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by Luisfe

Part 115: Both Mirrors

Well let's fuckin' go forward. I hate this.

At least this was relatively painless.

And going down.

oH bioy, a damn broken open wall. Is this going to lead to the boss?

Unfortunately, no, that is not the forma we need.


Well let's continue.

This is terrible and I hate this area. I hate it less than Eridanus.

But I am not fond of dark areas. At least this dark area has an automap indicator to see where one is.

This is tedious. But not activelly horrible.

Demon: "You really pissed hm off... Better prepare yourself for death, because your days are numbered."

Yeah whatever.

All there up was a no-go. Bah.

Let's try this one.

This is tedious! I mean I LIKE dungeons. I like crawling them. I like mapping them.
Hell otherwise I would not be playing lots of EO4 and Wiz6 lately. But I am.
Why am I not thrilled with SJ as well as those? For starters, the dungeon design in SJ is more tedious with this kind of gimmick. The mapping is less involved in this one.

Well dunno, maybe Wiz6 will pull off horrible dark shit later. I don't know. First time on it.
I KNOW that Wiz 4 has way more horrible shit than any of the Etrians or SJ pulls out. On the other hand I am not playing that.

This is not an interesting hting. This is just tedious. IT'S BEEN DONE ALREADY, you've already done the dark areas!
At least it is not a goddamn retread of teleports. Maybe they ran out of ideas to separate the feel of the areas?
I have no idea.
I might just be a bit burned out on Strange Journey. This is, after all, my third run through it.
I mean, it was totally worth acquiring and it is still one of my favorite DS titles, but it does get a bit samey.

On the other hand it is not as Devil Survivor. I definitely burned myself out on that.
7 endings. Secret boss.
Then I sold the cart and will never ever play it and will probably not get the sequel. Will DEFINITELY not get the goddamn remake.
I also fucking hate the Devil Survivor character designs. They are terrible. And I liked how things looked in World Ends With You. Fuck.

Oh joy. Incense!

Let's use these. I've been hoarding them for a while now, haven't used them for no reason. Maybe waiting to use them as a soma?
I mean they do heal fully.

But fuck it. This is the time.

Well this is the last one. Yeah.

Well this is appropriate. A heal terminal. Yes.

Demonica OS: "Please exercise caution."

Well that's it.

Oh! And a save terminal! I like.
That means we are getting closer!

Yes indeed.

Oh my.

Oh nice. This is what we were looking for.

Yes. The other one was the Sun Mirror.

With this one surely we'll continue on.

But we can't go back to the terminals there. It is a one way door. Well.
So let's go forward. Move ahead.

There's stuff there.



Yes I'd say you have.

Demon: "I, Horkos, will return the favor in my true form!"

Uuuuuuh. What.
No, seriously, WHAT?


that is interesting.

He is a literal gate. Hah.

Orcus: "That is why you fear death so! You cry that you may not lose your pleasures! Humans breathe their last, unable to gracefully accept death like their ancestors! Fools... Muahaha! "

Nah. Why would York be afraid of dying there? He's already killed Horkos once. What difficulty would he have with this version? None I say! NONE!

Orcus: "What gives you the right to rely on inner strength? I will test that body of yours! Now comes the time to unleash the power I collected as Horkos!"

A Yorkish grail? Hah.

Well, let's fight.

First things first. Lower their strenght. Always.


Orcus's weak against Electricity. So let's try that.

Yup. Let's see what happens.

Orcus has silly stuff like this, attack and heal in one. Not such a big deal since it is not that bad.

But other than using electricity and shit, York's current team can't do much. Orcus's got CRAZY physical resistance, clearly.

That's not a very good damage to be hnest.

The team attacks are not too bad

So let's use this shit. Been hoarding. There is no point in hoarding. If you got them, USE THEM.

It is effective though.

Orcus eventually summons pigs.

The pigs make it dangerous. You'll see.

The pigs cast Mudo happily. You know what Mudo is. Mudo is REALLY goddamn dangerous.
But fortunately, this time York had a Sacrifice. And it is a full heal! Nice.

Guess what: Orcus is weak against fire as well. THat is useful to know, But I am a dumb and did not remember.

So yeah. hammer elec and fire. That's it.

Eventually Orcus goes down, and it's just to goddamn out a marin-karin on the pig and kill it.

Fuck you, piggy.

Orcus: "I will wait for you... In Hell... I'll have your coffin waiting!"


Arthur: "All hands are to return to the Red Sprite. "

Oh fuck. Who didn't see this coming?


Yes. Yes.

Well things have changed, eh.

Well, back home I guess.

God damn.