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Part 56: Relax spray failure.

Let's see what is up with the lab.

"I can't tell if that porker's scary or just plumb stupid... Well, give it here. Mebbe I can make somethin' that'll track him down..."

>Irving started working.

>A new function was added to your Demonica.

"But listen to this. If there's one of them there "Sanctums," this'll let the Demonica access it. I call it the Phase Shifter! Betcha this'll come in handy when yer chasin' down that porker! Take it!"

>The Phase Shifter is a feature of your Main App that finds Sanctums, hidden spaces in the Schwarzwelt. You can access these Sanctums from Shift Points, special kinds of terminals.

Let's go back to Carina and explore the weird terminal thing now that a new item was acquired.

Yeah. That weird thing in the middle of the room is the Sanctum terminal. Let's fire the new thing up.

>Access to Sanctum type A has been granted form all space manipulation points.

And then it gets activated.

Neat! It changes the layout on the area. Not bad.

And of course, there are new enemies there.

All green and stuff.

Time to go up. New area accessed.

Muzzle! I think that was needed to create something at the lab. I guess.

Oh goddamnit. DARKNESS.

And on this side, darkness as well. That is rather unenjoyable.

A level up. Magic is slightly over twice the value of strength, but eh, whatever.

Dr. Bird provided its source. Neat.

And of course, the middle one is DARKNESS as well. Oh well. No way forward but through the darkness, then.

Quite annoying.

But at least the map is filling out.

And there is a terminal.

Horkos: "Hurry! Hurry! I must run! To my hiding place...! Buo! Buo! Buono!"

Of course, that means silly hidden doors in places.

Well there is nothing to do but go forward, I guess.

Hey, a new angel!

And here is yet another secret door. HM. Horkos is PROBABLY behind it! Yes.

But first, there are things to be done. Like grinding. And getting this.

Let's see what happens if one pisses a demon in conversation twice with the Relax Spray.

First, red text, indicating one pisses them.

The relax spray kicks in again.

But it doesn't work. Oh well.


But at least Power agrees to be a new minion.

Power can be turned into Wendigo or Ame no Uzume. New things!

Wendigo, weak against fire and electricity, only one of which could be nulled with a source. Eh.

Ame no Uzume, which has no weaknesses, nulls expel, and... What the hell do Silent Prayer and Sabbatma do? I forget. Might check on the next update.

And incenses here's a bunch of those already. Let's use them.

Yeah. Somehow I had forgotten to use them. Bah.

Hooray, increased stats.

And there is this weirdass thing.

Seems to have the kid personality.


After a bit of dialog, York convinces him to be a new slave.

It can also turn into Wendigo. And other things.

Yeah. That.

"But they can sense those who hold evil thoughts about them, and they wil flee. In the spring they return to the rivers and become Kappa once again. "

Why the hell did I not explore that other area?

Yet another minion.

Seems like the art asset for Momunofu is quite old.

Nice sprite, though.

Dwarf, Aquans and Wendigo! Nice.

I don't remember seeing ANY of these dudes before.

SO yeah. What should be fused before facing Horkos?