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by Luisfe

Part 159: More Grind.

Update 160
I don't think I am done yet.

Fors starters. This is not bad. Getting new sources is good.

There is a lot of grinding. Not much else.

Summoned it. Itr'll be useful, it can turn into a wolf thing. Need some grinding first.

This place. It is not ideal for grinding.

But things can be sped up by using the appropriate subapps.


That can be doable. Doesn't sound particularly useful but it is doable.

Ah damnit.


Charge + this is really, really good.


Exploring a bit. Maybe there's something missing

Unfortunately, nothing of importance.

Mechanical dragon thing!


Everything it can turn into is weaker. That's a shame.

Will do.

More and more and more.

That'll take even longer.


Back to the base.

Sure, why not.


Back to the grind.

This shortcut is a lifesaver.

Is this blackface?

Another level.

Sure, can always use more fusion fodder

Ah damnit. And Fafnir hits hard.

About damn time!

Hooray. This one was not a lie.

But his fusions were useless.
So to the dustbin it goes.

Lots of grinding. THat means it is finally possible to summon this asshole.

Sure, why not?

AGH. My hard acquired demons!

Hm. That was not a total loss. But weak against fire? THat might be problematic.

Resummoning the components, and then this.

That seems like a decent skillset.

And then Thor can turn into Surt. Interesting.

Most of the grind was done in this area. It is dull stuff.