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Part 18: Fusion time!

We can't make ANYTHING with Onmoraki at the moment, everything being extra levels. That'll take a while.

And of course, treasure.

Another convenience is that by pressing a button, we can see just what staus ailments, buffs or DEBUFFS apply to everyone, even enemies.

And in a single random encounter, both Hua Po and Kaso get identified. We'll see.

Knocker provides his source. Good thing. Now we can get rid of him.

Let's see what Hua Po's got to say.

Hua Po: "Um... I guess it won't hurt to say a few words... right? Hey... Why are you standing so far away? Don't tell me you're scared of me... That's not it, is it?"

Many times, that is a trap. That leads to enemies attacking one for one's gullibility. That is not fun.

Hua Po: "Humans have been researching demons for a long time now, right? "

Hua Po: "That-s right. Demons are reeeeeeal scary. We're far more advanced than humans, after all."

She liked that York would not fall for such a trap/was eing careful about all that.

Of course, we want that. Just that.

Hua Po: "Okay! With you, I'm sure this'll be fun! I'm Jurae Hua Po! Nice to meet you!"


Weak against ice and wind, but strong against Fire. Our first multi-target spell as well! Maragi will be quite useful for a while.

Hey, she was speaking just fine! That bio is wrong!

"service. It is said to appear before monks who neglect their duties."

And here is a little thing. S-Source indicates if the source has been acquired for that particular demon. Hua Po's is not flashing, or even filled, so we don't have it.

Meanwhile, Pixie's D-Source indicator is filled and flashing, along with a completely dilled Analyze bar.

York is not a businessman, maybe a hero, yes, but right now he is a stranger. Kaso's got the childish personality type. York is clearly a stranger to Kaso.

Kaso: "But it makes you sound really cool! Like an outlaw! Hey... I have a question for you. It's kind of a guy thing. "

Of course! York does like the ladies, after all.

Kaso: "I guess I thought soldiers wouldn't be interested in women, but it looks like I was wrong. Hey, you're pretty good at making small talk. You must be used ot dealing with kids. Umm, I mean, not that I'm really a kid anymore! "

Once again, I wanted a bead, goddamnit.

Well, let's try that again.


"suitors to obtain a robe made from the fur."

It's a ball of fire with rat limbs. It actually looks kind of creepy, doesn't it? It is pretty weak, in any case.

And with it, we can make A FUSED DEMON!

Also on Viddler

Fused like that the Tengu would get one new skill, Bufu.

But if we take the Pixie source, let's see what we could get.

Bufu, Media, and Agi as bonus skills! That is very convenient! It is a Law thing, so that would prevent neutral York from doing followup attacks when hitting another thing's weak spot. Still, convenient!

And so, let's fire it up.

First the first part gets atomized.

Then the second.

Third part is the Source.

Then they are thrown to the forthing, bubbly pot, and thus the mixture is done.

And a new thingie is processed!

Koppa Tengu: "Name's Yoma Koppa Tengu. Nice meetin' ya."

Of course, Koppa Tengu can be fused again, just not at the moment. Those are too high-level for York so far. Particularly the lady form of a Brazilian football/soccer superstar. Or whatever.

Strangely, no bufu. I might have messed up something there. Doesn't matter, though.

And then we simply buy the rat back from the archives. It is pretty expensive, though. Almost as much as Tengu himself, as seen there.

Almost. Also, just 2% of the Compendium has been filled.

Strike Team: "The Schwarzwelt's a real pain... The deeper we go, the stronger the demons get. Let's be careful, okay? Oh, yeah, have you tried out Demon Fusion yet? I can explain it if you need me to."

Yeah, no thanks. If it is needed, it shall be asked in the future.

And another Terminal right here. That may indicate that there's something dangerous down the road.

And here it is a very dangerous Unknown. HARD hitting, resistant to many things, and in general, just a nasty customer. It killed several of the minions, with a nasty physical attack that hits multiple times per round, so if in the end it was just York with no summoned things, it wuld KILL HIM, since it would hit him two or three times guaranteed.

Eventually, it ran out of mp, so it could not cast it anymore. Probably would've been better if it had been cast from HP instead, making the fight SLIGHTLY less long/dangerous.

And we see it was a goddamn Oni. That thing is nasty, let me tell you. The gremlins went down fast, but the Oni managed to kill things.

Afterwards, considering all things that happened, it was wise to return to the base and see if new equipment was available. Which it was. A new gun!

A new gun which made York's Gun Attack shoot up to 29, when it was around 14 previously. Hell yes.
Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

And an item that will not be acquired yet since it only provides like 20 HP, or something.

In any case, since York is level seven, submissions for passwords for demons from levels one to seven are acceptable. And so on and so forth.
Because that functionality will be shown in the next update.