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Part 83: Eridanus

Announcer: "Return to the command room after you deliver the Rosetta to Engineering... "

Arthur: "Mission 'Delphinus Rosetta' is confirmed complete. I would like to let the recovering crewmen rest, but we are short-handed. They must return to duty."

Arthur: "We will now proceed to the next step. The crew has worked diligently in analyzing the Schwarzwelt's structure. You have obtained and analyzed all the Rosetta thus far. This has allowed us to succesfully navigate several quantum tunnels.. Moreover, we have cooperated with the Joint Project on Earth to calculate our space-time location. We have amassed a vast store of data about the Schwarzwelt."

Oh, that is good!

So this journey is coming to an end? About time!

Arthur: "We calculate that the Vanishing Point is in a sector unlike those we have investigated thus far. We must verify that, along with our method of navigation."

I wouldn-t go THAT far. There is plenty here that is still mysterious.

That being said, keeping a positive outlook is good.

Arthur: "All crewmen not in Operation should remain on standby."


Something, maybe?

"We can't guarantee that anything we've learned will help to save the Earth, can we? I have the sick feeling ther may soon come a time when we'll say to each other... "If only we hadn't fled..." "There must have been another way...""

Oh my, this indicates a CHOICE!

This sounds like the most spineless neutrality one. Or something. Top may or may not be chaos? Does not matter though.

So let-s take this one first.

"I suppose that's only human. Our self-preservation instincts at work... "

"If only we could find a way to save more people..."

"The hard work isn't over yet..."

Hm. Jimenez is recovered now?

"Besides, this is no time to lay back and relax, right? Hey, Francis. Sorry to give you a scare... Thanks to that aim of yours, I'm back in action."

Seems like it.

"I mean... well... okay, there is one weird thing. I feel like... I understand more how my demons feel. It's a real kick, getting possessed. You should try it sometime."

Zelenin seems to be rather serious. Can't even take a joke.

"We cured you when you were nothing but a demon, and you claim to have enjoyed it!? Listen to yourself! How can you say these things!?"

"You wouldn't understand. When all that shit was going down, it was my demon that kept me alive, not any human. After that..."

Hey, it is clear, he is CHAOS ASSHOLE! Yeah he can't rely on his teammates, yadda yadda yadda.

"Could be all us humans oughtta be snapping and snarling at each other... "

"Human beings don't live to fight each other."


"I'm gonna hit the showers and then head over to sickbay... See you later, Francis."

She is clearly not impressed by Jimenez's antics. Eh.

Arthur: "If we travel through this tunnel, we will be returned to the first sector, Antlia. "

"The simple explanation goes like this... We thought the Schwarzwelt was a multilayered structure connected by quantum tunnels. The thing is... There's a trap preventing us from escaping. If we keep going through the tunnel, it's an infinite loop. In other words... No matter how far we climb, we can't reach the top. Before we know it, we're back at the start. It's like an infinite stairway... A pretty nasty trick of space-time."

Arthur: "However, if we chart our own course towards the coordinates of the Vanishing Point... In theory, we should be able to reach the new sector. We have informed Engineering and they are readying the engine. "

Rather doubtful, I'd say.

Arthur: "We must find the Vanishing Point."

Oh, goody. That was taking some time wasn't it.

Hooray, recycled fmv.

About time!

I wonder what it'll show!

Huh. What.

"It feels very different from the others. They were all showing the dark side of humanity, but this... "

MacCleary: "You know, I think we might be the first to set foot in this sector. "

That is kind of hasty isn't it?

That, yes.

Arthur: "However, the Schwarzwelt is thought to contain many similar dimensions within it. Technically speaking, it is not appropriate to call this the "final" sector."

"But hell, I'm in a good mood. Just this once, I'll let you off the hook."

"York? Make sure you don't let your guard down."

Considering that it is a garden, why not Eden?
Because it is still keeping with the astronomy theme, I guess.

Arthur: "Our means of escape is within our grasp. I am certain that you will succeed. I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Find the Vanishing Point.""

Well, that is good, I guess all that time spent in the goddamn D sector lead to enough charge being accumulated for another transmission.

Joint Project: "But I'm sure there are demons lying in wait here, too. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes... "

Joint Project: "But before you do, we need to inform you of a decision we've made. Listen carefully... "

Joint Project: "We owe everyone on the crew a great deal. Thanks to you, we've learned a lot about the schwarzwelt. Which brings me to the point... We were able to use your research to devise a plan to eradicate the Schwarzwelt. "

Well, that does say what the operation does.

They seem to think so!

Joint Project: "It's one of the Schwarzwelt's general properties. It's by exploiting that property that we'll be able to destroy the Schwarzwelt. I'll outline the stages of the plan for you... We'll set nuclear warheads around the Schwarzwelt and set them off in a chain reaction."

NUkes? Lots of them?

Joint Project: "Thus destroying the Schwarzwelt."

Well, but then again do they know that THAT will destroy it? Bah, at least they have some sort of a plan.

Joint Project: "The Schwarzwelt has completely enveloped Antarctica at this point. It's getting close to the southern regions of Australia, Africa and South America. We can't afford to waste time..."

Well, yeah, taking one's time in that situation would be a bad idea

That's the plan.

He's got a point.

Joint Project: "We'll commence the operation the instant you escape the Schwarzwelt. "

Arthur: "We will perform our task with that in mind. "

Joint Project: "Humanity is in the throes of a nightmare. You're our lone ray of hope. We'll be praying for your safe return and return to peace. Godspeed, gentlemen."


Er, not really, they are going to blow the thing up when the team gets the hell away.

Or are they? Hmmm!


Arthur: "Our primary objective here in sector Eridanus is to find the Vanishing Point... Thereby returning to Earth. I call on you all to put forth your full effort in your duties."

Hopefully that'll take considerably less time than goddamn Sector D.