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Part 135: Maya

Yeah I said I would post this way before but I did not. I blame Risk of Rain for starters (and then I got a REALLY nasty set of infections, taking injectable antibiotics and shit for that stuff now).
Strangely, I got my first RoR Acrid win while having a bad fever and feeling like absolute shit. Eh.

Well back to the fucking base. I hate GRUS. Really.

Interesting. A new knife. Nothing special about it, but it is stronger. Eh.

New gun. 50 points stronger, but I am not gonna change it just yet. Goddamn gun with charm is too valuable.

That being said, the armor DOES need to get replaced though.

Back into the fray.

Yeah. Wild Hunt is now a silly fusion fodder material.

Let's open this shit up.

And this motherfucking shit up.

Fuck you, Erlkonig.

Concentrate is always good. But it is not inheritable. Fuck. I wasted this fusion. And besides I already had a Decarabia. God damn it. What was I thinking?


Fucking hell all this fucking bullshit could've been prevented if the goddamn fucking design did not need one to get back to the base after getting to the center.


Good vampire? Bah, that shit is a notBelmont.


Prometheus looking regal as fuck. Not getting his liver pecked every day though.


Let's just get this over with. Nice background!

No shit.

Huh. That is a pretty interesting character design. Humanoid building? I don't know.



Dreams eh?

Sure. Whatever.

Boss fight time! The video went overlong, i'd say.

Maya likes to do that. It is dangerous. Don't let her do that. If you reduce her speed by 2, it won't do shit. Which is a good thing.

Debilitate is OBVIOUSLY an extremely useful skill.

Guns can kill dreams. Who knew.

That seems more like it.

Maya is really dangerous even if she is not doubling her agility all the time.

Eventually she goes down for the count. That is a good thing.

Surely what? Fall under York's heel like all the others?


Took long enough I'd say.

Hopefully it'll take less time for the next update. Seriously getting ill on the holidays fucking sucks.
Also getting ill in general.