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Part 72: Kudlak receives his spear

Let's get the spear.

Yeah, now she is fusion fodder. Bah.

Oh goddamnit, hurry up, Dwarf!

The thing is, after starting this, you must walk a whooooooooooole bunch. It goes better if you are not focused on just wasting the time for that. But guess what I do?
Eh, needed to grind anyways.

Let's use this vegetable woman to get another one of lower level.

This one. The slime will be useful for that.

Daphne:"I'm Tree Daphne. I hope we have lots of fun."

Lorelei can be fused as well. But since there is one registered already, let's see what other thing can be made.

A gross ghoul! Maybe.

"She prayed to Peneus, her father, the river god, and was transformed into a laurel."

"and asks travellers to hold it for her. The baby gets heavier and heavier, and if you drop it she will kill you, but if you can bear it she will give you strength."

"but was later depicted as a sad girl who falls in love with a human and is tormented by the difference in their natures."

"Because there is no animal that remotely fits the description, it is believed to be a completely unknown creature."

Yeah, gross failed summoning.

Warm and moist, eh? Also, green.

"Made famous in Heine's poem. In ancient times, she was seen as one and the same as the river goddess, but the menacing rock and heavy currents turned her into a witch."

Why yes, enough grinding without anything else happening and the newly fused Daphne already gives out a silly source. Yeah.

Hopefully it'll be useful for a future fusion. Have been hoarding a lot of them now.

When did I get this dude? Also, a source. Drunken monkey.

Doppelganger is a rather useful fusion element, it seems to me.

Dear lord that thing is ugly.

Heeey, we can make a BAT now!

"If you can capture a Toufei and wear its feathers, you will be protected from lightining."

Afterwards, a bunny was killed.

And a fusion can be achieved. Doesn't seem very dangerous.

It drops rabit foots, though.

Another was found quickly.

Hare of Inaba:"It just goes to show, lying isn't good for you. But in the human world... there are lies everywhere now. Do all humans go around every day trying to trick each other? That's dumb! I think humans hsould get beat up like I did."

The hare likes to run away. All the time. It is not quite as bad as a Metal Slime, but it works similarly. Not much xp dropped, though.

Goin' up.

There is a mysterious signal there!

"It's on the 2nd... and 3rd floors. Are there other readings on the other floors? Odd that they're so weak, and that there's so many of them, but... Something must be there! I suspect there's some reason why the Demonicas started detecting them so suddenly, but... You should investigate, York!"

Yeah, eventually, but not right now. There are things to be done.

Lorelei can be used for some powerfullish things, it seems!

Also, one of these was fought. I still have no idea what the hell it is. Next time it is seen a screenshot shall be seen.

Strength has been increased a bunch of times.

After what seemed like HOURS of grinding, it is over.

ABOUT DAMN TIME. This subquest has taken a long-ass time.

Back there.

Dwarf:"Here y'go."

And now it can be given to Kresnik.

Dwarf:"I might ask you to fetch some materials for me if I run out again, so don't fail me, boy. "

Visiting him again:

Dwarf:"I might ask you to fetch some materials for me if I run out again, so don't fail me, boy."

Let's see the weapon itself.

Oh. Nice.

29 st than the Chainsaw. That is rather nice.

So yeah, now let's go back to Delphinus AGAIN. Hopefully it'll take less time and less walking.

Kresnik:"At last, I can defeat Kudlak! I thank you. As promised, a reward."

Oh, a vest of the wite god, eh?

Kresnik:"The depths of this land,... They shall be our dueling grounds. And this time I shall strike down the black chaos!"

This is the current armor.

That is the new one. No weaknesses and 19 points stronger. Yeah. That's a good upgrade.

And for the next update, this dude shall be talked to. Maybe he's got something interesting as well! Though helping both seems kind of a dick move to the NotBelmont.