We'd like to toast the end of your mission... but that'd be a little premature at this point. "

"I'd think it would make more sense to celebrate along with the success of your operation too, yes?"

Joint Project: "Now then, gentlemen, let's go over the plan one more time. Once you enter the Vanishing Point to begin your escape... We'll be feeding you navigation data that'll lead you home. Follow those coordinates to arrive back on Earth. "


Boom it!

Joint Project: "Godspeed, gentlemen."

Arthur: "All hands, to your positions."

Yes! Fuck you, Eridanus!

GOOD BYE. I won't miss you!

This is slightly different!

Announcer: "We are currently on course. According to our calculations, it shoudl take approximately 20 minutes."

Of course it was not gonna be that easy. GOD DAMN IT ATLUS.


So it is catching up to us?

Tuxedo Gore? Ouroboros reviving again?



No! Damn!

Arthur: "Engineering, prepare the reactor. "

Of course, there are compications.

Isn't that the Ork warscream?

Well, shit.


... What?

Seriously, WHAT.

What? They called out the main 3 with portraits!

Uh, because none of them is called Warren Worthington the Third, clearly.

Or that. Is that a tower of babel call out?

Uh. Not die? Eliminate the Schwarzwelt? Yeah, that.

Sucked in?

Or something else? In any case, there are three of them. And each one called one of these three.

Are they possessing Jimenez?

Yes, possibly, in the future.

Oh look, the Schwarzwelt has expanded.

The thunder? What does he mean?

Oh. Detonate "thunder".
Oh boy.

They used the nukes BEFORE the ship was confirmed out of the Schwarzwelt.

Yes, that is exactly what it is.


Joint Project used Nuclear Strike.
It is not very effective...

Not like it is needed, but that translates to "Oh my god".

Well, the planet is angry. That was established before, I believe.

So, what now then?

So, the schwarzwelt?

I want to think that instead of being sequentially said, it was said at the same time, like the contradictory messages of the start of The Secret World. Good game, that, by the way.

There is MORE than just Ouroboros? Other mothers?

Oh so there is a way out of here.

Middle Voice: "Ask the ghost cast in circuits you know as Arthur. The alma automata, who holds the key to destruction..."

Well that sure was something that happened.

Not out of the Schwarzwelt.

Damn it! And the three figures told us to ask Arthur, and Arthur is not available.

Neither. It is also not the 8th Dimension of Buckaroo Banzai.

"Monitor team, get the camera feeds up and running!"

Oh no, fat dude lost his memory! Amnesia!

Or not.

Oh. Not just Zelenin, York and Jimenez.

It is likely that theey caused it.


"C'mon, Arthur, what're you doing? Self-repair? Hurry it up already!"

"We took a heavy impact, but there doesn't seem to be any major damage to the hull. Now if only Arthur would reboot."

Oh boy, where has the ship landed? Carina?

That's new.

It looks like the Amala network, honestly.

At least it is not Eridanus.

I said "At least it is not Eridanus", so something WAS accomplished.

Oh shut up, Jimenez.

Is the air breathable?

Yeah, need to report back I guess. And insult them for NUKING the place with the Red Sprite still there.

Of course.

It happened because fuck you, that is why.

"How is that possible!? None of our other equipment was damaged!"

And all that effort it cost to recover it.

"Do you think those three used it to show us the operation, and it broke then? "

What about Cap'n Jack? They are still here.

Well, yeah, about damn time.