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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

by Luisfe

Part 91: The trip back

Well let's finish exploring this area. Something to do before returning to the ship.

Damned "fake" fake wals.

Yay for silver things. Hopefully this will be made into something useful.

And of course, I had forgotten to check these. Let's do some fusion. I don't think I had made a Black Frost, which is a horrible oversight.

Gucumatz with the dragon snake woman thing can become into a cheetah furry. Let's do that.

Sug furry.

Ose: "Name's Fallen Ose. Nice meetin' ya."

And these two can become into... A dick. Yeah.

Titan and Zu Tun She can become this weird thing with an upside down face.

It is non-verbal.

Uh. What.

And an elephant.

Let's make Doppelganger into that weirdass thing.


Zaccoum: "I'm wood Zaccoum. How nice to meet you..."

Yeah. as Zaqqum

Well, leopard. Big spotted cat furry in any case.

"They have the top half of a hairy man, the legs of a deer and the hooves of a goat. When lonely, they chase after travelers."

Let's also make a silly Horkos.

Horkos: "I will eat everything!"

"most likely because sacrifices to him used pigs, Horkos was thought to be the king of the Orcs."

AND Black Frost.

Black Frost: "I'm Jaki Black Frost! Nice to meet you, ho!"

And THE best character in Devil Survivor.

Hey we've been here before. How else could that be seen before?

This Black Frost does not have the best skillste, unfortunately. I think I messed up while making it.

Oh, hey it was two veiny gross things. Gross.

And veins. Yeah.

So yeah, let's go back.

Tlaloc becomes fusion fodder.

And Zaccoum gets a a VERY useful skill. Yeah. I like that.

And unfortunately, Black Frost becomes a silly fusion fodder.

Well that is enough grinding, so back to the base it is.