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Part 140: Back to Antlia

Everyone in the ship reminisces about Gore.

"But I'm on the Ops team, and it's my duty to carry out his will now that he's gone. Plan Omega... Let's do this. Whatever it takes... By the way... About those Cosmic Eggs. We picked up some strange readings in a few sectors."

Oh! Good! GOOD. Not Eridanus. Or Grus. I am thankful for small favors. Seriously.

Ooooh damn. Well, at least we know that they are in the first few areas.

Well with any luck it will not be completely terrible, and it will be done in a sufficiently short time.

"We'll most likely see some heavy opposition form the angels and demons, but we've got a chance... This is probably going to be our last mission together as the Schwarzwelt investigative team... Let's make it a good one."


"Better that he disappear without a trace, leaving his name and deeds to live forever in history. That's... the kind of man he was."

"It's just as Commander Gore said. My father is sick. The doctors can't figure out what's wrong, so we can't treat him... i'd half given up. But after hearing what Commander Gore said, I decided to believe... I believe that two years from now, they'll find that cure, and I'll see my father healthy again."

No one is giving up.

Sounds like THE plan!

"Well, hell, we can't go and fail now, can we? Now go out and get some forma! We'll have ourselves a grand ol' fight with angels AND demons!"

Why not.


I wonder how different the demonic and angelic plans would be.

Wait wait wait WHAT

Oh. Wait what? Well.

Hopefully they can do SOMETHING because going directly to the ninth subfloor was convenient. But nooo that cannot be allowed can it?

How inconvenient.

Arthur: "Maintenance, send a team into the field to look into it. Crewmen assigned to investigate Mem Aleph and Exotic materials should prioritize other tasks. "

Dent also has a new mission for us!

Sure, why not?

Tanaka: "I'm Tanaka, on the supply team. I realize I'm kind of an odd duck for a Supply man... The only thing I like is collecting interesting materials and doing research on them. "

That's not a very... healthy attitude to have, haha.

Yeah, no.

Tanaka: "It's a tough job, and probably only someone who's survived so many battles could do it... THink you're up for it? There's a lot in it for you too."

Don't know what it is, but sure, why not.

...No? I don't think we've seen that one yet.

Sounds godzilla-ish.

Huh, interesting.

Gears? Cogs? Things?


Hm. Forma?


Probably gonna need it.

Isn't that Irving's job?

Then how the hell is one supposed to get them? I was planning to just go and kill/loot a couple of them. Hm.

He is quite picky isn't he?

Ah goddamnit.

Well, let's go back to Antlia.

Hooray! We can open this!

This is new.

Ah, so there is somthing! Something!

That's more or less the plan!

Hm, a Berserker.

Seriously? So close to the beggining?

Can do.

Weird spawn combination, I must say.

Oh my fuck. No. Not more darkness.
At least we have the right visualizer here but it is still annoying because it is not mappable.

Fuck YOU game
There is another. I have to find ANOTHER unlock thing. WHY.


Sure, shut up.

Blaaaaaagh. I am pissed off now. THere is ANOTHER unlock. And another secret door detector. God DAMN IT.

Let's just resummon them. I am pissed.



Is it? What is missing?

Oh. Oberon and titania. I haven't gotten Titania.

Yeah sure.

This seems to be the last one!

Don't see why not.

Jack Frost!

He can illuminate the way I guess.

But where the hell is Spriggan? I did not find her.

I guess we are going into the darkness next time.