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Part 90: The TOP

Well let's change our silly team. This dude has 18 magic power, so we can put two with 21 now.

Hey with these two we have one point to spare! Hooray.

Yes indeed. 59 Magic power total in the summons.

Kazfiel: "Then, here I come..."

Level 44 eh? Well this ought to work well. Doppelganger will reflect direct damage, and as long as Kaz does not use silly instant death, things should go relatively well.

Kazfiel does hit kind of hard though.

But being weak against electricity, even with the low magic power Kin-Ki has makes it possible to use Zio spells worth it.

Life stone levels are kind of low. Need to get a bunch of those in the future.

Fortunately Titan's high strength is pretty good.

Couple of levels up. That was surprisingly easy, considering that the summons are rather underlevelled to fight that one dude.

Kazfiel: "If you wish to ascend to even greater strength, continue past the hidden door. Your potential is great. I have high expectations."

Well that was a success!


Hm. Hopefully it will be something good.

Demon: "Your world will soon be annihilated. Your actions from this point on are futile."

That titan is pretty gloomy, but let's not care about that, we have more terrain to explore. Here, for example, is an elevator.

It goes to the very TOP of Eridanus. Hah.

AStrange floating structures.

And another secret door. Let's see what is behind it.

Behind it is another door that cannot be opened.

And another non-hostile.

Zouchouten: "We Four Devas have come in responce to the restoration of a world full of energy. If thou as well desirest energy within... I am willing to train theee. "

Hey, about time a Chaos thing was not a total asshole.

Can do!

Rules, just like with the angel.

Well that should not be too hard to manage.

So if one gets killed it cannot be replaced.

Well that does sound doable.

Have to set up the new team I guess?

Even if you do accept you have a chance to review your team.

This team sounds good for this.

Zouchouten is weaker than the angel, but it is not a good idea to have him without debuffs.

Stores running low but those things are still useful.

And armshot helps, Taunt debuffs defense and buffs enemy strength, since York can debuff attack, that helps.

Like that.

That was not too hard was it?

And this thing becomes fusion fodder.

Zouchouten: "Not bad. But I can tell that thou art not satisfied. Keep up thy training that thou might amass more power."

Abacus? I wonder what that does.

Well we'll see what that does soon, I guess.

So let's go to the TOP.

Well that looks similar to the previous area. I like that Eridanus has two entirely different tilesets. Then again Antlia and Bootes did too.


"So, you find the Vanishing Point?"

"Another non-answer. But I don't see what else it could be but the Vanishing Point by now."

"Anyway, be careful, York."

Through the ssecret door, there is a heal terminal.

As well as a save spot. HM THERE MAY BE SOMETHING HERE.

This other door is blocked though.

Demon: "See, you're all just finite. That's no match for the infinite power and eternal life of our Ouroboros!"

So close!


"I'm linked with your Demonica and I see you've detected an intense energy pattern! The Vanishing Point must be ahead! "

"Now we can go back home!"


It's almost like York is the main character or something.

Apparently not.

Jolly cooperation!

That would be nice.

Arthur: "The phenomenon you have detected is most likely the Vanishing Point. However, I ask that you leave it for now and return immediately to the ship."

What? Yeah, why?

Arthur: "Cease all activity in Eridanus and return to the Red Sprite. Once all crewmen are confirmed to be on board, the ship will leave the sector."

What? Seriously! Why are they returning now when the way back home is so close? (if unaccessible)

So do I!

Arthur: "This mission is urgent. Further briefing will be provided upon your return to the ship. Crewman York, I have examined the equipment of all the Red Sprite's crew. At present, we have no means of removing the obstable in your way."

Well that is true.

Yes, I guess.

Well, that sucks.