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by Luisfe

Part 171: Starting the Law Path.

Upsate 172

I hate this. But this is nearly over. Nearly.

Back here.

We need to be lawful. Let's ask Zelenin to help us.

Yes. We want the song.

Yes. This will help.

Zelenin; "I understand your desire for my hymn. Let us hurry to the lair of the demons. "

Yes. Let's. Let's get this over with.

That was short.

Yeah that is too much intro, just sing and get it over with.

They do not like it, it seems.

It is a song. Do you not like singing?

The Chimera really does not like it

Zelenin broke it.

Cursed or blessed?

Nope. You are screwed.

Dang efficient.

Oh, so that song takes a whole lot out of Zelenin

Which means advancement.

Of course, not everybody is happy about it.

Well, she already did.

At least that was not lethal to Jimenez.

Well, yes. It was a thing to do.

Their natural state is to be unknown?

Perhaps the same could be said about all religions.
But enough talk, etceterah.

Guns, a good party, and nulling both death and expel.

Not mutually exclusive.

Yeah sure.

That was different.