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by Luisfe

Part 148: Horologium says HI!

Have I mentioned that I am not liking this much anymore. How the FUCK did I play through this two times before this?

Well, let's advance. Less terrible.

Weird. A tile with red fringes. Let's see.

Even though it is not a particularly special marker, it does lead to a secret door.

Well, this is a grim sight.

Hopefully we can put that to use. Crewmember's death shall not be in vain!

... Or it will. Damnit.

Oh joy. Poison floor.

USELESS poison floor. There was nothing in that room. I bet there's holes on the upper floor that lead to it because fuck the player, that's why-

An Elevator!

And nothing else.

Nothing else. Oh well.

So let's step on the elevator and go to basement 4.

Oh joy of joys. Sleep floor.

The red fringes are not particularly significant.

This is terrible and not a particularly dangerous trap.



Interesting. This goes to b3f, b1f, and the main floor.

And this one leads to the first basement!

As well as unlocking a shortcut.

It is NOT a 1 way door, thankfully.

It's better!

But heavy damage? No. It is better for a chance to make the foe work for you. Current gun remains. It is not as powerful, but the effect is way better.

Jebus. Yellow darkness.


Yeah screw this. I need a drink.