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by Luisfe

Part 74: Oh no, Gore.

What the hell.

Yes. Someone. Clearly. Someone.

NO SHIT. Really? On the other hand, have we seen any other black dudes?
Maybe Blair. But he has hair. Is Blair black?

It seems it is Gore. It says so there.

Or is it? I mean, it seems that the mind controlling Gore's body is not exactly Gore's. Or something.

Gore:"He is dead.... No, reborn... "

Wait. What? All? Has he gone through the Monolith then? If so why is he not a giant space baby?

Oh. That may explain a little bit.
Wait, planetary consciousness? This is not Avatar! (or Alpha Centauri)

Hm. Then it is probably a good idea to become an ally of this particular personthing.

Gore:"You despoil te earth, grow in numbers, and leave poison behind. Humans have become a disease. To cure itself of this diesease, the world birthed this holy land."

So then, the demons are white blood cells?

Is a shiny eyed zombie fast or slow? Doesn't look particularly rotted, though.

And the areas in the new place thing reflect those then.

So, will York do that? Or not?

Yeah. That is the vote thing.