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by Luisfe

Part 27: Shenanigans.

Yeah, no special thing in the middle of that field. Nope. Let's see the achievements.

I think this may refer to level up gifts. Thus, by getting Sources, that number shall grow.

Using and abusing it is fun. Not vital, but eh.

Sheesh. 10%. There is a big bunch of things to be fused. And of course, there are demons locked to each path.
Oh well.

10% already. It's gonna take a while to finish it all.

Same with these ones.

Charmdi. Hooray. Getting ANY of your minions charmed is terrible, as one could expect. Not fun. Always fun when the enemies get it, though.

Hidden door! And there is an unexplored branch there! Of course, it was left unexplored last time for a reason.

Let's see what happens.

Video link!

Demon: "How could this happen? Oh dear... Oh dear..."

Demon: "If this continues, it will be our fate to disappear..."

Demon: "Oh my... We must suppress it at all costs..."

York is then pushed to the middle of this place. Let's see what happens.

Demon: "He seems to be a human... Could he be? He appears to be a warrior... Meaning..."

York changes his orientation to face another of the Disir. Yeah. That is Dis. Same design as in Nocturne, nice to see that at least a couple of the Norse things got updated/decent designs.
Unfortunately, Odin. Odin is still the same.

Semon: "Human. Please hear what we Disir have to say. We face a grave dilemma. Our mother tree, Yggdrasil has turned wild, and we are powerless to do anything. We suspect the problem lies with the evil energies caused by the disaster in this world."

Hopefully! If not then things are well and truly fucked.


Dis: "A strange warrior in command of demons... He shall provide a thread to our future. We have told you our story. Please. Stop Yggdrasil!"

Of course! I mean, it is an Ex Mission. All those must be taken!

Dis: "A portion of Yggdrasil's trunk is in this world. We shall take you there."

Ready as ever we're going to be, I reckon.

This is not Antlia.

Yeah, no kidding.

Dis: "Yggdrasil lies ahead. We are certain that you can defeat him. Please be careful. Francis..."

Well, there it is. Yggdrasil. In a SMT1/2 asset recycling.

Yggdrasil: "Rooaaaaaahhhhhh! Thou parasite who devourest all, thou darest gnaw at my body!? Begone!"

Also, welp, we are fucked.

It is a level 44 encounter. What.

Also, this.

Yggdrasil: "I was right to wrest for myself this power to control time! Thou canst not comprehend what I have done!"

Well, fuck. Not an iron man run, but damn. This is pretty much over.
I guess we have to take this sub quest later.


Dis: "Oh no... Is a human no match for his stength?"

Well damn.

Of course, he is not quite dead, his Demonica still HAS one point.

Hm, what could it be?

Well that would not be pleasant, to whoever, or WHATEVER is facing Ygg now.

Conveniently, it cannot attack it with impunity anymore, it seems.

Well, whatever happened, it went better than York's attempt.

Way better.

Dis: "My heart is gladdene to see you safe..."

The Wild Yggdrasil has fainted! Whatever was used was certainly super-effective.


Dis: "Please come here when you do. This fight has become your fate. Now, let us return..."

Time travel shenanigans, it seems.

Dis: "We are in your debt."

Useful, maybe! It shall be checked in the next update.

And York has been fully restored.
That went well, I guess?