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Part 41: Accessing Mitra's antechamber

Let's continue to explore this area!

Strike Team: "Hey, York. You came at just the right time. I was looking around this area and found some stuff that should come in handy during the mission. I'll split it with you."

Not bad! It is not the greatest thing, but it is not bad either!

I agree. Jolly cooperation is the road to success. Praise the Sun! Wait. No.

Yeah, there are a bunch of secret doors in this area. COuld be better since a lot of them are not unlockable with the current stuff, but eh, whatever.

Almost fully mapped this one, I think.

And right here is a switch. The previous one we found activated one of the elevators, maybe this one does the same for the second one?

Yeah. Why not?

As well as getting a bunch of sources.

Damn, they ARE dropping like flies, aren't theY?

Yes. It is. Surely the other corpses we have seen in the other areas along with this one will not be relevant or important for anything besides ambient and decoration.

There is one reason this was taken.


Demon: "This world's appearance changes from place to place. It's because this place is formed of the power that collects here to destroy humans. Depending on the nature of that power, this place's form changes. Demons are incredible, eh?"

Furthermore, GODDAMN damage floor!

AT Bootite II, two of them. Not bad!

And of course, there is something in the middle there, without damage floor.

Of course! Another goddamn hole! A hole AND leading to even more goddamn damage floor.

Well, let's see what is in the elevator.

And it happened! It works! Perfectly!

Let's see what is in the 6th floor first.

Besides grinding enough to get a couple of levels for Macabre, seems like not much.

A Terminal and a set of stairs. Hms.

And another set that had already been visited.

This is in the fifth floor. Incense! We already know what it does, but let's see the official description.

Full heal, as well as stat increase? Useful! And so it shall be used when needed. Not like York NEEDS more goddamn Magic.

But besides that there was not much of interest in that area, since it seemed to be a cell area and York lacks the required gear for that.

MEANWHILE, a secret door in floor 7!

It leads to an area that contains a terminal. There's been a bunch of those lately.

A wide open hall...

And stairs that lead to somewhere. Where could it be?

Oh my, that's clearly where Mitra is! But that will have to wait until later!