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Part 89: Teleports!

Well let's use this thing.

That indicates that there are OTHER types of sanctums. That does not bode well since those are annoying alternate things to search for and Carina.

It is also green. Yeah.

At least that was simple.

But nooo, goddamn sleepy floor.

A corpse?

Nope, just asleep. Good.

Strike Team: "I stepped on a strange patch of ground and suddenly got really sleepy. Thanks, man, you saved me. Here, this is for you."

And this is always a good thing.

Oh man, about time this dude appeared.

That shall be seen if it is possible in the next update because fuck yeah thE KING.

He drops glaciers. How the hell does York store his glaciar? I have no idea.

This should've been posted two days ago. Yeah. I forget what I wanted to say here. I blame the busted router.

Well, yeah. I want to finish this.

Hell yeah, the King is weak against fire, that makes things easier, but unfortunately there is not a single silly Fire Resistant source available at the moment.

Strike Team: "I have to get home... Ny daughter's waiting for me!"

Hey more secret doors.

And yet another, it is a nifty shortcut! Small blessings.

And another!
But it is a dead end, so back to the sanctum.

There it goes.

Hey that is new.

Yeah, conveniently.

A star inside a transparent stone!

Always useful, even if generally I prefer to just use revival stones and then heal with media and crap.

So, back here. That is why those shortcuts are useful.

"Let me see it!"

"This Asteria Stone forma... It has a similar energy signature. This might work! Let's try it, York!"

Hey it activated! There is a change!

Well, activatable teleports. I can live with that.

I agree.

Well that is a good thing. Let's explore more.

Who knows, who cares?

Could be.

Good plan.

That is a good thing at least we are getting shit done.

Another one right here.

Didn't she go to report it to Arthur?

But it is not vacant!

Oh. Well that is certainly new.


Well there are other things to be checked anyways. Let's leave this shit alone for now.

Maybe there's treasure on the other side.

Yeah. Let's do that at the moment.

Instead let's check this out.

Oh, another shortcut. Well that is useful.

Wait, is this the top?
No, there was something else in the minimap that said Top. There are clouds and lightning visible here. And heals.

More of those wall monitors.

And strange structures. Those floating cubes up there wobble around.

Secret doors? Why not.

Unfortunately this one is not accessible.

But in the middle of the room there is something! SOMETHING.

Hey that one is clearly an ANGEL.

Seems it has robot hands. Nice to see that angels are consistently robots.

The angel is right about that.

At least Kazfiel is polite.

Kazfiel:"We are looking for strong men, in body and mind. Why not test yoru strength against me? Should you win, you shall earn greater power... But a simple battle is unworthy of us. We shall fight under special rules. "

Well now. We should be getting some physical oriented demons then.


Well that'll have to wait. We need to tailor a party for that.

Eventually, yes.

Will do so.