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Part 84: Thoth's Riddles

Let's see what the crew's got to say about shit.

: "This sector is really different so dar from the other ones... I guess it's special because this is where the Vanishing Point is? Or is there some other reason? I don't like this... Maybe it's just the upcoming operation making me nervous..."

"We're up against demons. Hitting us while we're celebrating is their specialty. Anyway, let's focus on the mission. Carelessness is the enemy... Let's stay sharp."

Oh, so it is actually a bone! Well, I guess Asura got butchered.

"But it's TOO organized... like something a human would do. It looks like nothing on Earth, but it feels like it was made by human hands... What's going on? This sector is even creepier than the others..."

"But all I've done is get kidnapped by demons and cause trouble... I wasn't any use at all. I can hardly be proud of what I've accomplished here. How can I face the people back home? Why did I even sign on for this mission in the first place?"

Yeah yeah whatever. You get new formas.

Increasing the already high encounter rate? Well I guess it could be used for grinding. That and fast forward button should come in handy.

"Hawhawhaw! Just kiddin'! But I tell ya... You boys on the strike team have done a lot fer us in the lab. We'd never have gotten so much done, let alone collected so many forma, without you, guys. I'm thankful fer you boys, and I mean that sincerely. "

"And... if you could collect forma like there's no tomorrow, we'd really owe you. Do it for us, okay?"

Yeah yeah whatever, doesn't matter. There is a new area to be explored!

Yeah yeah, let's advance.

New area, new tiles! It is a pretty garden!

"I wanna just get back and get paid. "

ZELENIN_AV"It's here in the home stretch that we most need to stay alert."

I guess they are warming to each other. Awww.

Yeah. It seems so.

And here is a fun Extra mission!

Thoth: "About the humans that came to this extreme world of spacelike conditions... Still... to think you've come this far... I must say, I didn't believe you could do it."

Well, yeah, it was human ingenuity that allowed York to be this succesful. I guess.

Thoth: "My name is Thoth. They say I'm the god of books and knowledge. I'm not as special as all that, though... I just know a little more than your average god. Now then... As the god of books and knowledge, tell me this..."

Isn't that the sphynx's gimmick?

Thoth: "It's a little pastime of mine. So? How about it? Want to take a stab at my riddles and earn some new wisdom?"

Thoth: "So show me... How far can a modern human go? I'm looking forward to this! But first, let me explain how this is going to work. I predicted this would happen and gave a certain demon one of my books in advance. "

Thoth: "Your job is to find said book and bring it to me. Here's where the riddle comes in: I'll give you a hunt as to who this "certain demon" is. Whether or not you earn your new wisdom depends on if you can solve the riddle. And now, the first riddle."

Hey, this is easy.

Yeah, that won't be too difficult.

Yum. Food.

Yeah, no thing to do with anything, I guess.

And secret doors! What's the point? You can't get in here without the required thing anyways.

If there was a way to get to sector E before getting that, I guess there would be a point. But there isn't.


Well that was fast. The stairs are right next to the entrance. Hopefully that means that this will be short! hahahahahah no

So instead let's solve the puzzle.

Yup. It is in Antlia.

High Pixie: "I heard that silky is interested in my town. She's good with household chores, so she'd keep the place clean. Could you bring Silky here? Pretty please?"}

Well that should be doable.

High Pixie: "I'm counting on you."

And this is still not accessible.

Let's install this new app thing.

Yeah. Enemy Welcome will be useful here.

Here he is!

Poltergeist: "Because Grandpa Thoth told me! He said a human would talk to me, and when he did, to give him this book! So this is for you guys."

Okay, will do so.

Yeah that will be enough.

Aw. No wisdom will be acquired directly from it, oh well.

So yeah.

Thoth: "Hoh hohhh... Well done, I knew you could do it. "

Huh, neat.

Thoth: "I'm sure it would lead you to more wisdom. Come again, my boy."

And then, coming immediately back:

Thoth: "Come for another riddle? Good, good... I was expecting this. I already gave volume 2 of the Books of Thoth to another demon... You know the game, my boy. Find that demon, and get the book. Here's the riddle."

Sounds to me that this will be found on Sector B.

Hopefully it will be fast.

Tlaloc! Hopefully it will be seen soon.