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Part 21: Catching up again

Fortunately, not much was lost. About one hour, but that hour was mostly re-exploring AND trying to get a bead to drop.
This time the bead was given away by the very first archangel encountered, instead of it ripping its own wings away. Unfortunately, the archangel was not a member at the party ON THE SAVESTATE that was closest. Next time, I will have a different save layout so I don't confuse myself somewhat.

And then a Sandman was found, which is good. His bag shall be returnedto the original one.

"There is another Sandman that asked me to retrieve his spare bag, do you know anything about that?"

Sandman: "Hm... hang on a moment... I'm tryin' to recollect... Ohh! Sure, I remember now! I tore a hole in my bag, so I borrowed an extra. 'Course, I fixed the original tear, so now it's good as new... But I plumb forgot and kept on usin' that spare. Sure, take the bag, and give it to him with my regards. Huah huah huah!"

Excellent. Now York has what he needs to pass both EX quests.

And in a lucky break, a Dybbuk decides to join York.

Dybbuk: "See, the thing is... I ain't too satisfied with how my life's goin'. That's when I happened to run into this weird guy who's runnin' wild with demons alongside him. You know what I'm gettin' at, yeah?"

"Well, I can always use someone else in the crew, even one that would not give me the time of the day before. Hop in!"

Dybbuk: "I'm Spirit Dybbuk. Good meetin' you, man."

Hell yes. One more, let's see what he can do.

Those stats are not particularly good, but hey, it is a level 2 demon. I like its hat.

"Once driven away, the lost soul may return to earth with a new body, or may be cast into Hell."

Etc etc etc. Pixie Knife acquired. Let's see.

23 on sword attack, 15 attack, 1 strike. That is the basic knife. It is shitty.

The pixie knife is apparently CONSIDERABLY SHITTIER, but there is something that makes it special.
It is a multihit weapon. And it produces CHARM from time to time. This, being a SMT game, makes it a very useful weapon.

Let's see what there is here. There it goes. 10 SWORD attack, and 2 to 4 hits. Not that bad, is it?

Superior defence! Weakness to gun won't be all that bad.

Multiple hits, seen here.

Charm effect seen here. Yeah, it is GREAT.

Charm, as seen right here. Useful, this screen.

And Dybukk becomes fusion fodder after two levels up.

Hm, a preta. That is a traditional SMT demon, isn't it?

And unlike Koppa Tengu right there, the Preta is a OLD Kaneko illustration. The style difference is pretty noticeable.
On the other hand, it is not as bad as it was in Devil Survivor. Speaking of that, if I ever get a 3ds, is the remake worth getting if I have already got all endings on the DS version? Is the voice acting any good? Is the 3d used for anything?

Yeah, fuck you too, Preta. No one likes you.

Preta can turn into a bunch of things, but none of the useful ones are currently accesible. Gremlin could be decent, maybe. But nothing particularly useful at the moment.

Meanwhile, summoning the Sandman would lead to a very powerful physical demon, to replace one of its components. That would be good.

"I found the Sandman who had your bag. He wasn't even using it anymore, so it should beready to use."

Sandman: "Aha... This is the one. This is definitely my spare bag. Good job there, sonny. I wish more humans were friendly like you... It's a dadgum shame."

Hey, where's the reward?

Not particularly useful, but not bad either.

Let's see the ingame achievements. Oh, it seems we already have 5% of them!

50. Not a very high number. That is but the start, as it says there. The encounter rate can get VERY brutal.

Of course, this is also a small account. Useful game mechanic, not quite Press turn, but still a fun game mechanic.

And the next.

one thousand in SMT sounds like a lot, but honestly it is a small amount considering the tremendous amount of random encounters.

Hell the NEXT level was TEN THOUSAND. Yeah.
Also, no, York is not a force to be reckoned with. Not yet.

So, did Arthur write this one? Maybe suggested by Irving? Because it seems that the achievements are recorded and awarded by Arthur.

Shit. This one already? AND there isn't even a REASON to do it at the moment. Goddamnit.

Mapping. Each floor has one of these. And this is the only one that has been fully mapped so far.

Useful indeed, but unreliable.

10% of the items have been seen already? Damn.

Not such a bad amount.
And that is all the achievements.

And then an Archangel that wanted to join, but couldn't due to lack of space, manages to get in York's party.

Hell yes. Back to where it should be.

Well, maybe we'll see a Gaki soon.

A couple of possibly useful things, but none that can be used at the moment.

Tam Lin? That DOES sound pretty damn useful, but it'll be a looooooong while until that can be used. And by then there will probably be another source for it. Probably not as cheap, though.

And since the Goblin has provided a Source, it is time to get rid of it.

Purely physical, but with attack decreasing skills, useful! Not really stronger, but with better skills.

Oni: "Name's Brute Oni. Nice meetin' ya."

"They have a horn on their head,s red skin, long claws and teeth."

Pixie and Oni produce a nother one that can barely be acquired.

Topknotted toddler with a bad birthmark, eh?

That's a good set of skills.

Acheri: "I'm Femme Acheri. I hope we have lots of fun!"

Strangely, it can be used to make one of its components. Kind of weird, isn't it?

"A red ribbon tied around the neck protects children from her."

Damn asshole ghosts.

Of course, wasting the Oni would be a bad idea. Let's use the password.

Hell yes

And of course, the Oni is kept.

And the Onis are random encounter as well, not only sub bosses.

Archangels been giving these more often than in the previous things.

Hell yeah. York is tough.