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Part 28: Pleasure Palace?

Let's see what this does.

No poison, and extra HP. Good!

About time ST got a new point. Damn.
No wonder the hits with the pixie knife are so weak.

Since level 14 has been reached, it is time to get new minions. Shan Xiao sounds good. He's wood, let's see.

Also, Jack Frost is not leaving the list until later. IT'S JACK.


His head is some sort of... Watermelon?

Shan Xia: "Name's Wood Shan Xiao. Nice meetin' ya."

"It is very tall and has a face the color of a gourd, with large teeth growing out of a giant mouth. Some legends say it is one-legged. It is also said to be powerful, with a grip that can punch holes in doors."

This particular door cannot be opened at the moment.

Shan Xiao has Ice Breath. That ought to be useful against fire aligned enemies.

Leanan Sidhe: "I'm Femme Leanan Sidhe. We're gonna be best friends!"

No weaknessess, and a resistance to lightning. Should come in handy, especially with Marin Karin.

As seen here.

Lilim has the same personality as Leanan, but lower levels, and a weakness against ice. Eh. Still gonna be useful, I guess. Will be a bit hard to level up, I guess.

Now, that being done, let's open up this.

The door is different. What is behind it?

A terminal! Also, a new decor.

Stronger enemies.

Creepier enemies.

And of course, new sources.

Access to a special fusion, I wonder what it is?

A high pixie. Whose breastplate has protruding nipples. Never change, Kaneko.
It seems to be art assets from SMT 1 AND 2, in any case.

Need like five more levels.

No other is available.

Also, a Shiisaa. The last password is also for a shiisaa. So, the password won't be used for this. I checked the password AFTER making the Shiisaa. Sad.


Need a bunch of levels for anything made from it. Will take a while until it's ready, but I guess long dog will be worth getting.

Macabre: "Welcome to the palace of Master Mitra, lover of all the worldly pleasures! Enjoy these stunning halls filled with uninhibited conversation and peals of laughter. And if you're very lucky, you may witness a grand dance... "

Macabre: "You will surely find satisfaction with a new life, a new body! All under Master Mitra's guidance! Until then... Dance, dance, dance!"

It seems that there are many things to be seen in Mitra's palace.

Which is filled with purple smoke (the sconce on the right emits a moving purple smoke). That can't be good, but fortunately, things are filtered by the Demonica.

Creepy doors.


Also, the first time poison has been inflicted on something. York is immune to it now.

Seriously, a LOT of poison floor. Could be worse.

Shame. Oh well, maybe next time!

Excellent! An elevator. Ought to come in handy.

God damn it.


And snakemen also spawn. Probably worth recruiting.

An extremely convenient health terminal. It had to be used a bunch of times here.

Bifrons! And Gene Simmonses. We will see what it says about Bifrons later. Besides that it looks creepy as shit.

A new type of Forma. Hopefully Irving will be able to make a new thingamajig with it.

Leanan will become the main healbot now. And now I realize that I forgot to check their bios in this update. For the next, I guess.

Naga: "I'm Snake Naga. Good meetin' you, man."

"They live in the bottoms of lakes and seas, and enjoy singing and dancing when they are not fighting."

Naga provides strange and amusing things. Like this, Dragon Makara. Wouldn't mind getting a DRAGON when Naga provides its Source. Let's see it.

What. What?
THAT is not a dragon! It is a... Fish? With a deer head? What?

Excellent! More sources! They shall be used in wisdom.
Or just wasted, depends if they are useful or just shit.

This took way too long. And with way too many visits to the heal terminal.

Next, going up.