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Part 40: Sidequesting, and wasting time.

Let's get to Antlia. There are things to be done there.

Like talking to this dude, for example.

Strike Team: "You came at a good time. Got a minute to talk? I'm on a mision to escort some of the supply team to the Blue Jet to salvage parts. There's no telling what we'll find but the more parts, the better. We've hit a snag, though... There's a demon hiding in the Blue Jet. Or living there, I should say."

Strike Team: "If it won't get in the way of your own orders, coukd you give us a hand and eliminate the demon? I've already got authorization from Arthur."

Hell yes, ELIMINATING another obstacle to get supplies or materials that could help? Why not?

Strike Team: "It's just on an ad hoc basis, but you'll be under my command. Now go take your positions at the Blue Jet."

Strike Team: "Commencing the operation. Let's head to the bLue Jet's rash site."

Oh my. Antlia has silly enemies like Bootes!

And it was a Mamedanuki after being unknown! We shall see more of that later.

Ex Mission Combat go!

>A large crowd of demons has gathered...

Demon: "Hmhmhm... You needn't worry about them getting lonely. They're here with me, after all... Now... Today, we shall sing a song..."

Well, damn. That's a bit morbid.

Lock and load.

Victory shall be achieved!

Oh my.

Well, it is York. York can do it. If not, no one else can! And York is confident in his skills, so he can do it! He shall not try, he WILL succeed.

Demon: "I assure you, my dear, you won't be lonely with me at your side. Come and join your human brethren for eternity!"

Well holy fuckballs. Level 31. Yeah, maybe York has exceeded his grasp this time.
Then again, considering that the THING that tore into the ship was like level 10... Yeah, both York and the crew have gotten way better at this, but dangers are increasing.

Fortunately, Lorelei is weak against Fire, so the few HP it can do will be a bit of help. Could be worse.

Of course, it also helps greatly to buff the party's own defense, and debuff the enemy's strength.

Like that.

And like that.

Unfortunately, Lorelei has Marin Karin.

And a Marin-Karinned York can hit Nozuchi with the pixie knife and charm it.
Why the hell does it work so much better against the party than against the enemies? Damnit.

Lorelei is not THAT strong physically, but every little bit helps.

She also heals herself, annoyingly.

But with careful stuff, she falls.

Not a single level up, though.

Demon: "You won't be lonely here... Why...?"

>It seems the squad has eliminated all of the demons.

Strike Team: "We kept the casualties to a minimum. It was a well-executed operation. Regroup at the starting point."

Strike Team: "Francis? Thanks to you, this operation was a cakewalk. I want to thank you on the rest of the team's behalf."

Strike Team: "You did good work out there today. Supplies prepared a little reward for us. It's all yours, men."

Success! And a new item was acquired. Let's see what is it.


At least it was shown that York can handle things that outclass him, with the appropriate preparation, luck, and skills.

Oh my, a new sub app. Will have to return to the lab, after getting rid of the Bifrons. Yes. A Bifrons was summoned just for this fight.

And here is the main app screen. Yeah.

SINCE we are in Antlia, let's finish this questline as well.

Koppa Tengu: "Huh? You're that human from last time... Still doin' that tengu's monkey work, huh? "

Koppa Tengu: "He can play nice all he wants, but I ain't changin' my mind that easy. I'm gonna go off and do stuff for a while. Buf if I get bored of that... Well... maybe I'll think it over."


A... Racoon with a demon head growing on top of it?
Back to the ship.

"I dunno where ya found that, but you better give it here before ya lose it!"

"Just sit tight and I'll whip up somethin' good fer ya!"

A new weapon that hits twice and is stronger than the pixie knife. Not gonna get replaced by it, though.

And a new ring with more MP.

This is the sub-app generated by the harp. Useful, but heavy. No way I am gonna waste 5 slots on it at the moment.

Back to Bootes.

>You gave Karasu Tengu a status report on the mission.

Karasu Tengu: "Oh well. Guess I gotta wait. Sorry, man, I didn't mean to stick you with messenger duty. But yeah, it's just like you heard. It's between the two of us now. Seems like you got your own demon underlings... Make sure you don't get to be a slave driver like I did."

3k is pretty nice at this point. Yeah.

And a nice level up with STRENGTH! About damn time! It is still the lowest stat, less than half of what magic got. Oh well.

Let's get upstairs once more.

Hell yeah, getting both Jacks.

Oh how wrong you are, pumpkinhead.

Let's reload that.

Relax Spray to the rescue. Truly, it IS worth getting and using those 5 slots for it.

Blahblahblah, shut up and become fusion fodder.

Hell yes.

Now let's see what can be done.

Interesting, Power is accesible, but some better things could become available in the future!

And it seems that there are raincoat killer cosplayers in Mitra's palace.

And a convenient terminal.