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Part 152: Jimenez Falls

Let's see what's down here!

A new tileset!

And a thing.

What is being held back?


Well this is not entirely unexpected.

Nah. The demonica is a tool. It is useless without someone using it. It is THE tool that let York succeed so far, but it is not by any means the only thing.

After all, there are a lot of goddamn corpses in demonicas.

I dunno, York is a very succesful summoner already.



Sure. Why not.

Yeah yeah you are a regular savior, shut up.

And a fight starts! Jimenez is of higher level.
No matter. We can deal with that.

Debilitate is a must.

Because Jimenez does this. What does the Left Hand do?

It does that. We need to counter that shit.

Like that. a DEKAJA or Dekunda, I forget, would be better.
But this works.

Magic is not the best choice here. If Prometheus was faster, Tetrakarn would be the best.

Luster Candy is also important! Lower Jimenez. Buff yourself.

Fighting fire with fire.

Sometimes things crit. I think he has a cycling set of weaknessess.

That's more like it.

Girimehkala makes him hit himself. Doppelganger would be QUITE useful here.

Eventually he starts un-debuffing. And cancelling one's buffs. That is annoying.

It is futile, though.

Last-ditch attempts. Won't work.

They did not.

Sure. A human with tools, and a whole menagerie at his disposal. Jimenez would probably have been much more dangerous if he had followed the example of ANOTHER half demon.

That one just did not mess around. At all.

He ded.

It can be argued that it was self defense though

A machine? Bearing sin?
That's a new one.

Will do.


And a fight with another silly optional enemy! Isn't that a Warhammer enemy?

Uuuh. No, really, wasn't that a warhammer thing?

How do I get to that forma?=

Invisible walkways! Let's go back

Oh my.
Well now.
That's a NEW gimmick!
One that I actually am liking!

Can't really trust the map!

Fuck you, birds.

Oh goddamnit.
I was liking that tileset. And gimmick.