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by Luisfe

Part 88: Wake up!

Well let's step on blue sleep crap.

Fortunately, with the Nurse application, the effects don't trigger always. That is a good thing, otherwise, even with fast forward, this would be a pain in the ass.

Of course, it could not just be sleep floor. No sir.

POISON as well. Might be worse than direct damage floor. Pretty goddamn annoying

And that was all for nothing.

Let's see what's behind door number 2.

This is rather annoying, but not the worst. Then again, it is PRETTY damn dangerous to start a new level without any defenses whatsoever.

But nothing too bad happened. Doppelganger is dying a bunch now, since there are enemies with instant kills here, and those are extra nasty against them doppelgangers.

Oh no!

Only slightly more comunicative than a pokemon.

Oh, there he is. Being lazy on the job. Way to reinforce nasty stereotypes from speedy gonzalez, Jimenez. Shame on you.

Well yeah, who else could it be? Bugaboo cares only for the dude that saved it.

Yeah, why not? I mean, that's the right thing to do, and would be appreciated if York fell down like that.

Sheesh, must be a heavy sleeper.

So, drastic measures need to be taken.

Damn man, drugs?

Hopefully this works, what else could be done? Shoot him? Slash him? Eh, that might be too violent.

Well, that worked.

Yeah he was probably sleeping in a weird position, I mean, falling unconscious suddenly cannot be good for your posture.

Fortunately, Jimenez does not understand Pokemon talk. Strange that Bugaboo does not even know some sort of demon language that can be translated by the Demonica. Then again, diaper, so probably baby demon? Dunno.
Baby demons speak pokemonese

Or will it?

Useful items!

So let's move on.

Of course, the game is an asshole and has a BUNCH of one way doors leading to more goddamn effect floor. That is not fun.

Oh boy.

Yeeeah let's use a savestate. That is not doable at the moment. Too damn dangerous.

So let's get up.

Strike Team: "I thought this was the main path... No, wait. I've seen something like this before. Is this like that place in Sector Carina? Do we need to switch spaces? Or maybe there's a hidden door somewhere. I'll look around a little more."

Of course, there IS a hidden door. Let's see what is behind it.

Well that was a disappointment.

But here is something else as well.


Well, we'll have to do some space switching next, eh?