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Part 11: Reaching the Blue Jet

Well, that was a shocking loss. Let's see how they take it.

Strike Team: "Oh, it's you, Francis... Sorry for pointing my gun at you. I... *sigh* Look, I've seen my share of bodies during my own tours of duty. There's no reason why this mission should be any different than all the rest... No reason, but still, I can't stop shaking. What if... What if the demons come after me next? I keep thinking..."

Strike Team: "We're gonna have to fight it if we want to save the Blue Jet's crew. Let's stay focused."

And then we can speak to him again, he stays there.

Strike Team: "When I die, tell my wife I loved her..."

Yeah, kind of morbid. But not altogether unfounded. After all, like half the unit got offed by a surprise demon.

And here is another surprise, a new element!

It is right here. Let's see what is inside.

>.... Verigying age... Carbon dating indicates that it is over 100,000 years old. Analizing... Information on its use found in the Demon Summing Program libraries. Accessing data... Translating data to known language... Translation complete. This structure is known as a terminal. Retreiving data on its function...

>Terminals exist throughout the Schwarzwelt. You can record your progress at these terminals. They can also instantly transport you to the entrance of the field. Terminals are free of charge, so make use of them as needed.

In short, they are teleporting save spots. Quite convenient.

And after saving, an attempt was done to recruit a Law demon.

Tangata Manu: "To become speaking partnet, with special care. By the way, you understood? I am a demon."

Considering that so far only ONE has been seen as a legitimate danger, no, not really.

Not captured, but when a response is of a demon's liking, the "now talking" message flashes green. Good indicator.

Let's see if he cares about this response.

He did not!

Tangata Manu: "Yet, in the finish, it is not possible. Typical person. Even you say now, nothing specific, just make sure you have answer. Talks are not to be done timidly. Useless!"

He really did NOT like that response.

Of course, that ended on Tangata Manu dying a horrible death.

Demon: "Hee hee hee... There was a human just here, loitering around. You'll be gobbled up for sure if you wander around a place like this."

And after that, not even a bit of treasure for the trek. Though, there is a strange terminal-ish thing here.

BLABLABLA same as with the Terminal. Let's see what this is.

Well that does sound convenient.

Pretty self-explanatory

Not that good a deal, but teleporting to the ship and then going back here would probably be too much effort. Let's go for it.

Blam, fully healed and ready for action.

And then a friendly knocker gives us a gift! How considerate.
What is "forma" to begin with?

We cannot know. Not at the moment.

As usual in SMT, having a demon of the same kind as the enemy in the list makes them be friendlier than they regularly are, giving gifts, money, and health from time to time when engaged in conversation. Good way to escape from unwanted encounters.

That too the crash way worse than the Red Sprite did. It is positively wrecked. Damn.

And that does NOT bode well at all. Going in from the wrong way! Valuable time was lost!

This is the correct way.

Facing the Blue Jet.
Also on Viddler

It doesn't look all that much better from this side.

Well, there is a survivor!

"Whoa, careful there! There was a nasty sonofabitch here just a minute ago... We're sitting ducks. Let's get moving and--"

Well. That was completely expected. Let's see what happens now.

"Run, or he'll kill us all!"

Well, that is not a happy omen or a portent.

Gore rises up to the challenge, though.

That is probably unwise.

And all things taken in consideration, the party is QUITE underlevelled to take on this thing. It is level 7 when the party is like level 3. Yeah.

And then Gore attacks and gets attacked.

Orias's attacks are considerably more effective than what Gore is able to dish out, but he does what he can. Pretty respectable amount of HP for the time.

Being fueled by massive rage seems to help Gore.

Attacking with all his might.

And it worked! He drove the demon away!

Well, that was kind of unexpected. He alone, without any demons, just fueled by RAGE he defeated a demon. Not killed it though.

"They're demons! Get that into your head! York, we're pulling out! Take Jimenez and.."


Insert impossible to capture red flashes here.

That was betrayal!

Dirty, dirty betrayal!

Orias:"Human pests... You will dieeeeee!"

Well, shit.

Well, crap. That is not good.

At least he is weak against Fire, in any case. That ought to make things SLIGHTLY simpler, considering that York and Pixie both can cast Fire spells. Knocker may be a bit of dead weight there, though.

A single hit puts Pixie or Knocker in the red, which makes either York or Pixie waste an entire turn healing, either by item, or by magic. Item is safer since items resolve first, always.

It's a pretty hard hit, all things considered.

And everyone levels up. Excellent.

I would've liked more Strength, but that's not that bad.

Silly knocker, luck is not ALL that useful.


The lesser key of Solomon

"It's no use... He's not gonna!"

"This will be my final order... As your commander... "

Well. Yeah, that's kind of the point isn't it?

Well. Damn.
That's a heavy load.

Well, shit. That was not the intended ending for the mission, I guess.

Back to the ship.