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Part 60: Delphinus is gross

Arthur: "I am approving the use of the strike team."

Yeah. Gross.

That is certainly a whole lot of revival beads. They will be useful for occasions like this one, where a lot of units get killed after a boss fight.

"What's so important that we were keeping in sickbay?"

"I think you'd better get over there and take stock of the situation."

So yeah, no, let's see what's here first.

Let's see what he can do with this.

A whole lot of shit was made. Let's see what is now available.

New and silly apps! These should be self explanatory.

And this ought to come in handy in the future.

So, paying for it is a nice idea.

I should buy this. But eh. Not right now.

And of course, also ITEMS! York is Magic based, so this is not really a significant improvement.

This one ought to be useful, considering that York's strength is lackluster.

I guess this is a FROST suit.

"They're all in alather over in sickbay. You gotta go see what's got 'em so riled."

"It's funny... Most important equipment that needs to be kept secure is stored here in the lab. What would they be safekeeping over in sickbay?"

The Engineer doesn't let onedo things on the deck. Eh. Doesn't matter. Time to finally go to the sickbay.

Who the hell is Mackie? He seems to be bald.

Since when is Jimenez the calm type? Huh.


Is there any other Commander at the moment? No Shepards or anything. Hm. Speaking of that, it would be easier and better if ME3 was on Steam so there would eventually be a damn cheap on steam. Origin tends to not have good deals in my region, but that's another thing entirely.


The corpse just vanished, it seems.

That could explain it.

It could've been also one hiding from the first invasion when the demonicas couldn't see murderbeasts.

Then again, maybe not. On the other hand, KANBARI. And then Louisa Ferre.

Then again, Ferre.

Or does he? DOES HE? Is it even a he anyways?

Weeeell was a revival bead used on him?
Then again, were revival beads ever useful for humans in SMT? Maybe in Persona. Don't think so though.

Yes. It is.

Arthur: "The disappearance of Commander Gore's body cannot be ignored. Investigation of this matter will be a high priority. I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Inquiry into Commander Gore's Body""

Arthur: "Therefore, the highest priority must remain on your mission to investigate the Schwarzwelt."

Well, time to hit the new area.

That's dirty, alright.

"Even my eyes are watering up... This is the worst sector we've seen yet. "

"I'm more worried about the demons attacking. The strike team is backing me up, and I have some power as well, so I think we can make it..."

"Must be incredible, having a guardian angel, huh?"

"Anyway, let's all work together to carry out the mission."


I don't even know what the fuck I am looking at.

There is purple leaky nuclear waste container, Okay.

And slime. And gross shit. That kind of looks like a door, but is not.

And strange gargoyly things. I don't get it.

Crushed cars as well.

Hell yeah. Level up.

There is a brand new special fusion! Let's see what it is.

oh, it is our good old friend fat pig Horkos. And we happen to HAVE all the required ones? Neat. Not the required level, though.

Speaking of such things, let's see what is in there to be fused.

Orias! Which seems to be some sort of furry thing with tentacles. Yeah.

This terrifying undead cyclops

Technicolor raver Australian (I think? I forget) snake god.

Some sort of undead? Ice-themed undead?


Durrtarded monkeytigerthing!

Terribly poisonous seahorse-looking bird!

What should be fused?

Goddamn creepy.