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by Luisfe

Part 141: Cosmic Egg 1 get

Well now let's just advance. There is darkness. It is darkness that we NOW can see through but it is still goddamn darkness.

AGH. No! RED DARKNESS. So it is time for BUMP BUMP BUMP. Goddamnit.

That is not as good as the current knife! Not worth changing.


Oh fuck you, game, that is a mean trick. Returning one to the goddamn previous damndark area.

This is annoying!

Shouldn't there be high level encounters here?

What? Seriously? Screw you, lady.

Oh fuck you. Why is everyone so aggressive against York these days?


See? Everyone is against York.

Well, screw you, you damn pixie. Well, let's go back to goddamn yellow darkness. That looks unhealthy.

There is a Terminal! Let's use it.

Fortunately this works!

That is a new thing.

Hey it is goku.

"Mistress Jimenez?"
I thought Jimenez was a dude.

Hey it is a boss thingie. Or something. Level 54. That shouldn't take too long.

You want to attack this dude with magic. That is what works. In this case, electricity.

And also Almighty.

Hell yeah. That is the way to do it.

And since everyone is Neutral...

Doesn't take long.

Huh. It DOES look like an egg.

One down, three to go.

Next: Butts.